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Most Recent Episodes


January 2020

[Ep 656] 2019 Predictions Review [1:58:36]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Jan-04 UTC
Published: Sun, 2020-Jan-05 10:17 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan speak about the American killing of General Soleimani of Iran and the potential fallout from that action. Leaving that out just wasn't an option. But the main purpose of this week's show was to go back to the predictions made a year and a week ago covering 2019, to see just how well those prognostications turned out. So tune in and find out how they did!

  • (0:01:41-0:29:00) But First
    • Agenda
    • Iran Developments
  • (0:30:20-1:09:30) Predictions Review Part 1
    • non-Trump Politics
    • Trump-related Politics
  • (1:11:14-1:58:12) Predictions Review Part 2
    • International
    • Economy and Business
    • Technology
    • Hodgepodge

[Ep 657] Question Your Choices [1:44:30]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Jan-11 UTC
Published: Sun, 2020-Jan-12 23:44 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan address some feedback on the 2019 and 2020 annual predictions, Ivan gives an update on the Puerto Rican earthquakes, and then, to nobody's surprise, they spend the rest of the show on Iran conflict developments, and the latest on Impeachment. Enjoy!

  • (0:01:57-0:28:26) But First
  • (0:29:04-1:09:42) Iran
  • (1:10:27-1:44:09) Impeachment

[Ep 658] The World Gone Mad [2:12:33]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Jan-18 UTC
Published: Sun, 2020-Jan-19 23:29 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan talk about the latest developments with Impeachment and Election 2020. But first, they talk a little about a few other things. Like the China trade deal, Carlos Ghosn, VR, and more! Plus, stay past the end, and listen to some bloopers.

  • (0:00:01-05:54) Cold Open
  • (0:06:18-0:36:46) Mini Lightning
  • (0:37:27-1:26:15) Impeachment
  • (1:27:24-2:03:45) Election 2020
  • (2:04:05-2:12:33) Bloopers

[Ep 659] Shouldn't Be Impressed [1:59:20]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Jan-24 UTC
Published: Sun, 2020-Jan-26 21:50 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Bruce joins Sam to talk about developments on Donald Trump's impeachment trial and on Election 2020... with a few tangents along the way. To start off though, Bruce talks about his new job at a company called OceanGate, which will be offering trips to the Titanic and other fun adventures!

  • (0:00:21-0:09:36) OceanGate
  • (0:10:53-1:22:29) Impeachment Plus
  • (1:24:10-1:58:56) Election 2020

February 2020

[Ep 660] Incidents and Accidents [2:06:40]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Feb-01 UTC
Published: Sun, 2020-Feb-02 21:44 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan eventually get to impeachment news and election news, but first, they quickly cover some aches and pains, the coronavirus outbreak, the Trump plan for peace in the Middle East, and Brexit. It is a full show this week!

  • (0:01:28-0:55:28) Miscellaneous Stuff
  • (0:56:49-1:33:50) Impeachment
  • (1:34:28-2:06:20) Election 2020

[Ep 661] All Pretend [2:21:42]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Feb-07 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Feb-10 06:17 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Bruce discuss the end of the impeachment saga and the beginning of the aftermath. They also discuss the Iowa caucus disaster, and how things look for New Hampshire and beyond. But first, a little feedback, an update on the Coronavirus, and some thoughts on the State of the Union Address.

  • (0:00:21-0:40:11) Feedback / Corona Virus / SOTU
  • (0:40:51-1:22:05) Impeachment and the Aftermath
  • (1:22:50-2:21:22) Iowa, New Hampshire, and Beyond

[Ep 662] Inappropriate Responses [2:22:11]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Feb-15 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Feb-17 06:05 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan discuss the great reclining airplane seat battle before settling in to discuss how Trump has been unleashed since his acquittal in the Senate. Then they wrap things up with a discussion of the Democratic nomination battle as it stands between New Hampshire and Nevada.

  • (0:00:50-0:21:08) Airplane Seats
  • (0:22:29-1:09:40) Trump Unleashed
  • (1:10:56-2:21:52) Election 2020

[Ep 663] A Very Big Tree [1:58:58]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Feb-22 UTC
Published: Sat, 2020-Feb-22 20:51 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan note a couple of significant passings, they answer some listener questions, and then they get into the latest Trump shenanigans, and finally the Democratic nomination race. Enjoy!

  • (0:01:20-0:58:49) P's and Q's
  • (1:00:33-1:31:30 ) Trump Misbehaving
  • (1:32:39-1:58:35) Election 2020

[Ep 664] Abundance of Caution [2:21:03]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Feb-29 UTC
Published: Sun, 2020-Mar-01 01:16 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan's main topics are everything related to the Coronavirus and the Democratic nomination race. But first, they talk a little about leap day, how they and their kids deal with homework and school and other things, and even a little about Star Wars.

  • (0:00:20-0:28:22) But First
  • (0:30:05-1:26:23) Coronavirus
  • (1:27:00-2:20:43) Election 2020

March 2020

[Ep 665] Tip of Lips [2:20:14]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Mar-07 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Mar-09 00:05 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan discuss the Democratic nomination race in the wake of South Carolina and Super Tuesday. They also once again dive into the continued impact of the global Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. But first, Sam watched an old Charlie Brown cartoon, and Sam and Ivan both discuss a variety of times they or their family members have taken big falls! So there ya go.

  • (0:00:21-0:30:17) But First
  • (0:31:21-1:19:38) Election 2020
  • (1:22:20-2:19:54) Coronavirus

[Ep 666] Episode of the Beast [1:45:23]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Mar-14 UTC
Published: Sun, 2020-Mar-15 01:07 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan talk about the only thing there is to talk about, the coronavirus pandemic. Oh yeah, and the campaign for the Democratic nomination. But absent some huge surprise, that is basically over.

  • (00:01:13-1:09:51) Coronavirus Pandemic
  • (1:11:12-1:45:01) Election 2020

[Ep 667] That's Not A Face [1:54:42]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Mar-21 UTC
Published: Sun, 2020-Mar-22 02:27 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, there is only one topic. Of course it is the global COVID-19 pandemic. How could it be anything else? Stay safe everyone.

  • (0:01:13-1:54:21) Pandemic

[Ep 668] This Bopping [2:26:45]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Mar-28 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Mar-30 09:49 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan talk about, well, yes, the pandemic again. But this time they at least organize it into a few segments. Namely, the current state of the pandemic itself, the stimulus package passed by Congress, and the politics of the pandemic. And before that, they do talk just a little bit about Ivan's new Playstation, and Sam's new kidney stone. So yay!

  • (0:00:20-0:23:26) But First
  • (0:27:30-1:14:46) State of the Pandemic
  • (1:15:50-1:44:13) Stimulus Package
  • (1:45:30-2:26:23) Pandemic Politics

April 2020

[Ep 669] Wide and Foolish [1:31:12]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Apr-04 UTC
Published: Sun, 2020-Apr-05 21:19 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan try to get their minds off all the bad news by taking a stupid internet quiz and talking about the results. But then they do get down to the pandemic. No detailed updates of this week's badness though. Instead, they spend a while talking about some counterfactual scenarios on how this might have played out under a different president. Then they talk about the psychological toll this is taking on the whole world, and how it will end up defining a generation.

  • (0:00:21-0:28:11) But First
  • (0:28:51-1:00:27) Counterfactuals
  • (1:01:48-1:30:51) Psychological Toll

[Ep 670] Like a Snowflake [1:55:26]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Apr-11 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Apr-13 11:21 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan discuss Sanders dropping out of the presidential race, sexual assault allegations against Biden, and possible positive developments on the pandemic front. But first, a little about cooking, cleaning, and Ewoks. And somewhere along the way, just a bit about a new use of computer image recognition that will undoubtedly take over the world.

  • (0:02:25-0:35:52) But First
  • (0:37:08-1:19:00) Election 2020
  • (1:20:21-1:55:06) Pandemic

[Ep 671] Hedge Mage [1:55:39]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Apr-18 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Apr-20 08:44 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan talk about the latest pandemic developments, including the psychological toll of staying at home, and the proposals for loosening restrictions. Then a short interlude on MacBooks, iPads, and a review of an old movie. Finally, some discussion of Biden's veepstakes.

  • (0:01:03-0:57:25) Pandemic
  • (0:58:10-1:19:39) But Middle
  • (1:20:16-1:55:19) Veepstakes

[Ep 672] Slower than the Rise [2:06:06]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Apr-25 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Apr-27 04:38 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner Sam and Ivan again spend most of the show on pandemic related developments. But before that, they discuss buying a MacBook Air, and a movie Sam watched about a couple of frogs. After exhausting the pandemic topic, they talk a little bit about Election 2020 polling.

  • (0:00:01-0:31:35) But First
  • (0:32:51-1:39:43) Pandemic
  • (1:40:20-2:05:35) Election 2020

May 2020

[Ep 673] Candy Stones [2:06:23]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-May-02 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-May-04 13:35 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner Sam and Ivan start by arguing about live views from the International Space Station. Then they move on to everybody's feelings in isolation and Sam's broken hand before moving on to actual real news about the pandemic this week. Then some talk about Biden, Trump, and Amash. And if you stay for the very end, you'll find the resolution to the argument the show began with. Enjoy!

  • (0:00:01-0:08:39) ISS HDEV Argument
  • (0:09:03-0:36:36) Isolation Update
  • (0:38:38-1:20:26) Pandemic News
  • (1:22:14-2:03:13) Election 2020
  • (2:03:33-2:06:23) ISS HDEV Answer

[Ep 674] Bob Bob Bill Bob Bob Bob Bill Bob [2:03:36]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-May-09 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-May-11 11:51 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, before getting to the week's pandemic news, Sam and Ivan talk about a bunch of other things. An update on Sam's hand. Ivan's thoughts on a TV show. The MAGA invasion of Venezuela. Michael Flynn. Running while black. And more. But yeah, after all that, the pandemic dominates the show as it tends to do these days.

  • (0:00:22-0:27:43) But First
  • (0:28:45-1:03:24) Lightning Round
  • (1:05:07-2:03:12) Pandemic

[Ep 675] By Jilliker Willie [2:04:37]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-May-16 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-May-18 15:18 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan are all over the place. Of course, there is the usual dose of pandemic news and discussion of how the pandemic is impacting our lives, both at home and at work. But they also discuss some things they have watched recently. And Obamagate. And as an extra special addition, that one time a moth flew into Sam's mouth. Exciting show!

  • (0:01:55-0:54:47) Lightning Round #1
    • Ivan: Getting Out
    • Ivan: Air Travel Today
    • Ivan: Post Office
    • Sam: Junior G-Men [1940]
    • Sam: Obamagate
  • (0:56:48-2:04:16) Lightning Round #2
    • Ivan: Nobel House [1988]
    • Sam: Mouth Moth
    • Ivan: Permanent Work from Home
    • Sam: Letting things Go
    • Sam: Pandemic Trends

[Ep 676] Buzz Bee [1:50:36]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-May-23 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-May-25 14:57 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan allow themselves another lightning round type show. They cover everything from Skype backgrounds and an old move, to the effectiveness of lockdowns and HCQ, with some stops along the way to talk about the economy, Covid-19 in Brazil, and some quick politics hits too. Oh, and Sam and his son Alex have a video game discussion at the end. Enjoy!

  • (0:03:34-0:51:02) Lightning One
    • Ivan: Titanic Skype
    • Sam: Movie: It Happened One Night (1934)
    • Ivan: Pandemic Bankrupcies
    • Sam: Lockdown Effectiveness
  • (0:52:06 -1:50:10) Lightning Two/li>
    • Ivan: Trump on HCQ
    • Sam: Politics Quick Hits
    • Ivan: Brazilian Pandemic
    • Alex: Video Games

[Ep 677] It's The Beach [2:09:08]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-May-30 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Jun-01 06:56 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner Sam and Ivan's biggest topic is the spiraling unrest across the country in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. But they also discuss Trump's attack on social media companies, some economic news, and even some thoughts on television and movies. And don't worry, the pandemic is still there. It is sort of the background behind everything else at this point.

  • (0:01:20-0:28:24) But First
  • (0:30:25-1:11:01) Minneapolis and Beyond
  • (1:12:04-1:40:01) Trump vs Social Media
  • (1:41:22-2:08:47) Economic News

June 2020

[Ep 678] You down with R.L.C.? [2:35:43]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Jun-06 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Jun-08 15:59 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner Ivan and Sam spend the vast bulk of the show discussing various aspects of the aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd. But first, Sam discusses the changing state of his home office... specifically, he cleaned it. The show ends up with Ivan giving his thoughts on the current economic situation. And of course, as usual, the pandemic is still around too. Enjoy!

  • (0:01:34-0:38:40) RLC
  • (0:39:18-2:13:02) George Floyd Aftermath
  • (2:14:12-2:35:23) Economic Indicators

[Ep 679] Might Be True [1:54:36]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Jun-12 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Jun-15 14:34 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan do a lightning round show, talking about a bunch of smaller topics, including the "Defund the Police" slogan, Space X's successful trip to the ISS, how the markets are reacting to the pandemic, Trump moving his convention acceptance speech to Jacksonville, and four other exciting topics!

  • (0:01:51-0:58:10) Lightning 1
    • Ivan: Sam's Kidney Stone
    • Sam: Markets and the Pandemic
    • Ivan: Trump Convention and Rallies
    • Sam: Second Wave?
  • (1:00:10-1:54:13) Lightning 2:
    • Ivan: Defund the Police
    • Sam: Democratic Primary Update
    • Ivan: Space X to the ISS
    • Sam: Georgia Elections

[Ep 680] It's Three [1:53:00]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Jun-20 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Jun-22 14:53 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan do another lightning round show. They discuss the recovery of global travel, the gamble being taken on a pandemic second wave, some of the recent SCOTUS decisions, Trump's health, a movie, and even real-time reactions to the beginning of the Berman situation as the news broke while they were recording.

  • (0:00:22-0:35:45) Lightning 1
    • Ivan: Travel picking up again
    • Sam: Opening too fast?
  • (0:36:23-1:13:01) Lightning 2
    • Ivan: SCOTUS Decisions
    • Sam: Berman Situation
  • (1:14:17-1:52:40) Lightning 3:
    • Ivan: Ivan Movie: Lawnmower Man (1992)
    • Sam: Trump health

[Ep 681] Not The Kind You Eat [2:03:03]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Jun-26 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Jun-29 08:52 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan do something they don't do that often anymore. They spend a huge chunk of the show talking about tech! Apple tech to be specific, as they discuss the WWDC announcement that Apple is moving the Mac to their own chips, and Sam discusses a recent Mac purchase. But of course, they don't neglect the pandemic, and they couldn't do a show without at least a little politics. Enjoy!

  • (0:00:22-0:49:41) Tech
    • Sam's Purchase
    • Apple Chips
  • (0:51:46-1:24:16) Pandemic
    • Second Wave
    • Impact on Immigration
  • (1:24:54-2:02:43) Politics
    • Question for the Corner
    • Flynn and Barr
    • Black Lives Matter

July 2020

[Ep 682] Talking is Hard [2:33:06]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Jul-03 UTC
Published: Sun, 2020-Jul-05 21:41 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan try to keep things pithy and concise by having only two topics but fail utterly and completely as they go in-depth into the latest Trump nonsense as well as the latest pandemic related developments. Plus Ivan tells us about his light summer reading! So there you go.

  • (0:00:22-0:12:55) But First
    • Agenda
    • Ivan book: Social Security Made Simple (2019)
  • (0:13:32-1:33:35) Trump Nonsense
    • Russia paying to kill US troops
    • Calls with world leaders
    • Polling update
    • Racist callouts
  • (1:34:40-2:32:41) Pandemic
    • Cases and Deaths
    • Reasons for the 2nd wave
    • Reactions to the 2nd wave
    • School reopening plans

[Ep 683] Weaseling Out [2:23:02]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Jul-10 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Jul-13 08:21 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, the two serious topics are school reopenings in the face of the pandemic, and the ramifications of the latest batch of Supreme Court rulings. In addition, Ivan talks about air conditioning maintenance, and Sam talks about Alex creating Minecraft mods. Also, Sam talks about not talking about something. Odd that.

  • (0:00:01-0:08:23) Avoidance
  • (0:08:46-0:44:37) Light and Frothy
  • (0:46:38-1:33:59) School Reopenings
  • (1:34:41-2:22:41) SCOTUS Cases

[Ep 684] Cutting Wood [2:06:53]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Jul-17 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Jul-20 08:55 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan review the latest pandemic news, they answer a "Question for the Corner" on what post-Trump Republicans might look like, they cover the current state of the Presidential race, and they discuss the recent hack of Twitter. Before all that though, they discuss the household projects they have been working on during the lockdown. Enjoy!

  • (0:00:21-0:29:59) Household Projects
  • (0:32:00-0:54:34) Pandemic
  • (0:55:53-1:41:08) Politics
  • (1:42:12-2:06:32) Hacks

[Ep 685] Moving Reality [2:33:58]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Jul-25 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Jul-27 14:42 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan's main topics are Trump's mind through the lens of Mary Trump's book, Trump's current attempts to position himself for the election, and the pandemic. But first, the curmudgeons respond to a listener comment, Ivan delivers on a promise from last week, and Ivan rants about a local political candidate. Enjoy!

  • (0:00:22-0:27:51) Random Stuff
    • Comment from Sam's Mom
    • Ivan Movie: Downfall [2004]
    • Irv Slosberg's Campaign
  • (0:28:32-1:02:22) Trump
    • Ivan Book: Too Much and Never Enough [2020]
    • Trump's UK Golf Thing
    • Trump's Cognitive Test
  • (1:04:06-1:46:40) Election 2020
    • Federal Surge Into Portland
    • Trump Campaign Developments
    • Polling Update
  • (1:47:18-2:33:37) Pandemic
    • Latest Stats
    • Next Covid Bill
    • Masks

August 2020

[Ep 686] Tower Life [2:31:36]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Aug-01 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Aug-03 09:16 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan discuss the latest in politics and pandemic news as they always do. But this time you also get a book review from Ivan, some insight into Sam's sleep patterns, some economic talk, and even a bit on the tradeoffs between global and domestic sourcing of products. Plus a fun electoral vote strategy to consider!

  • (0:00:22-0:31:19) But First
    • Ivan Book: Underwater [2020]
    • Hurricane headed for Ivan
    • Sleep Patterns
  • (0:32:04-1:07:58) Politics
    • Veepstakes
    • Delegitimizing the election
    • Problems with mail-in voting?
  • (1:09:08-1:50:07) Pandemic
    • Ivan goes to Disney
    • Sports bubbles
    • Latest stats
  • (1:52:08-2:31:08) Potpourri
    • Economic Update
    • Political responses to the virus
    • Domestic production of critical supplies?

[Ep 687] Waddaya Gunna Do? [2:08:10]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Aug-08 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Aug-10 15:13 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan do the usual round of political news, discussing dirty tricks on the campaign trail, the latest veepstakes talk, the New York investigation into Trump, and possibilities of a disputed election. But first, they respond to some feedback, review a book Sam read, talk a little about family history and how 2020 sucks, and react to the explosion in Beirut. A full show as usual!

  • (0:00:22-0:37:53) But First
    • Feedback
    • Sam Book: The Two Towers (1954)
    • Family history
    • 2020 sucks
    • Beirut explosion
  • (0:39:54-1:21:23) Campaign 2020 Dirty Tricks
    • Foreign interference
    • Controlling the narrative
    • Kanye West
    • Historical dirty tricks
    • Slowing down the mail
  • (1:22:40-2:07:50) Campaign 2020 Clean Tricks
    • Veepstakes
    • Trump interview
    • New York Trump investigation
    • Laws with no teeth
    • Disputed election?

[Ep 688] One Way Or Another [2:05:59]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Aug-15 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Aug-17 14:58 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, on the politics side, Sam and Ivan discuss Biden picking Harris, election models, current polling, and cutting people off over politics. On the pandemic side, they talk about testing and tracing, people being reckless, and many of the half measures being taken. Before all that though, Ivan reviews a book and goes on a rant about Twitter, and they discuss that Fortnight/Apple/Google thing. Enjoy!

  • (0:00:43-0:32:21) But First
    • Ivan Book: Manuel Bou Gali Vida y Obra de un Corozaleño [2013]
    • Twitter is not a website!
    • Fortnight / Apple / Google thing
  • (0:32:25-1:23:16) Politics
    • Biden picks Harris
    • Election models
    • Current polling
    • Cutting off people over politics
  • (1:24:25-2:05:38) Pandemic
    • Current situation
    • Testing and tracing
    • People being reckless
    • Half measures
    • Relief measures

[Ep 689] Off the Rails [2:19:33]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Aug-21 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Aug-24 06:36 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan discuss their impressions of the Democratic National Convention and all the latest updates on Trumpworld scandals. Plus they talk a little bit about the charms of people broadcasting from home, which sorta kinda, but not quite, includes them.

  • (0:00:22-0:18:10) But First
    • Broadcasters at home
    • Charming interruptions
  • (0:18:48-1:17:26) Democratic National Convention
    • Pros and cons of the virtual format
    • Kamala Harris and Barack Obama speeches
    • Anti-Trump coalitions and post-Trump Republicans
    • Michelle Obama and Joe Biden speeches
  • (1:18:43-2:19:02) Trump Scandals
    • Speech times
    • Steve Bannon indictment
    • Trump financials
    • Senate Intelligence report
    • RNC Preview

[Ep 690] Superfluous Straight Lines [2:20:47]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Aug-29 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Aug-31 09:30 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Ivan and Sam discuss the Republican National Convention, the events in Kenosha and their aftermath, and the latest pandemic news. Along the way they revisit the debate on what constitutes a website, they discuss ceramic car coatings, and spin tales of fender benders and dog walks. Enjoy the madness!

  • (0:00:22-0:23:36) But First
    • Trump avoidance
    • What is a website?
    • Ceramic car coating
  • (0:24:21-1:15:52) Republican National Convention
    • Sam story
    • Trump speech
    • Tricked participants
    • Chasing Rand Paul
    • Superspreader event
    • Hatch Act
    • After Trump
  • (1:17:53-1:57:20) Black Lives Matter
    • Kenosha Overview
    • Differential treatment of Blake
    • Rittenhouse incident
    • Lives vs property
    • Sports strikes
    • Systemic Racism
  • (1:58:37-2:20:24) Pandemic
    • Trends
    • Behavioral waves
    • Doing the minimum
    • Asymptomatic testing
    • Rushed approvals

September 2020

[Ep 691] Your Own Eyes [2:14:31]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Sep-05 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Sep-07 11:23 UTC

This week on Cumrudgeon's Corner Sam and Ivan discuss Election 2020, including all the latest Trump scandals. They also discuss pandemic misinformation, and the challenges of the new school year. But first, they discuss some feedback, some numerical patterns, and frustrations with Facebook notifications and streaming television.

  • (0:00:22-0:49:21) But First
    • 3-2-1
    • Feedback
    • Facebook notifications
    • Streaming TV
  • (0:51:50-1:43:17) Election 2020
    • Early voting
    • Polling stability
    • Trump and the military
    • Violence in the cities
    • Additional Trump scandals
    • Should Biden investigate Trump?
  • (1:43:55-2:14:10) Pandemic
    • Covid misinformation
    • New school year
    • Sports approaches

[Ep 692] Into the Zeitgeist [2:17:20]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Sep-12 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Sep-14 16:12 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan's big topics are Election 2020 and the concentric circles of corruption surrounding Donald Trump. But they also talk a little bit about the pandemic, the fire and smoke on the West Coast, gender reveal parties, and a foundation run by Ivan and his wife. So buckle in and listen!

  • (0:00:22-0:29:44) But First
    • Pandemic feedback
    • Manu for Inclusion
    • West Coast fires
    • Gender reveal parties
  • (0:30:30-1:31:37) Trump Related Corruption
    • Expensive microwaves
    • Trump minions
    • Blackmail?
    • DoJ defending Trump?
    • Slow justice
    • DHS whistleblower
    • Trump admits downplaying pandemic
  • (1:32:19-2:16:59) Election 2020
    • Durham report
    • Squashing investigations
    • Polling predictions
    • Russian hacking
    • Trump campaign low on cash
    • Disinformation campaigns
    • Voter suppression

[Ep 693] Complacency Factor [2:21:38]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Sep-18 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Sep-21 14:31 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan start the show with a special reaction to the news of Ruth Bader Ginsberg's death recorded right after the news broke on Friday. Then you get the show that was already in the can before that upended everything. In that show from the before times, they talked about Election 2020 and the pandemic, fantasized a bit about vacations once the pandemic recedes, and Sam plugged a live stream.

  • (0:00:01-0:33:16) RBG Special Report
  • (0:33:39-0:57:25) But First
    • Livestream of CC editing
    • Post-pandemic vacations
  • (0:59:23-1:43:39) Election 2020
    • Election Graphs update
    • Biden advantages compared to Clinton
    • Trump campaign
    • Biden campaign
    • What can still change?
  • (1:44:17-2:21:15) Pandemic
    • Current trends
    • Careless people
    • Trusting CDC and FDA
    • Schooling situation

[Ep 694] Fundamental Functioning [2:16:02]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Sep-26 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Sep-28 23:38 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan's main topics are the COVID pandemic, SCOTUS developments and their political ramifications, and of course Election 2020. Really, what else would they talk about this week? Oh. Yeah. Headphones. They also talked about headphones. Because of course they did.

  • (0:00:23-0:15:16) But First
    • Headphone choices
    • Podcast audio quality
  • (0:15:57-0:51:07) Pandemic
    • Florida is done
    • Schools
    • Data-driven decisions
    • Retail collapse
    • The recovery
  • (0:53:09-1:30:11) SCOTUS
    • Vote timing
    • The downward spiral of failing democracy
    • Delaying tactics?
    • Election cases?
  • (1:30:58-2:15:40) Election 2020
    • Possible election results shenanigans?
    • The interregnum if Biden wins
    • Election Graphs' odds
    • The interregnum if Trump wins
    • Scenario if Biden wins, but Republicans keep the Senate
    • The election is close now

October 2020

[Ep 695] Attack of the Special Editions [2:33:11]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Oct-02 UTC
Published: Sat, 2020-Oct-03 09:42 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan recorded an entire show talking about Election 2020, including the Presidential debate, Trump's taxes, and a bunch of other things. The also talked about a movie and thanked the patrons for paying for a new microphone. Fun stuff like that. Then Donald Trump tested positive for Covid. So they went back and recorded a whole extra special segment on that new development. Then after that Trump went to the hospital. Sigh. Things are happening too quickly! Anyway, enjoy the show!

  • (0:00:01-0:00:59) Trump Hospitalized
  • (0:01:03-0:37:45) Trump has Covid
  • (0:38:00-0:57:04) But First
    • Emergency Alerts
    • Microphone for Ivan
    • Sam Movie: The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)
  • (0:57:50-2:32:49) Election 2020
    • Presidential Debate
    • Election Polling
    • Hope Hicks Infection
    • Trump Taxes
    • Guilfoyle and Parscale
    • What about Biden?
    • Election Week
    • Election Graphs Update

[Ep 696] Instructions Confirmed [2:14:03]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Oct-09 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Oct-12 03:32 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner Sam and Ivan talk about all of this week's political developments, from Trump's health to the latest election polling, to the Senate and SCOTUS, as well as a few other things. But first, talk of microphones, glasses, malls, remote work, a movie, and even a little sports. You can even stay on after the end for a blooper. Fun times!

  • (0:04:18-0:41:55) But First
    • New microphone!
    • New glasses
    • Feedback on malls
    • Remote work
    • Sam movie: DanTDM Presents The Contest (2019)
    • Live sports
  • (0:45:16-2:10:57) Politics
    • Trump health update
    • Superspreaders
    • Polling update
    • Unhinges Trump
    • Debates
    • SCOTUS and the Senate
    • Regeneron
    • The deplorables

[Ep 697] There Is No Table [2:15:48]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Oct-16 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Oct-19 12:03 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan hit all the usual politics stuff you would expect. Updates on polling. Hunter's laptop. Social media battling misinformation. The dueling town halls. SCOTUS. The pandemic. All of that sort of thing. But before that, they also talk a bit about the new iPhones, just being exhausted, and an old movie. So, pretty much your normal month before the election type of show. Enjoy!

  • (0:00:23-0:41:28) But First
    • Microphone technique
    • Situational exhaustion
    • New iPhones
    • Revisiting 2016
    • Sam movie: Jurassic Park (1993)
  • (0:43:29-2:15:26) Politics
    • Election Graphs update
    • Hunter's laptop
    • Social media vs misinformation
    • Dueling town halls
    • Fizzled October surprises
    • SCOTUS and the Senate
    • Stimulus talks
    • SCOTUS hearings
    • Scorched earth
    • Pandemic update

[Ep 698] Digging A Hole For The Bar [2:06:13]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Oct-24 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Oct-26 10:47 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan continue the countdown to the election. A new polling update via Election Graphs, discussion of the last debate, talk about Hunter's laptop, a review of current Covid trends. All the politics you would expect this close to the election. Before that they talk a bit about recalled messages and changing norms on social media sharing and sexting, school reopening choices, and once again Sam talks about a movie he watched almost a year ago. So pretty much what you would expect from the Corner.

  • (0:00:22-0:45:15) But First
    • Recalled messages
    • Shaming for sharing
    • Misc Misc Misc
    • School choices
    • Sam movie: Midnight Cowboy (1969)
  • (0:47:15-2:05:51) Politics
    • Election Graphs update
    • The last debate
    • Hunter's laptop
    • Foreign interference/li>
    • Covid numbers
    • Rudy

[Ep 699] Cause It's A Book [1:57:13]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Oct-30 UTC
Published: Sat, 2020-Oct-31 05:59 UTC

We’re here. We’re finally at the election. So of course Sam and Ivan talk about the definition of Univeral Time. Well, just for a few minutes. Then they skip the rest of the usual random stuff and just get to the politics. We know that is what you are all here for. They do a final look at the Election Graphs analysis of the polling situation. They talk about the latest attempts to make something happen with Hunter Biden. They talk about both the possibilities of Trump pulling out another win by the skin of his teeth and the possibility of a Biden landslide. Of course, they touch on voter suppression, SCOTUS, and the pandemic as well. Oh, and Ivan might be live streaming election night. So watch out for that! So here we go. The last show before election day!

  • (0:00:01-0:04:46) Cold Open
  • (0:05:11-1:56:52) Politics
    • Universal time
    • Hunter Biden nothing burgers
    • Glen Greenwald resignation
    • Old media vs new media coverage
    • Election Graphs update
    • Early vote numbers
    • Trump odds vs blue wave odds
    • Voter suppression and SCOTUS
    • Pendemic trends and the campaign
    • CC livestream

November 2020

[Ep 700] The Rollercoaster [3:20:49]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Nov-07 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Nov-09 16:19 UTC

The election is over, and Sam and Ivan are here on Curmudgeon's Corner to discuss how things turned out. You'll hear their thoughts on the overall results, problems with polling, how things went in Florida and Georgia, the Senate results, how Trump is reacting, and much more. They have to toss in a few other things even on a big politics week, so Ivan talks about a random technological observation from the 1990s in Argentina, Sam notes a major milestone for the show, and of course, they can't go a week without at least some pandemic talk. As an extra bonus, after the show proper, you can listen to a condensed version of the Curmudgeon's Corner election night live stream. Enjoy!

  • (0:00:01-0:02:11) Time Check
  • (0:02:34-2:11:25) The Actual Show
    • Arcades in Argentina in the 1990's
    • Episode 700
    • Exhaustion
    • No repudiation
    • Polling problems
    • Losing Florida
    • Red mirage
    • Winning Georgia
    • The Senate
    • Biden's unity theme
    • Slow calls
    • Trump reaction
    • Trump in court
    • Progressives vs centrists
    • Lots of racists
    • Pandemic trends
  • (2:11:43-3:20:48) Condensed Live Show

[Ep 701] Linear Transfer [2:22:22]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Nov-13 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Nov-16 07:26 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan's biggest topic is of course the election and its aftermath. They discuss the celebrations and relief after Biden's win was called by the major news outlets, the huge contrasts between Biden and Trump that were obvious this week, the FUD emanating from Trumpworld, and more. The pandemic is the second area of focus, as new all-time highs are hit both worldwide and in the United States, and society struggles to respond. Before all that though, some chat about checks, Macs, dishwashers, and Alex Trebek. Enjoy!

  • (0:00:22-0:37:45) But First
    • Checks and cash
    • Virtue signaling
    • Macs with Apple silicon
    • Dishwasher shopping
    • Alex Trebek
  • (0:39:01-1:45:25) Election and Aftermath
    • Arcades in Argentina in the 1990's
    • Celebration and relief
    • Biden/Trump contrast
    • Trumpworld FUD
    • Post-presidency Trump
    • Lame duck Trump
    • Understanding Trump voters
  • (1:46:11-2:22:00) Pandemic Stuff
    • New all-time highs
    • New closures?
    • Pandemic psychology
    • Restaurants and bars
    • How bad will it get?

[Ep 702] The Burden of Pants [2:15:01]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Nov-21 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Nov-23 10:11 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Bruce joins Sam for a bit different view on the presidential transition and the pandemic than we usually get from Ivan. They discuss Trumpworld conspiracy theories, low-information voters, social media deplatforming, just how close this election actually was, and more. On the pandemic side, besides the usual update on the trends (spoiler: the trends are bad) they discuss natural vs mandated behavior changes, vaccines, masks, and more. And before all that, Bruce talks about a TV series, Sam discusses a book, and they note a historical anniversary. Enjoy the show!

  • (0:00:22-0:28:04) But First
    • Ivan out this week
    • Bruce TV: Game of Thrones (2011-2019)
    • Sam Book: Spook (2006)
    • Dishwasher shopping
    • Mayflower anniversary
  • (0:31:00-1:16:32) Presidential transition
    • Welcome Patron Ryan
    • Election mechanics
    • Trumpworld conspiracy theories
    • Very close election
    • Upcoming gridlock
    • Low-information voters
    • Remaining Trump gambits
    • Social media deplatforming
    • "JoBiden"
    • Trump military drawdown
  • (1:17:21-2:14:41) Pandemic
    • Trend update
    • Overwhelming hospitals
    • Natural vs mandated behavior change
    • Initial response problems
    • Vaccines
    • Masks
    • Ventilation

[Ep 703] For Corn [2:03:30]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Nov-28 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Nov-30 20:27 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan do what has become the new normal. A segment on random stuff including an Ivan pandemic travel report, Sam talking about a movie, and Ivan telling a sports story. Then a segment on the presidential transition, including how "The Kraken" is working out for Trump, thoughts on Biden's early staffing decisions, and a bit about lame-duck Trump. Finally, a segment on the pandemic, including some notes on the metrics, and anti-Covid behavior as a tragedy of the commons, and more. enjoy the show!

  • (0:00:22-0:27:27) But First
    • Ivan family update
    • Ivan in the Keys
    • Sam Movie: Clifford’s Really Big Movie (2004)
    • Ivan Maradona story
  • (0:29:28-1:23:33) Transition
    • Transition actually begins
    • The Kraken
    • 2022/2024
    • Biden vs Congress
    • Biden staffing
    • Pardons
    • Open Skies
    • Assassination in Iran
  • (1:24:58-2:03:10) Pandemic
    • Thanksgiving messes up metrics
    • Massive increases
    • Tragedy of the commons
    • Harm reduction
    • The coming holiday surge
    • Feedback

December 2020

[Ep 704] There Is No Universe [1:58:29]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Dec-04 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Dec-07 19:33 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner Sam and Ivan play the usual game. First segment random: A movie, the Arecibo telescope collapse, some minor election shenanigans. Second segment transition: Trump's failing legal strategy that may be just fine as a money-making strategy, pardons, corruption, 2020 vs 206 comparisons, and even a little on Biden. Third segment pandemic: More broken records, Sam gets sick (not Covid), why communication and leadership matter, progress on a relief bill, and Ivan setting a bad example by planning to travel again. Oh, and despite his demands, Sam's 11-year-old son did not get to do a segment on video games and YouTube. This time.

  • (0:00:01-0:05:09) Cold Open
  • (0:05:33-0:33:29) But First
    • Sam Movie: Unfriended (2014)
    • Arecibo Observatory collapse
    • Fake candidates in Florida
    • Fake moves to Georgia
  • (0:34:15-1:15:44) Transition
    • The Trump Train derails
    • post-Presidency Trump
    • Firing more people?
    • Pardons
    • Corruption
    • MAGA rhetoric
  • (1:16:34-1:58:09) Pandemic
    • Breaking records again
    • Sam was sick (not Coronavirus)
    • Communication and leadership
    • Ivan sets a bad example
    • Vaccines
    • New relief bill?
    • Feedback

[Ep 705] Being Normal [1:46:01]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Dec-12 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Dec-14 06:50 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan talk presidential transition and pandemic, along with a bit about how Americans interact with death. On the transition, the main theme is the Texas SCOTUS case that altogether predictably failed, along with all the drama surrounding that effort. On the pandemic, along with the usual stats update, discussion of people congregating for the holidays, the potential impact of the new vaccines, and some thoughts on how Biden will handle things compared to Trump. And that is that.

  • (0:00:22-0:23:51) Miscellany
    • Agenda
    • Year-end shows coming soon!
    • Interactions with death
  • (0:24:41-1:16:20) Presidential Transition
    • Texas vs Everyone
    • Election 1876 and Election 2000
    • Transactional Trump
    • Trump true believers and political violence
    • Electoral College shenanigans
    • What remains for Trump?
    • 2016 denial vs 2020 denial
    • Polarization
  • (1:17:37-1:45:40) Pandemic
    • Stats update
    • People congregating
    • Vaccine
    • Ivan sets a bad example
    • Vaccines
    • Biden vs Trump policies
    • Sam health update

[Ep 706] Counting Is Hard [2:14:45]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Dec-19 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Dec-21 19:44 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ed cover the usual developments on the Presidential transition and the pandemic. On the transition, they discuss fake electors, the mischief opportunities on January 6th, random stuff the Trump folks are doing on the way out, and a bit about what the Biden folks may do once they are in. On the pandemic, Sam takes advantage of Ed's background as a Doctor to discuss the nonsense of people pushing for natural herd immunity, and a whole lot about the new vaccines. Before all the serious stuff, they discuss Space Force, a couple of movies, and a few other random things. Also: How to make suggestions for things you want to hear about on our annual predictions show!

  • (0:00:22-0:34:52) But First
    • Agenda
    • Guardians of the Space Force
    • Ed Movie: Eye in the Sky (2015)
    • Sam Movie: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)
    • Ed's pandemic Apple shopping experience
    • People delaying health care
    • Apple Watch fall detection
  • (0:36:13-1:24:27) Presidential Transition
    • Fake electors
    • January 6th
    • False rumors
    • DoD transition briefings
    • Bill Barr leaving
    • Biden's desire to heal
    • Biden staffing
  • (1:25:17-2:14:22) Pandemic
    • Weekly stats
    • Herd immunity
    • Individual vs collective view
    • Politicized messaging
    • Vaccine development
    • Vaccine distribution
    • Vaccine side effects

[Ep 707] Face In The Middle [2:19:35]
Recorded: Thu, 2020-Dec-24 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Dec-28 17:37 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan once again encourage people to send in suggestions for next week's predictions show. But aside from that, they talk about movies and printers and cars. Oh yeah, and the continued chaos of the Trump to Biden transition, and of course an update on pandemic developments. All the usual. Enjoy!

  • (0:00:22-0:38:29) But First
    • Agenda
    • Year end specials coming!
    • Ivan family update
    • Sam movie: Team America: World Police (2004)
    • Bad printers
    • Cars
    • Feedback
  • (0:39:47-1:43:11) Presidential Transition
    • 2016 vs 2020/li>
    • Pardon barrage
    • False rumors
    • Trump fatigue
    • Autogolpe talk
    • Trump exit plan
    • Vetos and veto threats
    • A little on Biden
  • (1:44:01-2:19:15) Pandemic
    • Weekly stats
    • New variant
    • Impacts on freight
    • Ivan's trip
    • Vaccinations

[Ep 708] 2021 Predictions Show [3:08:03]
Recorded: Thu, 2020-Dec-31 UTC
Published: Mon, 2021-Jan-04 11:41 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan do their traditional annual predictions show, this time for 2021! They cover politics, international, economy, technology, and a hodgepodge of other things, which of course this year includes the pandemic. So tune in and hear what they think will happen in 2021! Then next week, come back and see how they did a year and a week ago in their predictions for 2020! These annual predictions shows are always long, so buckle up!

  • (0:01:05-0:14:19) But First
  • (0:16:39-1:23:38) Politics
  • (1:24:47-1:50:13) International
  • (1:50:50-2:07:31) Economy
  • (2:08:17-2:25:57) Technology
  • (2:26:47-3:07:41) Hodgepodge


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