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Ep 703[Ep 704] There Is No Universe [1:58:29]
Recorded: Fri, 2020-Dec-04 UTC
Published: Mon, 2020-Dec-07 19:33 UTC
Ep 705

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner Sam and Ivan play the usual game. First segment random: A movie, the Arecibo telescope collapse, some minor election shenanigans. Second segment transition: Trump's failing legal strategy that may be just fine as a money-making strategy, pardons, corruption, 2020 vs 206 comparisons, and even a little on Biden. Third segment pandemic: More broken records, Sam gets sick (not Covid), why communication and leadership matter, progress on a relief bill, and Ivan setting a bad example by planning to travel again. Oh, and despite his demands, Sam's 11-year-old son did not get to do a segment on video games and YouTube. This time.

  • (0:00:01-0:05:09) Cold Open
  • (0:05:33-0:33:29) But First
    • Sam Movie: Unfriended (2014)
    • Arecibo Observatory collapse
    • Fake candidates in Florida
    • Fake moves to Georgia
  • (0:34:15-1:15:44) Transition
    • The Trump Train derails
    • post-Presidency Trump
    • Firing more people?
    • Pardons
    • Corruption
    • MAGA rhetoric
  • (1:16:34-1:58:09) Pandemic
    • Breaking records again
    • Sam was sick (not Coronavirus)
    • Communication and leadership
    • Ivan sets a bad example
    • Vaccines
    • New relief bill?
    • Feedback

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