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Ep 702[Ep 703] For Corn [2:03:30]
Recorded: Sat, 2020-Nov-28 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Nov-30 20:27 UTC
Ep 704

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan do what has become the new normal. A segment on random stuff including an Ivan pandemic travel report, Sam talking about a movie, and Ivan telling a sports story. Then a segment on the presidential transition, including how "The Kraken" is working out for Trump, thoughts on Biden's early staffing decisions, and a bit about lame-duck Trump. Finally, a segment on the pandemic, including some notes on the metrics, and anti-Covid behavior as a tragedy of the commons, and more. enjoy the show!

  • (0:00:22-0:27:27) But First
    • Ivan family update
    • Ivan in the Keys
    • Sam Movie: Clifford’s Really Big Movie (2004)
    • Ivan Maradona story
  • (0:29:28-1:23:33) Transition
    • Transition actually begins
    • The Kraken
    • 2022/2024
    • Biden vs Congress
    • Biden staffing
    • Pardons
    • Open Skies
    • Assassination in Iran
  • (1:24:58-2:03:10) Pandemic
    • Thanksgiving messes up metrics
    • Massive increases
    • Tragedy of the commons
    • Harm reduction
    • The coming holiday surge
    • Feedback

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