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Ep 846[Ep 847] Control F [1:53:59]
Recorded: Fri, 2023-Sep-01 UTC
Published: Mon, 2023-Sep-04 23:47 UTC
Ep 848

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner: Sam and Ivan Stuff. Trump Stuff. Other Stuff. But First Stuff. It is a show full of stuffiness. And stuff. Or something like that. In any case, all the usual things you expect on one of these shows. Thrills, chills, and madness. Or maybe your narrator just didn't feel like writing a real description. Enjoy!

  • (0:00:00-0:03:08) Frozen Open
  • (0:03:31-0:33:03) But First
    • Wet AirPods
    • Exercise
    • Ozempic
  • (0:33:33-1:11:56) Trump Stuff
    • Corporate Case
    • Financial Worries
    • Schedules
    • 14th Amendment
    • Weakness
  • (1:13:40-1:53:24) Other Stuff
    • Hurricanes
    • Climate Anomalies
    • Aging Politicians
    • Fyre Festival 2

Automated Transcript

Okay. What do you want to talk about? We'll do a, but first and then stuff.

Frozen people.

Okay. Mitch.

Anybody else that we got that for it's frozen.

I don't know. Uh, that, that like person from the movie.


Um, anyway, uh, do you want to just do movie?

Yeah. There are these people. Oh, well, yeah.

Oh, anyway. way, blah, blah, blah.

Well, no, I, I was thinking more for whatever reason. I always remember, uh, uh, um, this unfortunate, uh, Accident that happened.

Uh, it was an Eastern airlines flight that crashed into the Andes.

Uh, um, and that they only found, they never found like they found a wreckage, But they, it was so remote, they could never get much of it.

And it wasn't until like recently that they were able to retrieve stuff from the flight.

It took, uh, 40 years and there were actually, you know, it's all the stuff was frozen up there preserved because it's, uh, uh, it was, uh, if I remember It was, it crashed while going.

Uh, I think it was going to La Paz, uh, it was, it was at a super high altitude.

It was crazy. Um, yeah, that's right. It was going to La Paz, Bolivia.

Eastern airlines flight nine 80.

Um, and it, uh, the mountain was called Mount Illy money that it crashed into.

Um, and, uh, I mean, they, they, they crashed into the mountain. It must be at around.

Let's see, the crew was cleared to the sun from 25,000 to 18,000 feet.

And then that's when they crashed. So yeah, it was it was it was quite high.

And the discovery of the wreckage over the years, the debris moved along the glacier and eventually emerged enough that climbers were able to cover wreckage in 2006.

Now, mind you, this happened in nineteen eighty five. Okay. So it was 30 plus years. And, um, um, yeah.

So they never were able to, you know, really unpiece what happened other than they deviated from the route and crashed into the mountain.

Right. Fun.

Oh yeah. So much fun to crash into a mountain.

Right. By the way, struck struck the mountain at 19,600 feet.

Right. You want to talk about high, you know, that's one tall mountain.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay, here we go. Ready? That's it for me.


Welcome to Curmudgeon's Corner for Friday, September 1st, 2023. It is just after 2 UTC.

So that's like 7 p.m. Pacific on Thursday, the 31st for me and 10 p.m.

Eastern for Yvonne. And so I'm Sam Andrew Yvonne and Yvonne. But yeah, Yvonne.

But, but, but, but, but, but.

Yeah, and Yvonne is here again.

And we decided to change our language into Bebeb. That's right.

But you get to do to get me out. But I do that.

That sounds like more like one of our breaks.

That is true. That is true. I'll have to work on that one. Yes.

Anyway, Yvonne and I are once again tired.

Yvonne and I are once again old.

We are just going to alternate topics the whole way through.

We'll have three segments.

Each of us will pick one topic for each segment. I was telling Yvonne right before we started, I don't even know if I have a real, but first this time, I just don't know.

Maybe I can come up with something, but maybe we'll just dump into like something.

I don't know. Like, I don't, I don't know. It's just, it's just that kind of week. Like, and you know, I, I, I basically today I, I got home from work.

I like had a couple minutes and then I sat down to get ready for the podcast.

So I've, I've just been going straight through since morning and uh, yeah, I'm, I'm ready to, how was traffic?

But today wasn't actually that bad. Nope.

No, that's good.

Like, you know, I I've, I've mentioned before and the whole commute thing, it is highly variable day to day.

I, today was a better than average day.

All right. Well, that's good. Good for good for you.

I, uh, uh, well, one thing that happened today, I don't know if you noticed, I'm not wearing the usual headphones.

I wear, I do know Yvonne and I can now see each other while recording.

We didn't use to be able to, but we can now see each other.

Yvonne's got like a big white over the ear headphones on.

Whereas usually he has on like the little Apple AirPods.

Now I have big over the air, uh, headphones, but I use the wire, the ear, they, they are wireless headphones, but I, I use them for the podcast wire directly into the microphone.

So I can hear the output of the microphone as well as Yvonne.

I just prefer it that way. Yvonne's told me like he hates it that way.

So he doesn't do that. He just uses the Bluetooth headphones.

Now, yeah, I, I, I tried that's really annoying, but, um, but, you know, I have the air pods. They're right here. Okay.


My wife somehow, today, nonchalantly...

Walked in to the office. Threw them on my desk and said they were in the washer.

OK. And I'm just like, I take it they did not survive.

OK, they actually they work, but not as well. Or they sound weird.

Well, no, the battery was running out real quick. OK, they actually I went and I took them out and I put them on.

And surprise, they worked and I'm like, okay, but then I noticed that the battery ran out extremely quickly.

So therefore I, they're here.

Um, maybe though, how long, how long has it been since they were in the washer?

It was just this afternoon. Now, now understand one thing is that this is not something that ever happens to me. Okay. Yeah.

Yeah, see, on the other hand, I specifically stopped ever buying earbuds, whether they be wireless, wired, whatever, because I would routinely, routinely, either lose them or send them through the laundry.

It would happen so often, I'd be buying a new pair like every month, month and a half.

And eventually I decided I'm wearing, I'm wearing the big, huge, over the ear kind, Cause it's a lot harder to lose. It's a lot harder to send through the laundry and I don't mind them.

Well, here's the thing that happened today. A couple of unusual things has happened.

One is that I actually left them in my pockets. I never do.

Okay. And I never leave anything in my pockets, but my, my, you know.

I'm surprised it still happened because my cleaning lady was here today and she's actually very diligent at checking for that stuff. Okay.

But, but the weird thing is, for some reason, um, usually she'll ask me, Hey, do I put these jeans in the laundry or not? Whatever, you know, and I don't know, for some reason she didn't ask today.

And I had only worn those yesterday for a little bit. And I had to actually take my AirPods because they wanted to do a zoom call from work to celebrate something.

Okay. Okay. So the thing is that I was like, well, I'm not just going to do it from here. They're all going to be at a nice little, um, lounge or something or whatever.

And so I was like, look, I'm going to go to a, I actually, I thought, oh, I know.

A very nice comfortable place to go sit down and do this where I can get something to drink and I could order some dinner to take home.

Okay. All right. Well, I do this. Okay. And I can do it without bothering other people, a lot of noise around, et cetera.

So I'm going to go over there, do that, did that left the damn AirPods in my, in my pocket, which I normally don't do.

And you know, it, it, it happened, but I, but you know, I, I've never, this never happened, but the thing is that I found hilarious is that I don't know if my wife thinks they're waterproof for something?

Because she's like, Oh, here's your AirPods. They're in a wash.

And I'm like, well, you know, it's almost the assumption these days that electronics should be waterproof.

I mean, like phones are, but you know, it's not really you apparently doesn't want that anymore.

You know, it seems but you know, I digress.

You know, they're like, let's make that 10 times more difficult.

Yeah, let's make that 10 times more difficult to make a waterproof shall we?

You know, let's let's lose a lot more phones by getting a wet whatever and whatnot, you know, so that way we have more e waste and whatever the hell or anyway, anyway, anyway, but no, but no, the default now, like, it's not really true.

To be clear, it's not really true. Like, most laptops are not waterproof.

That's correct. You know, most headphones are not waterproof.

You know, but In the other case, like my look, one of the few incidents I've had with water, unfortunately, also involved, I've been with my wife for 25 years.

So, of course, it has to, you know, I mean, we've been together for over 20 years. So there was this one time that for some reason, my wife.

Put something on my lap that was full of water while I was working on my laptop for no good reason whatsoever, and that proceeded to pour on top of my work laptop.

And it didn't it happened something like this. It didn't immediately kill it, but it was, it started acting up very much.

So over the next few weeks, which I worked at HP, thank God I was just like, Oh, just, I, I, you know, one of the, one of the things that I was very adept that at HP was how to procure anything.

Okay. Oh, I'd figured out all the, all the, they had all these cool procurement systems. Oh, you want this equipment, whatever serve, I'm like, you know, click, click, click, all of a sudden a crate arrives.

What the hell is this? Oh yeah.

I ordered one of them, you know? So I was pretty good at that.

So I'm like, ah, whatever. I'll just order another damn laptop.

What the hell am I going to do with this thing? Plus that laptop I had sucked.

Okay. It, I will say it was, it was terrible. So I, it wasn't exactly like I was like sad too.

So what you're saying is you accidentally poured water on this laptop.

I accidentally wound up with water poured on my laptop, which I still provide 80% of the blame to my wife.

No, no, you don't. 20% on her. No, no, no. She went and I'm sitting there working and she grabbed the bag for no, no, there was a Ziploc bag full of water and put it on my lap.

I went to try to grab it, it rolled off my belly straight on the laptop and splashed everything on top.

I'm just saying, you're saying this worked out for you, you got a better laptop.

The idea that it's an accident is kind of hard to believe.

I did definitely get a better laptop out of that, because that laptop that I had gotten, that was a bad mistake, it sucked, it was terrible.

It was a compact laptops right after we, we, we, we had merged with, with, with compact and, you know, it was one of the first compact laptops I had.

And the first thing I said after I had, I was like, how the hell are these people, were these people still in business? How can we pay this much money for this shit? Okay.

That was my first reaction.

And then, you know, so, so anyway, so I proceeded to order and we had developed some new slim laptops that were really cool.

And I seen a couple of them. I'm like, well, I'm getting one of those.

Fuck that shit didn't have any more compact branding on it. I'm like, perfect. I want to get rid of this. It's possible. You don't compact me is made a comeback, Have they not there yet but there is apparently somebody licensing the compact brand to sell products with the compact brand now.

Insert places and i'm pretty sure that hb did that on purpose because if they did not use the brand for a certain amount of more time we could have gone into the.

Public domain and somebody could have grabbed it for free but i what day out the lights license that brand so there there is a weird thing but anyway aside from that.

You know, my tiredness, look, I don't know what the hell I did. Exercising. Oh, OK.

You can have the second. But first, just go right into your exercise. I'll chime in.

Yeah. And while you were talking about being tired and the commute and whatnot.

Look, I, I came home on on Saturday and I have been for whatever.

So, well, not for whatever reason, the last time I went to the doctor, I'd gained a little bit of weight.

Some of my numbers were a little bit higher. They're not bad, but you know, they weren't as good as they had been.

Going the wrong direction.

They were not in a good, they were not where normally they had been.

So I had been working out more and eating better. Okay. All right.

Ooh, good for you. I am working out less and eating worse, and it's not a good thing.

Not a good combination. Okay. So I, I've been, you know, I, I, I have like, you know, I would splurge occasionally on fast food.

It was rare, but it happened. I cut that down to zero. I I'm like, you know, no more, any fried, anything.

I started making sure that I, um, know, it, it rooted out any processed food that I'd been getting.


Because sometimes I would get it for certain convenience. If I ran a certain cheese, my preferred cheese, I would get some other, that was more processed and I'm like, no, let's just forget about that. I'm not, you know, I'm not buying that crap.

Making sure if I'm getting, if I'm eating ham, get low sodium ham.

I just, you know, stuff like that.

Okay. I just been like, you know, and so another thing that I was doing is He's exercising more, you know, and I will say it's probably a lot more.

I've been trying to make it that instead of like going about 14 times a month that I would doing it. So every other day to make it like 20 times a month that, I mean, that's six days, six more days. It's a, it's a lot more.

And I came home on Saturday.

Just in total pain. I mean, everything just hurt.

Like everywhere, and I had also done a a business trip and then I did this podcast and it was quite late.

So, you know, it's like the travel, the exercise, no sleep, whatever.

I came home after the gym and I I literally had been spent in pain.

Know, the next three or four days, just all over, you know, my, my ankle, my back, my, I mean, I was like, what the fuck?

I mean, it's just, um, at this very moment, Yvonne, my left hip, my left hip and both shoulders hurt, but I haven't done anything.

I haven't done Jack. They just hurt.

Well, I will say that I spent the last few days just, I did go work out.

I Tuesday, but I tried to run and it really hurt my back. So I, I did some power walking, but I decided, look, I'm, I'm, let me just.

Look, let me just take it easy.

The week. Okay. I, I, I didn't go back again.

Uh, I, I just, you know, uh, and it's just this thing where I, I'm pretty sure that I also, because I was in such a rush with stuff, I made the mistake of skipping, stretching after working out.

And I will tell you, and I went, I pulled up this article, dude, at this age, we have to stretch.

There is not doing that is the dumbest thing I'm thing that I did.

And I think that that definitely contributed to a significant amount of my back, just, just my back was killing me.

And just to be clear for anybody new here, this age, Yvonne and I are both in our fifties.

Yes. Early fifties, but still back was, my back was killing me.

I mean, holy shit. My back was killing me. It was just, I'm like, what the fuck I, I, I'm just for the love of God, just, just, You know, here's another thing that I discovered, though, you know, I.

Probably the biggest, biggest thing that I that is also a drawback right now is that over the years.

I found that the most effective painkiller I could take are non and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories and things or how and say, yes, so that's like a leave Ibuprofen, those, those kinds. Okay.

Here's a problem also with aging. Okay. They tend to...

Cause gastrointestinal bleeding.

Oh, fun.

And I noticed that I was doing that and I knew immediately that it was because I'd been taking too much of those in order to relieve muscle pain.

I was going to say, is it not at only, only at super high doses or something?

And no, it's not at super high doses. It, it, it really, if you take it, it's more, if you take them routinely.

Yeah, exactly.


As opposed to every once in a while.

Exactly. And so guess what?

I can't take that shit anymore. And that shit used to work like a charm.

So now all of a sudden, what the hell I used as a medication and actually, by the way, there have been those works so well that I, I read that there was a, some investigations, especially for, uh, I think if I remember correctly, I was reading this about some high school football programs where the coaches, doctors, whatever, were just given way too many of them to the kids in order to be able to just.

Push them really hard, whatever.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And they work. The problem is, you know, they have side effects.

Unfortunately, so I can't take that shit anymore. So I'm like, you know.

Now I've been using this little like a tens little machine, basically or anyone who doesn't know what those are, are those are little electrode things you place on yourself and they make your muscles twitch and yeah, you're basically electrocuting yourself, but your, your muscles react by like sort of self exercise without you having to think about it. And that's exactly right.

It's, it's good. Lots of people with like, uh, back pain or other muscle aches or things like that can use them to help out. They work.

Okay. They work. Okay. You know, but I had to basically be using that thing, you know, like for three or four straight days, thank God it does work.

I, my back is now feeling like close to normal.

Thank God. Um, yeah, because I, one of the things that I've done with the exercise, is that I used to have nonstop back pain for I got to a point.

Sometime after we got married, I stopped exercising for a couple of years and I got really badly out of shape and and my back was killing me constantly.

And after I started working back out, I lost some of the weight, but I more just got fitter, you know, working out the muscles and whatever whatnot.

That back pain was completely gone.

OK, and so I don't suffer regularly from back pain unless I strain or do something stupid or whatever, or sometimes what happened, like with long travel, OK, on on airplanes. But it was recoverable.

It was relatively, you know, but but, you know, so but that wasn't I spent I remember I would be, you know, nonstop with back pain for a while.

So this has helped not have that. I mean, my back has been in really good shape.

And but that these last few days, I was like, oh, my God. That was, you know, but so number one is stretching is important.

And also, number two is that they said is that, you know, at this age, we just don't recover as quickly as we used to.

So rest is important as well. Yeah.

Yeah. I, the, the only exercise that I've ever done that gets even close to routine is walking.

There've been a few times in my life where I sort of got into a regular routine of a few times a week, just going for a half hour walk or whatever during the day.

Um, And then like, and I was doing it like right before the pandemic, I'd like gotten really consistent about it.

And things good.

And then the pandemic hit and like everything stopped.

And I have not gotten back into it properly. Like a couple and for a while I tried it around in my neighborhood.

But like, I just never got into routine.

I've done it a few times since I've been back at the office.

I've done it when I like I'll take a break at work and I'll I'll just go walk around the neighborhood for half an hour or whatever before coming back to the office, but it's still not in a routine thing.

And like, you know, I was mentioning like the, the last time I did it, which was not today, but yesterday. Um, yo.

My my left, like I said, my left hip is hurting right now, and it hurt while I was walking, too. It felt like with every step it was like, oh, my my hip was complaining and being like, what the hell are you doing, making me move, you know?

And I think it may be like you're making me move after just letting me sit around for like three years. You asshole.

Exactly. I was going to say in my case, that might not be a sign to like take it easy for a week. It might be, Hey, you should do this more fucking often, right?

Oh, so that, you know, like, cause I mean, it was like, it wasn't even like I walked for 20 minutes and then started getting sore or whatever.

No, it was the very first step. I was like, Oh, this is uncomfortable.

And it was uncomfortable for the whole half hour. I did it anyway.

I did a half hour of walking, but it was like uncomfortable.

And, um, yeah, so I don't know. I got to do more.

I got at the very least, I have to get back into the habit of walking on a regular basis. And one thing we do have a dog who needs to be walked more than he gets walked.

However, here's the thing. Now we, you know, the, the, the old dog who barely moved is gone, But even then, you know, passed away last December, but.

The current dog, who's relatively young and blah blah blah, is still a lazy fucking dog because we don't walk him all the time.

You don't walk him!

And so, like, when we go out and walk, I go faster than he does.

Heh heh heh heh heh. Oh my god, you're making me walk!

Well, it's not so much that. It's more, I'm gonna take my time.

I'm going to very leisurely walk. I'm going to smell everything.


I'm going to, you know, like I'll go a few feet. I'll stop. I'll investigate.

I'll, you know, so like, I actually, when I walk by myself, I actually get, you know, I walk kind of, I mean, I don't even get close to like jogging or running, but I walk at a brisk pace when I walk by myself.

But when I walk with a dog, it's like barely moving either. So that doesn't help me.

But we should still do it more often.

Yes, you should.

That would also probably make him go outside instead of inside the house more often.

Yes, that would, although he's got a backyard, but he, you know, still, I think it's his way of telling us that we should walk it more.

You think? Yeah.

Maybe, maybe, maybe. Maybe.


God, Lord. But anyway. All right.

All right. So enough of our creaking bones and...

Yeah, this is the kind of thing I can't imagine as compelling listening.

Like let's just complain.

Oh no, we're so...

Well, we're not taking ozempic like yet.

Which one's that?

We're not. We're not on the ozempic phase yet. I've been hearing so many people talk about this, you know, right now.

We haven't reached a point where our doctor basically just told, ah, you're taking Ozempe. Just shut up.

Which stage remind me which drug that is.

So that's the one that basically was invented for diabetes that now people are using our allows.

Well, it's not that they're, I mean, it works for, it works very well for weight loss, but, but also they found multiple other things that it, that, that it is good for.

They found, they have been finding that even people, it curbs people's desires for alcohol, it curbs people's, it improves people.

They found that people that were taking it, their risk of cardiovascular disease went down like 30, 40% and all sorts of other benefits which the...

So why aren't we taking it, Yvonne? Why aren't we? That's great.

Well, one thing like right now is that it costs $1,000 like a dose or something like that. Number one, to start off with.

So that's one thing. But the second thing is that that wasn't the original intent of the medications in the first place.

The reason why they were brought these out, which was a very good reason, was to help people with type two diabetes, to get that under control.

And that's actually the label used, and that's what all the studies were focused on. And so one of the things about any of these medications and taking them on other things, you know, I mean, they've studied side effects of whatever, not based on those studies.

But the reality is that they never studied them for all these other things at this point.

These are just effects that have been found to be incidental to their original purpose. And so I, you know, I think that as the data keeps coming in, it's going to be something that, um...

I'm sure that they will if the data keeps coming in and they don't find any other negative effects.

It's going to become far more widely used because, look, I was just thinking about the one thing about addiction.

This thing helps people with fucking addiction. It's been found right to how it curves up. You're an out an alcoholic that cannot control your impulses.

And this fucking thing makes you stop craving alcohol.

You can get your damn life back in control.

We think about that effect. I mean, or think about other things that we talked about.

It's not just alcohol. We're talking about the addiction centers, which means also like opioids.

Yeah, this kind of stuff. You know, we're talking major shit here that you could treat with this. I mean, number one.

What are the number one killers that we have in this nation is the opioid epidemic.

It's, it's a, you know, I mean, if you're able to treat that by giving people this, oh, and make them thinner and healthier all at the same time. I mean, holy shit.

So it is like a little injection, right? To this, that that's like a downside.

I would much rather take now, but they, they are, they are coming out with versions of them that are not an injection.

Well, okay, good. Well, in that case, let's just, let's just give it out like candy.

I, I, I am, I have a little bit like still at this point, despite all the positive things that I've, that are looking at still leery of doing that at this point.

Can you just, can you just add it as an extra ingredient in like soda or water or something?

Well, here's the thing. You're not going to be craving those anymore if you're doing that. So therefore it's not going to not going to help.

Ah, okay, okay.

So water, like you said, water, water, just like, just put it in the water.

Like we do a little fluoride. I was going to say fluoride, but like the first thing that came into my head was lithium, but that's different.

We don't put it. I don't think that we're putting lithium in the water supply.

Why not?

Let's ask the QAnon folks.

You know, if delivery in that mechanism of like drugs that would just sort of like calm people down, worked, then maybe it would be okay.

You know, I don't know. Like all or improve the mood, the mood in general, reduce violent tendencies. You know, what?

Anyway, now, as we are talking about drugging the entire population, the population, yes, I'm sure that's not objectionable. Yeah.

No one would care about that.

That nobody would object at all, like mandatory anti-psychotic drugs and in elementary school in a water supply.

Yes, indeed.

OK, well, on that wonderful note, I just let Yvonne do the whole freaking butt first, because I, I don't know.

You had nothing to talk about.

I got nothing. I got nothing. I, you know, I, um.

You added some positive contributions.

I, there you go. I could try to make up something, but I don't think it's worth it.

So let's take a break and then I guess I'll pick the next topic and we'll, we'll, we'll do our alternative thingy Boppa thing.

Bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop.

But in the meantime, our first break is another Apple dream.

Apple dream 33. Here you go.

There you go. That's it.

That that's it.

That's it. That's the whole thing this time.

I couldn't hear any of it.

Oh, you know? Okay.

I'm like, I'm like, I'll be here waiting.

I had a preview mode. I had it in preview mode instead of live mode.

You didn't hear the intro music either. I take it.

I was like, I was like, I'm like later.



Yeah, here we go. Here we go. I am switching to live mode and I will play it again.

Here we go I can't really remember anything but a phrase did come into my head and somehow somewhere the dream was related to forensic accounting because I remember the phrase and now you know why I got into forensic accounting I don't do forensic accounting.

It's the end.

There you go. That was the whole thing.

Forensic accounting. That's what came into your, into your, your dreams.


I have done forensic accounting, unfortunately.

But it was not you having this dream.

It was no, no, it was you, which is the weirdest thing. I have done it.

Was it exciting?

You know what? I mean, was it worth dreaming about?

I don't know about worth dreaming about, but if it wasn't in order to try to figure out a scam my father did in the business, it probably would have been more exciting, but it was me trying to figure out how to hell he was cooking the books. Gotcha.


So I did figure it out.

But it was it that was interesting going through reconstructing it.

Um, and then fixing the books to reflect correctly what was going on.

Um, yeah, but of course, the one thing that he was doing, which is weird, which wasn't completely, he was actually overstating income, paying more. It yeah.

He was overstating income, which wound up Not actually helping him.


It's the opposite. But I needed to understand one of the things were you doing to forensic accounting? It's not so much sometimes whether.

Is to try to go back and figure out, OK, what is the truth of what's what what the business is doing? Because a lot of times people will fudge them for whatever reasons.

As some guy who is trying to run for president again.

OK, so let's start with that. I get to pick my topic.

Yeah, there you go.

I was like leading.

I was take, you know, you're trying to drive me in. Yes, yes. Um, what?

So we let's let's do all the Trump stuff. But like one, we we can start with in New York on the case against it.

It was the case against the Trump business. Right. Not against the right. Trump.

And Letitia James in New York has asked the judge to basically say, you don't even need a trial.

Like, there's not really actually a dispute over the fact that Donald Trump, Pumped up the value of his properties in certain contexts and didn't and others and was basically Committing that kind of fraud and so let's move right to the part where we figure out what the penalty is Essentially now Trump's lawyers have also filed motions to just dismiss the whole case So it probably won't just be handled that way.

It probably will go to trial I guess but What we haven't like all this other Trump stuff We forget that he's got this major thing hanging over the head of his business as well, and he's got a bunch of other civil trials.

Like, there was one I didn't even know about, something where he was selling some, like, video phone crap or something that he's being...

Selling a video phone?

Okay, that one I didn't know. Yeah, he would, he was selling some kind of like video phone that didn't work and was complete crap and blah, blah, blah. It was, it was just a scam.

This man has a bet that he didn't love for God's sakes. I mean, yeah.

And so he's some sort of legal thing about that going on too.

And like, you know, and of course we got the, um, uh, the, what's her name?

The, um, anyway, way, the, the, the, the woman to rape, yes.

The successfully for that.


We got all this stuff going on, but like any thoughts particularly on the thing against Trump corporate, however, Trump corporation, whatever.

So the entire thing has been about his inflating the value of his assets in that, that was done in order to secure financing or other things and whatnot, which, you know, if you provide falsified financial statements to get loans or obtain do other business that is that is that is illegal.

And I know people that have gone to jail, okay, over that, over that specific accusation.

So it's not Yeah, this is this isn't. How do I say this isn't some kind of pie in the sky case or whatever, but you know, pulling straws, this is actually something that people have been investigated, prosecuted and convicted for.

But specifically in this case, they have not gone after the individuals.

They've gone after them.

Now they're going after the corporation. And, but the one thing is that they were seeking the bar, like any of the Trumps are actually running the business.

It was, there was a whole bunch of restrictions, but, but the main thing that she was trying to establish was that there was no.

That there was no disputing that he had inflated the numbers.

And I'm guessing that what they must have is that they they probably in order to get valuations, they probably got certain independent appraisals and valuations of the properties that that they had on the books in order to put them on the, you know, to place the value on the books for them.

You know, assured there was property tax appraisals, but there were also other independent appraisals now appraisers will have differences of opinion.

But what I'm guessing that he did, which I am based on what I remember, Michael Cohen and some other people saying, I'm this, this is, this must be the crux of the case is that he would see any of the documentation documentation would say, hey, it's worth 700 million.

And he would say, bullshit, put 1.4, right? That's it. You know, fuck the fuck the numbers. Fuck the appraisals.

I say it's worth one point four.

And so that's where it's just the fraud where, you know, there was no way to substantiate that valuation.

It was just him instructing people to just, oh, it's a 700 million.

Put one point four. Well, that's it. Period. And that's fraud.

I mean, you know, that's that's where the fraud is.

And so I think that that's what they have them on. And that's why the that's why Letitia James is claiming, listen, there is no arguing here.

You probably can look through all the records. No, nobody ever said that they were worth what he fucking just commanded people to put down and say they were worth period. Right. End of discussion!

And he's arguing otherwise.

But I mean, I don't know if he has any valuations. I mean, look, I know in the past.

Well, the latest I heard that in I guess it came out in stuff that came out this week, but was from depositions way earlier, was Trump basically saying, yeah, that was in the document, but we didn't take it seriously.

We didn't expect anybody to believe it at all. We put a paragraph at the beginning saying, make sure to check it out on your own.

And we don't follow standard accounting practices and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So we, we never expected anyone to take this seriously.

And that is the most horse shit argument I've ever heard in my life.

I mean, it's like you go into like Goldman Sachs or like Vanguard or whatever, And them issuing, oh, here's the security we're offering. Oh, and then saying that the initial paragraph says, oh, the numbers that we're putting in here are complete fiction.

We don't expect you to believe any of that. Okay?

No, they usually put in there, this is our fair, you know, interpretation of what the actual values are based on the data.

You know, you should validate or whatever, but this is what Believe is true, which that's not the case.

It's bullshit. Okay, you know, they knew that they were putting in was fake Okay, and they didn't go at the beginning and say hey, we're lying You know, so that defense is the most horseshit defense I've ever heard But, you know, this is the, this is the.

I mean, so it just throws out the fences.

I most of the time, I don't even think it's just to make some kind of leave.

I mean, it's just as part of it, because his entire tactics as has been for the last six years is all related to Stalin.


Just, just the lay push and whatever. The one thing that is hitting him is that in the past, Most of his opponents had small, small pockets.

And so they weren't, you know, spending the kind of, or they, it didn't demand on his end to be spending the kind of money we're talking about right now that he's incurring in legal fees.

Okay. Right. It is at a rate that is crazy. Okay. You know, I mean, he will this year spend well over $100 million in legal fees.

Well, his pack and stuff is spending a lot of money too, that isn't directly coming out of his pocket, but there are multiple indications that he's still like, you know, he's running down the batteries.

Yeah. Like, he was never as rich as he claimed.

That money is going away pretty quickly.

And so, there are all kinds of, and with this Trump company thing out of New York, one possible outcome here is basically the company dies, because they make it impossible for it to continue doing business, either through restrictions or fines or both.

And so, I mean, it may take a while to play out. they'll undoubtedly be appealed, like you said, delay, delay, delay is his business.

But in the end, they may kill the Trump Corporation.

Now, of course, in the meantime, yeah, he's trying to spin up other things in other places.

If I remember right in the early stages of this lawsuit, some of the restrictions were actually on you can't just transfer assets out of this company, you know, things like that.

Um, but, uh, yeah, like Trump is acting, we talked last week, he's acting increasingly desperate and scared, but I think at least part of that is he's worried financially about what's happening.

Well, look, there are people around them that are worried financially as well.

I mean, look, I mean, this is, I mean, and I have to assume that others others around his group are going to be hitting these similar circumstances.

Okay. I mean, Rudy being the one probably in the worst situation because he has, he, he had done so much stupid shit that he has come up with so many against so many lawsuits against him.

Okay. That he is in real trouble.

Also you got to think at least Rudy sort of started out with a decent bit of money. Some of the people in this Georgia suit.

Oh yeah. Yeah.

They got nothing to start with. And suddenly, like, what, what the hell are they going to do? How are they going to pay for a decent defense or whatever?

You know, they're just fucked.

But listen, but but listen, Rudy right now is in real financial trouble.

Yeah. Okay. He's having to sell his is down to having to sell his stupid condo in New York.

And when they were doing the filings over there, they're showing that he was well past due in bills left and right. Okay.

And Trump never paid him any of the money that he asked him for, for this whole election thing. Okay.

So he didn't get that money. He tried to go out and raise money and everybody has said, fuck you, Rudy. Okay.

Even his old allies of all told him, we're not giving you a fucking dime.

Okay. And so he's, he's in trouble. I keep wondering what the hell is he going to just fold.


I mean, like for a lot of these people and, and, you know, we, we got the 19 people in the Georgia trial.

Um, and like, this is the whole, I'm going to say the whole point of Rico.

I mean, it's not the only point, but you've got is to turn these people against each other.


And, and, and Trump, like normally the strategy and he's, he's played this with like, you know, his body man in the Florida trial and stuff like that, where he's paying for their lawyers and stuff, or the PAC is, or whatever.

Right. Apparently, with the Georgia case, he's not paying for anybody, not a single one of them.

Well, the problem is, but that's where the problem becomes in terms of also how much money he's got to spend on that. Because unfortunately, he can't force that PAC to pay for everybody's legal fees anyway.

No, no, he can't. But the thing is, and this again comes to the point of doing a RICO like this, Is to turn these people on each other because so many of these 19 people or 18 plus Donald Trump Are going to be like I'm out of options if yeah, if I want to not Be completely and totally bankrupt and if I don't want to go to jail My only choice is to flip on Donald and give him everything I have and try to cooperate and for some of them it may be too late because they don't need anything thing they got, but for others, maybe they make a deal and they start getting some guilty pleas.

And we see where that goes.

Yeah. That may be a way for this thing to start folding now.

You know, speaking of trial dates.


So how's Trump doing on his trial dates? Did he get 2026?

I think what I heard was the judge repeatedly said at the hearing, listen, You're not getting 2026 was said over and over a DC. Yes.

And, and apparently Trump's lawyer was getting very agitated and blah, blah, blah.

And the judge had to tell him to like cool it and calm down a little bit a couple times. But yes, repeated like, no, you're not getting 2026.

Give me an actually reasonable answer. Yes, exactly. And they repeatedly refused.

So the judge did not give the DOJ January 2nd like they asked for.

But they gave- It was pretty close.

They gave them the beginning of March.

And so there you go. Now there are all kinds of reasons that could still slip a little bit, but basically this judge has made it clear they want to move.

They want to get this thing going.

And the other thing they said a few times, when was basically...

Your calendar as a presidential candidate doesn't matter.

I cannot take that into account. Every fucking defendant has things on their calendar. They have a job, whatever.

They have like kids events and weddings of their sister and you know, all this kind of crap.

And that is not going to be a factor in me setting my schedule.

It wouldn't be for anybody else and it's not going to be for you.

So Super Tuesday isn't a mitigating.

No. And they were like, look, this Trump's lawyers were all like, if you printed out all this discovery, it would be taller than the Empire State Building, blah, blah, blah. And the judge is like, who fucking cares?

Control F, you know, if you print exactly, you know, you printed it, you printed it.

I want to thank that. Of course, with video, which I just did, I just did something non-video, which is a problem is that I, I went, I stuck out my middle finger thinking of what, what the hell I thought about the stupid, like, you know, uh, Trump, uh, printing it.

Nobody fucking prints the shit out anymore. You pay for e-discovery.

That's what you fucking do. Are you, you know, it's a, it's ridiculous.

All this shit gets scanned, sorted, collated, searched, whatever.

And, you know, give me a fucking break. You, you fucking losers.

And also there's all kinds of like this stuff that's repeated.

I remember, okay, I'm going to tell a story of when I lived in Florida and my daughter was going to elementary school. I forget what grade she was in, third or fourth grade.

We had some beef with one of the teachers who was giving her a hard time.

It was an English teacher and they were doing some stupid things.

One example I remember is there was something my daughter had to write And she talked about the Princess of Wales, W-A-L-E-S, you know, Princess Di.

You know, she was talking about that.

And the teacher circled W-A-L-E-S and marked it, took points off for spelling and said, no, it's W-H-A-L-E-S.

Oh, come on. What the fuck kind of shitty teacher is this?

And anyway, so like there were a whole bunch of issues like this.

And I was going back and forth in email saying like, you know, this isn't fair, blah, blah, blah.

And so we were called into a parent-teacher conference, and they pulled out a stack of printed paper of the email exchanges.

That was like thick. I fully admit it was thick, but like, and I did not.

I, I did not fully express everything I wanted to in front of them at the time because I was just trying to alleviate the situation and get things done for my daughter.

But like, you know how email works where you quote the previous email.

Of course, most of, so there's a lot of repetition, most like there's like, okay, sometimes I am a little verbose and I write a couple of paragraphs, but lots of these emails were like replying to the previous email.

And adding one fucking line.

Exactly. And it includes all the contents that are printed.

Or like, you know, the inline, you know, they say a sentence, then I say a sentence, and it includes the previous one. So I'm like, if you looked at what was new, that, like, hundred pages or whatever you printed out might be five. Or maybe ten.

But you probably could have printed the last email and it had the entire thread anyway, so you could just...

Yes. For a conversation that spanned a month or something.

And I'm like, you fucking idiots. And that's exactly the same kind of thing that's going on here, is that there's apparently there's the entire transcript of the January 6th committee, for instance.

Well, you know, if you were doing your fucking jobs, you watched that on TV.

You would have already gone through that already at this point.

Yeah, there's transcripts of that kind of stuff.

Not exactly a secret.

There are materials that they subpoenaed from Donald Trump in the first place.

There's the email quoting thing, kind of thing we were talking about.

There's all kinds of stuff like that, and the government has also said that they very specifically organized it, made a guide, what was what, what they thought was most important.

Now obviously the defense is not going to trust the government on what's most important. They're going to check it out themselves.

But as you said, they provide this stuff on a thumb drive. It's all electronic.

There are companies who specialize in digging through massive volumes of this stuff and finding the relevant stuff. Yes. That's just how it's done these days.


And so the judge basically told them, yeah, this is bullshit.

You don't need that much time. And so yeah, they got a March date. And so we got right now.

Uh, we got that one in March. We got the, is it the new, the New York one is in March too.

The when's Florida's in April or may I forget.

No, I don't remember the primary guy is a calendar. I don't know.

Anyway, we can look all this up. The Georgia is the other one.

Interesting, because that's also like all up in the air right now in terms of what's going to happen in Georgia, because we got now a whole bunch of the defendants asking for a speedy trial, which means October, October this year, not January 15th, Iowa, February 3rd, South Carolina.

No, I was talking about when all the trials are, but yeah.

Oh, the trials. Well, I thought, well, I mean the trials, the, the, the, the primaries, I mean, is it like it's all going to be all on top of each other.

Um, but in Georgia, we've got like a whole bunch of defendants now asking for for the speedy trial in October.

They want to do this October thing.

Trump, of course, and a bunch of others have said, absolutely not.

We're not going to be ready for October. We want a much later date.

The Georgia people had also, by the way, Fannie Willis had initially also suggested a March date.

That's now going to conflict with the other ones. But now she's all like, let's go. I'm ready in October for all 19 people.

But Trump is now officially filed for severing his case from anybody who wants to go early, so we'll see how that goes.

The whole consideration of which, if any of these end up in federal court, is ongoing.

We had Mark Meadows actually appeared in court to argue his side and, surprising everybody, testified.

And in the process of testifying to try to make his case that he was working for Donald Trump in his actions here and should therefore be in federal court, he managed to point the finger at Donald Trump over and over and over again as like, no, I did all this because of him. It was all all because of him.

You know, and so like, he's not.

So this is exactly what Fannie Willis wants, right? He, she wants all of these people to be fighting each other in every way possible, to make your case easier.

Because there are things that Meadows said in his testimony, trying to advocate for moving to federal court that will be, that she will be able to use directly in the case against him and Trump and everybody else.

So I don't know what dates are actually gonna end up happening, but there's very dynamic stuff going on there.

But it's moving quickly. Like the thing is like the judge who's considering moving things to federal court already had a hearing on Meadows.

He's scheduled hearings for a couple of the other people Because of course the answer might be one thing for one of them and the other for the other one.

Um, and, and he's moving along quickly. He asked, uh, everybody to provide some more information and he's, you know, he hasn't said exactly when he's going to rule, but it's looking like it'll be soon. Not like he's going to think about it.

So what about the cities that have been paralyzed by the mass MAGA protests related to Trump indictments.

Yeah. Yes. Oh, that, that, that, oh, that didn't happen.

Ah, yeah, no, no. Oh, okay.

I, I, I guess I, I think I, I didn't go to, I think I went to the Q New York times, not the New York times. I'm sorry.


Oh yes.

Yeah. I, yeah.

Yeah. So I, I got confused.

I'm sorry. Yeah. that is happening is New Hampshire, there are now active lawsuits in New Hampshire and a few other states to say Donald Trump just can't be on the ballot because of the 14th Amendment.

I mentioned this in passing last week, but basically the 14th Amendment says anybody who has taken an oath to serve the Constitution or to support the Constitution, whatever the wording is, who subsequently has been involved in an insurrection against the United States is ineligible to serve, uh, in, I, I, I, I will say like what my, my personal opinion is about this or get it.

I think that by the way, that he, he is ineligible under the 14th event.

I totally believe that the thing is whether people would block him, but do so. But I think that this was just specifically written for an act like his. Yeah. A hundred percent.

Well, it was written in the aftermath of the Civil War, of course, that basically said, people who had been active members of the Confederacy in rebellion against the United States could not then turn around and run for Senate or whatever, or President. Right. And so.

The question is, well, there are lots of questions here.

Like, can secretaries of state in various states just say, OK, he's ineligible, and take him off the ballot, and then kick off the lawsuit this way?

I think the one in New Hampshire was kicked off by another presidential candidate.

I don't think it was one of the big ones we've heard of, but it doesn't need to be. And then, but then the thing is, it will absolutely go through the courts all the way to the top.

Like if, but, but the thing is, I think so, but it's just the way that it was written. I mean, you know, it was really written to be stacked against the person that committed.

But the obvious question is going to be, well, Donald Trump hasn't been convicted of anything Anything that has insurrection in the name, but it doesn't say to have been, but it doesn't say that you need it to be tried and convicted, but then who makes the factual assertion of what happened there?

Somebody has to have the authority to say, okay, yeah, he did engage in an insurrection.

And does that end up having to be fucking SCOTUS deciding that because it gets appealed all the way up there? You could say it's the Secretary of State at some state, but then clearly that's going to be appealed.


And you know, and the thing is, like, the Supreme Court is not going to want to fucking touch that at all.

They may be forced to, but they're not going to want to.

Well, they might be forced to. Now, here's the one thing. The thing is that it's very clear that there is a way to to say, hey, he wants to be absolved from it.

Congress may, by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

Easy enough.

Hey, easy enough. Yeah, it's not a problem to get two thirds of our chambers on anything. I'm sure they could rally around Trump.

Yes. Well, and some people are already starting to try to count votes on the Supreme Court and guess like because because they're basically saying, look, yes, we've got a six, three conservative court, but they're not all in the tank for Trump.

You know, they, he did not, they're to try for conservatism, but he took a whole bunch of his election cases and tried to get him up to SCOTUS thinking that his, and they all said, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I mean, his theory was basically like my judges all back me up no matter what. And that did not happen.

You know, I don't know about this one.

This is a very strong case that I can see a lot of people saying is that just not letting him on the ballot is not the way to resolve this.

Let people fucking vote.

You know, you know, I really think that the people that wrote that meant to keep people like him out of office.

This is exactly the kind of people that we're talking about.

I mean, it was the way exactly was written, anybody that took an act like what he did, which is he tried, what is he being accused of directly?

Now, I think it would definitely help substantially if he got convicted.

Right? Although none of the although again, none of the things that he is talking about are specifically related to quote unquote, insurrection.

Well, the thing is, what they're defrauding the United States is in there.

There are a few other things that are in there.

How the hell is the wording on it? The wording, it says.

Insurrection or rebellion is the same. So one of the things is that the the accusation was, I believe, that they were trying to interfere with the the legal process.

Right. I would say that, you know, that that's a rebellion. Yeah.

Like you could say, like, the obvious thing would be if somebody was able to make a direct connection with ordering people to attack the Capitol.

And Jack Smith has specifically not gone that way. He could have, you know, there are other January 6th suspects.

Some of them were sentenced in the last 24 hours, uh, who have been convicted of, you know, inciting sedition and things like that.

They did not go after Trump for that because it's hard to prove.

They don't necessarily have all the lines connected to do that. that.

But yeah, you could argue that the kind of defrauding the United States he is being charged for, the kind of conspiracy he's being charged in Georgia, that all of these things are, in fact, in support of an attempted coup, essentially, and that's insurrection.

Yeah. And so, you know, I think that there is, I believe that there is an argument to be made that it's not an unfounded one, especially if he gets convicted.


Okay. Um, you know, uh, so I think that that's, that's what I'm looking at.

And this is the thing that we, we talked last week about Trump weakness and this is just yet another thing there and you wonder if at some point.

I hesitate to even say this because there's been no evidence of it so far, but like we said, there's been a little bit of softening.

At some point, let's say Trump is ahead in delegates when we get to the March trials.

Very often, he might have wrapped it fucking up by then, honestly. We'll see.


Because often people effectively wrap it up right around Super Tuesday.

Um, if what, if all of this is hitting at that time and the RNC ends up saying, you know, this, we are just going to go down and flames.

Let's say his poll numbers are tanking both inside general election polls.

Let's say general election polls are tanking.

Even if who the fuck knows is going on with the Republicans, Does the RNC at some point pull the plug themselves and say, we got to pick somebody else?

I don't know. Uh, I, right now there's absolutely no sense of that.

It really depends on, on how I really think it really depends on how, how strong his support is.


Um, you know, if he's, if he's winning with 40, 38%, which by the way, these are all winner take alls.

Most of them are not all, but yeah.

And if he's not getting any majorities anywhere, then they're, they're going to be faced in a, in a nightmare scenario. Okay.

But we don't know that yet. We haven't seen his support get that weak.

Right now. He's still hovering at the 50% line. Yes. Okay. Um, and so that puts them bit of situation where they've got a candidate that is.

You know, considering that he was president.

It's it's a relatively weak hand, OK?

You know, it's not the same as.

As you know, an incumbent president that is running, maybe has a primary challenger and is, you know, scoring up 80, 90 percent of the vote, OK?

It's he doesn't have that level of strength. Okay. Uh, at this point, at least, um, yeah, change.

But at the same time, you know, like, like, like you said, he's still strong. Like that.

Yeah. He's still strong. Look, I mean, the Santas was out begging right now for $50 million.

I think, uh, otherwise he's, he's, he's over and, you know, our Miami mayor dropped out of the, of the, of the president running for president to such, where's two years. such so broken up.

Mayor Suarez. Is that mayor Suarez?

Yeah. Mayor, mayor Suarez, mayor, mayor Francis crypto Suarez, who apparently, uh, has been talking about crypto and barely holds any according to his latest financial disclosure, but, but has managed to go from five, six years ago, having a net worth less than yours or mine.

Okay. Um, to right now earning millions in millions annually, somehow estimated on this latest financial filing before he pulled about, you know, somewhere in a range from the worst case was 2 million to about $20 million on outside income from him being mayor.

Some someone needs to tell me how to do that.

I know.

I mean, Oh, let me be more specific. His base pay is $160,000.

This guy had not made over $200,000 a year, five years ago, and all the sudden now is ranking in between two to 20 million. Yeah.


I'm sure it's all of the up and up.

I'm sure. I'm sure. 100% all on the upper there's nothing that smells fishy about that at all.

Nah. that. Bye-bye.

But yeah, so you would be really foolish to bet against Trump being the Republican nominee right now.

And, you know, I know you've said multiple times, don't, incumbent advantage, don't trust the polls at all right now, blah blah blah.

But the polls still essentially, when they do look at Trump versus Biden, whether you look at the electoral college or whether you just look at popular vote, either way, it's showing a really close race that could go either way when you ask people today.

But we got a long time and we got multiple court cases and we got like time for like the economy to keep doing good things.

We got all kinds of things between now and next November.

And And frankly, all these court cases are going to be fucking brutal, you know?

And you can say that it'll actually encourage the MAGA folks because they'll be like all up in arms about Trump being treated unfairly and all that.

But the actual MAGA folks are still a minority. They're a small group.

Like, as we've said before, you only have to discourage a small number of people who who are quote-unquote normal Republicans to just be like, we're done with this.

And suddenly it goes from a race that can easily go either way to a Biden landslide.

Now, I'm not predicting a Biden landslide. I'm just saying you don't need that many defectors to move from where we are now.

Now you don't. No, you don't. You definitely don't.

So, OK, we've done our politics segment. You want and I guess you did the whole.

But first, I picked this whole topic for this one with your nudging, with your nudging.

My nudging. My nudging, yes.

So let's take another break and then we'll come back and you can pick what we do next time.

I got to look at what the fuck's going on.

Okay, here we go. And this time I've got it set so you can like hear it.

Okay, good.

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So I, I like put it up on a shelf somewhere and don't actually use it to drink out of anymore. I should get myself a new one at some point, but, but I've been using his, I've been using his.

I do use our curbudges corner mug regularly. So yeah, I have to admit.

So I should take it into the office to drink while I'm there in my mandatory, go to the office days, except for the fact that there's nobody there that would see it anyway.

So fucking stupid.

Anyway, let's let's not, you know, let's not get you into trouble.

Oh yeah. Yeah. It's wonderful. It's amazing. It's a great experience.

I it's, it's, it's, it's wonderful. Okay.

Go ahead. You're fine. Um, okay. So, um, I was looking through our subject list.

We covered a lot of them.

I know. I realized that we're, we're pretty damn thin.

Uh, you can go back to previous weeks. Things we missed.

I was looking at, I actually had skipped to previous weeks because of that. Um...

And, you know, we're pretty thin here. Um, um, I guess we'll talk about the weather, uh, hurricane Italia. Okay.

You know, I was really excited because there was like a 12 hour period or something where a bunch of the models, not all of them, not most of them even, but just a couple of the models had it like going across Florida, then looping back around and hitting right where you are.

But yes, I, that didn't last very long.

That out. The one thing is that I've seen those computer models project that more than once and it's never really happened and, and those computer models are not very accurate after like 72 hours out.

And that was like, I was getting so excited that it would loop around and hit you, Yvonne, but no, gee, thanks.

No, it's not coming. Thank God. It's like frigging coming.

I've got like, yeah, on Tuesday, uh, uh, you know, we've had, we've been having, uh, Uh, construction going here, um, for the last couple of months and, uh, on, on Tuesday, they are, uh, going to be demolishing the pool and decking all around to put new, to make it new.

And I look when, when you've got all this construction, we've been having some roof repairs, uh, awnings, all sorts of stuff, Ed man.

And if a storm's coming, you have to secure all of this shit down, all of a sudden, in the middle of a damn construction project.

I really hope we don't get it.

So anyway, you were going to talk about the storm as it actually did happen.

There was lots of talk about just how bad this was going to be.

It seems like it got away better than it could have been.

Well, it's a lot better. It could have been because one of the great things that happened is that it hit in a very sparsely populated area of the state.

Right. I heard there were very few people in that area that the people who were there were kind of on the poor side, but, uh, which meant they were potentially very vulnerable to anything that happened because, you know, manufactured homes and things like that.

But that bottom line, it was was very sparsely populated area where it hit.


And also, most of the people who were there actually evacuated like they were told to. Yes. You know, you didn't have a lot of people saying, fuck it, I'm staying.

So I think we did catch a break.

From that regard, I mean, I saw.

Certain places along the coast that definitely that they got some flooding damage.

You know, the waters from ocean water rose along the coast and many places.

And they catch some and then cause some damage. But other than that, I think that we uh, it, we didn't get, uh, it didn't hit a very populated area.

And so therefore the amount of damage, I think, relative to where it could have been was limited.

Um, yeah, it did, you know, once it also was about to strike land, it did weekend again, um, down a category three, uh, it was briefly, they thought it was a four, but then it came back down and, and, and weakened.

Um, also one thing I know we've been talking about.

Maybe, maybe not us a lot here.

I think I mentioned it, but a lot of other climate change and global warming a couple of weeks ago.

It's all, but I don't know if people talking about the, the water temperatures around here, and I think we did talk about that a little bit.

How basically they have, especially the Atlantic Coast, but also the Gulf Coast.

Just really high water temperatures compared to normal.

But they had come down, right?

They're not as high as they were a couple of months.

Now, now they they they came down a lot. OK, thankfully.

And so that was a that. Well, thank God they did because the water temperatures have gotten to some alarm.

I mean, there are some unusual circumstances that caught that caused it.

It, it, it did make it a little bit alarming. I will say.

But thankfully, um, they, they, they came down.

So, um, look, I, I, I always hate to hyperbolize about this is a worse hurricane season than others and so forth and so on.

Um, people's memories are short.

It hasn't actually been that bad this time.

Has it no, it hasn't. And I look, I remember, um, growing up, dodging so many damn storms regularly.

I remember the one year and a half I lived in Florida. There were like so fucking many of them.

Like, yes, you know, that year was bad.

I just picked a bad year to live in Florida. Cause like we, we had to like, we left once I completely left the state. Once we hunkered down once there, there were a couple other close calls. It was just a bad year. There's lots going on.

What was that? It was 2003, 2004. I forget exactly.

Yeah, that period. I mean, that early 2000s period, man. I mean, it felt like we were putting up shutters, putting them back down, putting them up, putting it back down, putting them up, putting them back down.

It was it. It was an intense period.

But luckily, we dodged most of them, you know, most of them, not all. But but but we did so I mean, at this point, this was a Category 3.

Hurricane i think that the one thing is that uh that panhandle area has gotten hammered uh repeatedly in recent times uh they they've had really bad uh stretch of luck but they had gone like extended periods with getting nothing so i mean, i'm not That's it.

Listen, I am I am fully on board. And the fact that we've got climate change right now, what I'm saying is that right now, we we thankfully the storms that we've seen, we they have been within the type of storms that we have seen before.

It's not like all of a sudden we're getting a. A super hurricane or of some right.


Hopefully we don't get that. Not not asking for that. Okay.

Every once in a while you have people say, shouldn't we add a category six?

Yeah, I know. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not asking for that.

Um, so, um, so yeah, I, I, I think that's the, the key right now that, um, but yeah, thankfully it wasn't as bad.

There's a whole bunch of storms that have been formed out of the Atlantic, but it's happened many times. They've been like, you know, just churning away and just not, not thankfully, not, not coming towards a land.

I mean, that's why we're I like right now, Adalia.

That wasn't like the first name storm of the season right like right now but but thankfully We didn't get a lot of damage Down here saw some squalls But that's it Basically, we had gotten some bands, but we didn't get anything and and as you said There's an element of luck always when you had these like if if instead of going in this lightly populated area it hit in Tampa you'd have an entirely different scenario going on or in the other direction.

If you go to Tallahassee, although I did hear a tree fell on the governor's mansion or something like that. Right. Good.

I mean, that's terrible.

Um, so I do have one hurricane thing if you're done, or do you have more like.

I'm just now, I was going to say you were talking earlier about how these hurricanes almost, or you were like, they never actually wrap around, but they do occasionally.

And you mentioning it made me remember.

It has happened. Katrina, for example, was one of those that did that.

But there was one very specific one that we were also talking early 2000s, specifically in 2004.

Do you remember the hurricane that entered, came in under Cuba, went in close to Louisiana, And then went all the way up around North Carolina and back and hit close to Miami.

You remember that hurricane? And what it was?

Which one was that one?

It was Hurricane Yvonne.

Oh, that's right. I forgot about that. Yes. Yes.

So I'm looking at its track right now and it's yours. Yours was the one that wrapped around and hit your state.

Makes sense.

Exactly. Think about it. There, there've been some, like, if you actually look for hurricanes with weird tracks, there've been some that are absolutely not.

Oh, there've been some. I mean, well, Katrina was one that, you know.

Not just single loops, but there've been one that have hit places three times, you know. Yes, yes, yes.

Especially if you look at the whole block. No, but, no, no, no, but, but my whole point was that, um, uh, that usually that the five day model, when they show that, it's like, you know what? I mean, that's just a crap shoot.

I mean, you know, they're, they're, they're, they're, they're, they're, they're, they're, And just to be clear, the official forecast never had that wraparound happening. It was just a couple of the spaghetti models, you know, blah, blah, blah. But it was still exciting.

It was still exciting because Katrina went and like, turned north, went over Florida, then went back out in the ocean and then hit floor.

It hit it hit New Orleans. Yeah. So it did a nice little loop de do.

Okay. Do we do we got to, oh, other any other weather to talk about?

We have, we, we had a couple of days of like smoky weather here, like from the forest fires in Canada, we still got lots of fires in Canada.

Have they, have the people in that town in Canada been able to go back?

I don't know. Are they like, I don't know.

I should, there were lots of news articles when they were, what's the name?

What's the name?

Yellow knife.

What's the name of that town?

There were lots of news articles when they were evacuating, but not really any follow-ups, you know, they're looking right now. Okay. Yeah.

What's the situation in Yellowknife, Yvonne?

I'm looking up right now. Hold on.

And it's still like abnormally hot in lots of places in the country.

I mean, it's cooled down from the worst parts of the heat wave, but it's still above.

Hungry bears invade an overrun abandoned city in Canada after wildfire evacuations.

Yellowknife, which was recently evacuated due to threat of wildfires, become overrun with black bears that have moved into the empty streets in search of food.

So I guess they're not back yet.

Beautiful. Yeah. Speak speaking of black bears, this could have been my but first all summer long. They've been wandering around the area near us.

And like, you know, on these neighborhood apps, things almost every day, we've had alerts about where various bears are, including within like a few hundred feet of our house. People have spotted them.

But like, I haven't seen one yet. I, I even moved my Apple cam to like the green point at the green belt behind our house, hoping to see a bear, but not nothing yet. I'm sad.

Northwest territories reveals phased return plan for wildfire evacuees as yellow knife blaze being held.

So there is a plan for them to return.

Uh, in phases. Okay. Um, so also on Monday, uh, Northwest territories, officials announced the five phase reentry plan for residents to return home.

Um, so I guess they're all going to be heading back home soon. That seems good.

Good. But yeah, like this, this summer has been bad for all kinds of.

Climate related things, heat waves, forest fires, hurricanes, not just in the U.S., in Europe too, and elsewhere.

There were articles about which country in South America was the, it's the winter there, but it was like 90 degrees, like in some place.

Uh, I think it was in Argentina or in Brazil. I think it was in Argentina.

I think you're right. I think that sounds right. But yeah, there are all kinds of weather anomalies is happening all over. There's the, the global sea ice extent has way off from where it normally is at this time of year.

All kinds of things are happening.

And yeah, it's, yeah, it's, I saw somebody, I didn't see the actual video of it, but I saw people online quoting this lady who was, it was one of the people being evacuated in Canada.

Not sure if it was Yellowknife or one of the other fires, But they were interviewed on Canadian TV or radio or something. And it was like, their quote was, I really thought this would be our kids problem.

And it's like, okay, I, I look, I think that a lot of people had that attitude. Yes.

Yeah. It was like, there's no reason for us to do it.

There's nothing. There's no reason for us to do anything about it.

It'll be a problem for our kids. They can deal with it after we're dead.

Right. Okay. On that, uh, cheery note, we're, we're, you know, we're on the shorter end for our shows, but that's okay. When we're done, we can be done.

Let me see. If we got, we got, do we have anything that we haven't talked about that you really want to talk about? Well, that's what I'm looking at.

Hold on. We got, uh, you talked about Rudy, you talked about your, Oh, Mitch. We have not talked about Mitch.

Do you want to talk about Mitch? We haven't talked about Mitch, but we was like, you know, but I was like, we went through his whole Trumpy politics thing.

And we didn't mention about Mitch. So, okay. So what, what can we say about Mitch? Uh, look, obviously Mitch is not well, right?

I mean, there, there is no other way to take care of what his doctor's statement said. Yeah. Mitch is fine. I'm like, dude, this guy's not fine.

Here's the thing. And this, this is another, even if you take aside the two episodes we've seen of him freezing, and you just listen to him talk when he's not freezing.

He's not what he was a few years ago. Yeah.

He's declined quite quickly.

He's declined quite dramatically. You can tell now, frankly, let's, let's be fair about this. You know, Biden's not what he was 10 years ago either.

I mean, it's yeah, but he's not, he's not in Mitch territory right now, but now, but you can tell the decline, you know, but my father is not in Mitch territory either.

I mean, that's, this is the thing. I may be because I have a father who is, uh, you know, Mitch McConnell's age, who has suffered some accidents like that.

And he is not, he's not that bad. I mean, so that's why to me, it's maybe more noticeable, you know, as I, you know, as I see my father regularly. Okay.

And so, you know, I mean, I'm seeing Mitch and I'm like, holy shit, there's something really wrong with it.

But both my parents are around that age, too.

My dad shows his age a lot more than my mom does.

But, you know, there's an inevitable decline that happens.

There is an inevitable decline.

It happens at different times for different people. It sometimes happens slowly.

Sometimes it happens fast.

But, you know, we've got what the situation we have in the U.S.

Government right now is an abnormally high number of people in their 80s in significant positions.

But look, this isn't just in these things. Look, we have so many older Americans doing jobs that if 50 years ago would have been unimaginable that these people would be in positions.

Which actually says good things about health and people doing better than they used to. No, I totally agree.

You know, I was like today, somebody is talking about Warren Buffett like right now, who's 93 years old.

Warren Buffett is 93 years old. OK, he is still in charge of Berkshire Hathaway. OK.

And like as somebody was talking this week, holy shit, that son of a bitch is still sharp as a tack. I mean, he is, you know, in command of everything.

And it's like you look, you talk to him and it's like this. It's like this guy has barely aged in the last 30 years.

My stepmom's, father.

Who was a medic on D-Day in World War II and is now 99 years old, is still sharp as a fucking tack. Okay? Physically, he's slowed down and there's some stuff there.

Jesus, you would expect.

Well, yeah.

But I'll see his posts occasionally on Facebook and they're well-reasoned and they're well-written and they're blah, blah, blah.

Last time I saw him was about a year ago at my sister's wedding, uh, that he traveled to Canada for, and he was doing, he was doing great.

Like he had, he was, you know, he was, he was talking about politics and what was going on with myself, my dad, my wife. And like I said, sharp as attack, you know?

So it's not like, it's not inevitable that you can say, Oh, you're too old.

Like there's some people talking about like, there should be like numerical age limits. That doesn't make sense. That doesn't make sense.

No, I don't agree. And I think that as long as he can show that you you can do the job, it's OK. And that's why I get frustrated with like the people shitting on Biden, because, man, let me tell you something.

I'll tell you what. I think I would struggle.

With the stamina needed to be president of the United States.

Like right now?

Oh, right now. Yes. At my my 52.

I think either of you. Oh, yeah. Because that is, that is a fucking demanding is all balls job.

You get no rest ever right at that job.

And so, um, considering his age, what's going on. So what he stumbled a couple of times walking. I mean, shit, I don't know.

I know that, you know, one, one thing about Biden, you know, they will get back to Mitch and some of the others.

Uh, there was a thing going around, apparently on conservative media, uh, making fun of Biden needing assistive shoes or something.

Cause somebody got a, a picture of him climbing on the air force one and, and, and got a picture of his, the sneakers he was wearing.


I looked at them. They were.

Sketchers sneakers with the new ones. they've been advertising where the back of it is like a built-in shoe horn, so it's easy to put on. You can just sort of shove your foot into it. You don't have to reach down to do it.

That's what I wear right now. Like that is my normal go-to shoe is exactly that shoe. I looked at the picture of Joe Biden's foot and I'm like, that's my shoe.

So like, fuck you, you know, it's a nice, comfortable shoe, and you show up to reach out to put it on.

Right? Right. So fuck is the problem? You know, but, but yeah, anyway, I mean, like my wife right now had to replace her shoes.

She's suffering from like some serious plantar fasciitis.

You know, so she hasn't been able to run for weeks right now. My wife is 43 years old.

You know, and so anyway, I do think though, in all of these cases, because we had Dianne Feinstein as well.

Um, I mean, Dianne Feinstein, that's a much different story.

I mean, Dianne Feinstein really has been really in really is real showing it bad.

It's really off that she isn't, uh, really capable of doing the job anymore.

I'd argue that we're getting close to that with Mitch.

Maybe a lot of people are vouching for him right now, but at the very least, at this point, this is the time where my God, a plan of trade, your transition, dude. Yeah.

Like it's, it's time. Like maybe you can make it to the end of your term.

Maybe, maybe not. Maybe you should, you know, bow out at the end of this session, but you should be trying to figure out your exit because it's not working, you know, as much as I despise how effective he has been at pushing through policies that I tore the abhor.

I, as we've had this discussion, I have difficulty, you know, wishing I'm like, Oh yeah, bitch, you're dying. Yay. I'm like, I can't get too high.

Well, and people have pointed out some of the symptoms are consistent with him having had a big concussion a few months ago when he fell, Right, you know, and so maybe he'll get better. Maybe not.

But like I said, even when he's not freezing up, it's clear he's struggling a bit.

And, you know, at some point, you got to say, okay, it's time to move on.

And let's let somebody else have this spot. And like, you know, Even in the Biden case, I am not one of the ones saying that he shouldn't run this time around. I think he's our only realistic choice right now.

But at the same time, I think, add another five years to where we are now?

And I'm not sure. So like to some of the people like Nikki Haley has been going along saying, you know, hey, a vote for Biden is really a vote for Kamala Harris.

I'm like, I'm OK with that.

I'm good with that. So that's so bad.

I'm OK with that. Like if Biden wins the fucking election, get sworn in for his second term. And a month later says, I'm out. Have fun, Kamala. I'll be like, cool.

That worked for me, you know, I, I'm not saying he's going to do that, but I think it's gotta be in the plan as well.

Like if you are running for president at that age, it has to be in the plan to be like regularly monitoring how you're doing.

And if it starts to go downhill, being prepared to step down, you know, because what you don't want.

And this is like the Dianne Feinstein situation. You don't want someone hanging on and hanging on and hanging on after it's clear they really can't do the job anymore. That's not good for the country. That's not good for anybody.

And you end up with other people running things anyway and a figurehead and that's not where you want to be. And just to be absolutely clear, I am not saying Joe Biden is there right now. I don't think he is.

I think he's still pretty damn sharp.

But he's not Not where he was 10 years ago and another few years down the line, who the hell knows where we'll be.

Look, I think the biggest problem is...

You know, we are all not the best judges of when we, uh, when we should quit.

Yeah. It's really hard to judge for yourself, like what your condition is.

And, and so you need people you trust around you to tell you when it's time and you need to actually hearing your political opponents say, say it is not objective. No, no, absolutely not.

Like I think, I think Biden would trust it if his wife was saying, you know, for instance, or maybe some other people that he's known and good friends and has known them for decades and stuff like that.

Um, but yeah, no, Donald Trump saying he's too old or something.

Whatever. I mean, yeah.

And health wise, like if you compare these two guys, Like Trump may be a couple of years younger, but he's not as healthy.

So no, not at all. Despite anything his doctor said as well, you can like or his like check-in weight as we discussed last week, you know, is 215 pounds.

But but yeah, like they're all and just more generally and we've talked about this forever as well.

Silent generation, boomer generation, come on, fucking pass the damn torch.

You know, you've had your time, you know, I don't think they're not ready to let go.

Let go when we're, they're going to let go. We're 70.

Sam, the fact that all these people we're talking about in high positions of power, aren't even boomers.

Their silent generation is like, really? Really? Like, you know, whatever.

Anyway, time to pass the torch.


Are we done now, Yvonne?

YVONNE SPICER We are done now.

Okay. So as usual, all the stuff at the end of the show, go to, where you can find out all the ways to contact us. Email, Facebook, Mastodon.

You can find all of the archives of our show going back forever, basically. 100.

Decades at this point. By the way, now it's decades.

We're not quite at two decades, but we're well over one decade.

We're all well over one decade, yes.

Yes, well over. We're closer to 20 years than we are to 10.

Yes, we are.

By quite a bit. Anyway, you can find all our archives going back to the beginning, and for the last few months there are transcripts as well, and as we say every week, you should read those as well.

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Exactly. We'll convert it. Don't worry about it.

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So Yvonne, what is one thing from the curmudgeon's corner Slack that is interesting and exciting and would make people want to join the Slack that we have not talked about on the show at all?

Fire Festival is back for a sequel, allegedly the latest chance to get fooled twice, just sold out what to go to a music festival in the Caribbean.

Do you care if there's any live music, food or shelter when you get there? It's your lucky day.

Fire Festival organizer and Froster, Billy McFarlane announced a ticket drop on Monday for a sequel festival.

Yes, that Fire Festival.

The 2017 debacle advertised as an ultra luxurious cultural experience of the decade, but instead customers paid between 1200 to over $100,000 for disaster relief tents and cheese sandwiches on the Bahamian island of Exuma.

Beautiful. I presume you're gone.

Is that? Ah, yes, indeed. $100,000.


I mean, why pay for more curmudgeon's corner stuff when I can spend a hundred thousand dollars on.

Going to the Island of Xisuma to eat cheese sandwiches.

I'm sure it'll be better.

This is a disaster relief that it'll be better.

They they've learned.

Ah, yes. Now, all that.

Now, remind me, Yvonne, what exactly happened last time? Was this a fraud from the beginning or did they just like have no idea how to actually put on this was as far as I remember, this was a complete fraud.

They had never lined up any of the thing they all they did was create marketing, but line up none of the shit that they promised in any way, shape or form.


Okay. Which is why he went to jail for fraud. I mean, the very event landed McFarland in federal prison for wire for.

But he's out now.

But he's out now and he's like doing it again.

Yes. I, you know, there's so many things about this story that make you wonder, first of all, if you've gone to jail for several years or whatever the hell it was for doing this exact thing, and you get out, you really want the first thing you do is do it again.

First thing you fucking do is do it again. Really?


Really? And then it's sold out. Really?


Maybe it was like, Oh, they're selling hats.


This is cool. I'm going to buy it. Is it?

They got hats, shirts.

Is it as expensive as it was the first time around?

Yeah. Or are they just selling jokes and stuff here? Here? Let me, let me see. It says here. No, no, no.

Look, first, a ticket drop sold out. Fire 400 tickets 101 to 500.

They're going to sell at $800 coming soon.

And then the prices go up. Last chance tickets will be $8000, according to this to this thing.

You know, apparently, if you click on the map on the website that they have, it just shows.

Let's see where in the Caribbean remains a mystery.

When you click the open map button on the event website, You're taking to the Google maps listing for the Caribbean sea, which for the record has a 4.6 star rating.

Thank you. The question who is leaving Google reviews for the Caribbean sea?

I really think I'm sorry, but fucking people.

I think the sea should just get straight out five out of five.

OK, there you go. It's a good sea.

It's a good sea. Not a lot of competition in the sea department.

The Mediterranean.

Yeah, I know it's not a lot of competitions. What I'm saying, Caspian, you got the Mediterranean, the Caspian, the Black Sea, well, the Caspians, yeah, that's how that gets one star. I mean, forget the dead. I think the Caribbean is a bit the Dead Sea. There you go.

I mean, it's a short list.

I guess so.

You know, the Red Sea, Red Sea.

Yeah, right.


No. Anyway, anyway, with that, we are done.

Thank you, everybody, for joining us yet again, as usual. Oh, we have a holiday weekend coming up. So everybody have a good holiday weekend, I guess.

I mean, I may not put out the show before.

It's Labor Day. Yeah.

Labor Day.

So go and go to labor.

Yeah, that's what it's for. Yeah. But yeah, like I'll probably, I will put out the show during the long Labor Day weekend.

I don't know if I'm putting it out Saturday, Sunday or Monday, but I'll put it up.

Oh, I know I'm not doing Saturday. you know, Yvonne, my, my mother, my mother, who, as I mentioned, is of the same age as these other people are taking is taking our family on Saturday, uh, on Saturday afternoon for a whale watch.

Oh, cool. So I will report on, I will report on that next week, but, uh, okay. That's, that's what are you going to say to me?

Wait, has this been the first time you've you've been whale watching since you and I went.

Yeah, and we didn't see anything, did we?

What are you talking about?

We get we did. Okay.


The only thing the only thing I remember about that particular whale watch.

And yes, that is the only other time I've done it was you being seasick.

My head. No, no, it wasn't seasick. I had a migraine headache.


I don't get seasick.

I got a nice picture of you like sitting down looking very unhappy.

Yeah, but it wasn't seat. No. Yeah, but it was a my I got I got that when we got there.

The headache had started before then, and we had nothing for it.

And I was like, shit, I don't have any, you know, anything to take for this damn thing. So we got on the boat.

The headache got worse. If I remember correctly, we managed to get somebody on the boat to give me some Tylenol, something whatever that that eventually made me feel better.

By the time we got off the boat, I felt the headache had gone away.

But I had a terrible, terrible migraine.

And see, this is the way my memory works after like, whatever, 25 years or whatever it is.

I've never been seasick in my life.

The only thing I remember is you being sick. I don't actually remember.

No, there are pictures. We took pictures of the whales.

I have the picture here. They're probably on my damn website.

This was one of the random trips when we went to Nova Scotia.

Yes, we took pictures of the whales. The whales were super close to us.

I should check out.

They were like, really, really close!

I should check out my trip section on and see if I can find the freakin' whale.

I mean, the whales were right there! I mean, we were so close to the whales here, I found the pictures of the whales.

Uh-huh. Well, our listeners can't see the whales, so just...

Well, but I can share here, here we go, open system settings, oh fuck, jesus christ.

We are screwed.

Uh, yeah, here, okay.

Modify settings, okay, yeah.

Uh, later, right. Okay. Whatever. Okay. Uh, on my website, if anybody wants to see, uh,, slash trip. Well, you just go to then go to the trips section and then go to the one for the 1999 Q3 joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada one, and then you will see the pictures of the whale.

Each day, each day you have to flip forward to the next day.

Um, and, uh, on day two, it goes, I start with day zero. Cause you know, I'm that kind of person.

Uh, but when you get to day two, day two is the day with the whales and you can see a bunch of whales indeed.

And my face with my head and Yvonne's face with his headache.

He, and somebody that looked very much like our friend Rebecca, but it's not, but it's not.

Anyway, uh, we, we, we are done.

And, and, and you can see from the pictures that we were really close to the damn whales.

Yes. We were close.

Yeah, we were not, they weren't like about, you know, because I'd seen whales before when I was in Puerto Rico and they were like, you know, like half a mile out or something or whatever. No, we got like, you know, they were right there.

And at the end of day two, as we were driving home, Yvonne hit a porcupine with the rental car.

Oh, yeah. I try to try to avoid him.

Well, we got like a picture of the tire with quills in it from the porcupine.

Anyway, I tried very hard to avoid the porcupine.

Anyway, we are done. Thank you, everybody. Have a great time.

Have a good holiday weekend.

You'll hear this probably sometime in the middle. That's where I was was when we got on this tangent. I'll probably put it out Sunday or Monday. I don't know. Probably.

And one more thing. One more is a picture of a place of the Avonside Motel.

Yeah, which is which the sign said, you are now exactly halfway between the North Pole and the equator.

Beautiful. OK, everybody, have a good holiday weekend. If you haven't already, by the time you listen to this, stay safe, stay happy. and we'll talk again next week.


Bye-bye. And And for those of you who don't know, Abulsame is spelled A-B-U-L-S-A-M-E, so

Anyway, with that, goodbye!

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