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Ep 856[Ep 857] Iridium Things [2:04:03]
Recorded: Sat, 2023-Nov-11 UTC
Published: Sun, 2023-Nov-12 22:57 UTC
Ep 858

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan spend most of the time talking about elections. Both the results of the 2023 elections that just happened, and prospects for the 2024 elections yet to come. But as usual, there are other things too. The writer and actor strikes are both over, so movie reviews return! Plus food, drink, volcanos, and a few other things!

  • (0:01:23-0:34:40) But First
    • Food and Drink Pickiness
    • Movie: Bonnie and Clyde (1967)
  • (0:35:44-1:39:35) Elections
    • Election 2023
    • Election 2024
  • (1:40:31-2:03:31) Other Stuff
    • Iceland Volcano
    • Mayor Adams

Automated Transcript

Hello, Yvonne. Echo, echo, echo, echo.

Shhh, tell us the code.

I just changed it. Why?

Okay, try again.

Hello, Yvonne.

Okay, now I can't hear you. Okay, alright, try again now.

Once again, hello Yvonne.

Okay, here we go. Okay, now I can hear you. Yeah, it's done.

Okay, yay.

How you doing, Yvonne?

I'm exhausted.

I am too. I don't know why, but I am.


Okay, so we should do this. Do you want to just alternate topics again?

Without like any additional planning at this point, just like go. Okay.

That will be what we shall do then. Here goes.

Welcome to Communications Corner for Saturday, November 11th, 2023. It is just after 3 .30 UTC and I'm Sam Mentor, Yvonne Boas here. Hello, Yvonne.

Ah, hello. Hi.

We both would rather be asleep.

I think, yeah, I think that we clearly, I think we agree on that.

So plan is just, we're going to alternate back and forth three segments.

We each pick one topic for each segment. So that's six, six topics total.

The first two will be our, but first where we're usually a little less newsy.

And then the last ones are more newsy.

Usually not always. I don't know.

Newsy wasn't that an app? Is there an app called Newsy? Might or a site or something.

Newsy dot social is where the curmudgeon's corner and not not wiki of the day curmudgeon's corner and election graphs are on mastodon.

Well, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I might have been on that.

I think there might have been an app. You might. I think. Yeah, I think I seem to remember the icon being green.

Yeah, yeah. Something like that.

I don't see Newsy. Let me googling Newsy.

Oh, there it is.

I see it. What is it?

I see it in our it was actually kind of blue. It's it was it's I think it's something related to the here it is. There's a website.

OK, Scripps News, the Scripps Howard, you know, the old newspaper company.


So they they've got Newsy is relevant.

Double digit audience growth on OTT and cable getting really Oh, everybody with their, you know, over, over the top.

No, it's it's a you know what? It's a frickin Apple TV app channel. Yes, I'd say.

That's right. Is it OK?

It's and it's that just has content from kind of like that's as.

Yes, it's news. Yes. OK, it's called Newsy.

Should I?

It's doing it, but it's doing fantastic since we had no idea that it actually really existed. I knew that I had heard something, but you know, I'm searching the newsy newsy.

I'm searching the iPhone app store. Cause yeah, I see it there too.

Like local news, more so maybe it's on Apple TV, but it's also here and it may not be the same one. This one has an orange icon.

Wow. A refreshing alternative on case.

Yeah. This, this, the refresh, this app looks different than that.

I always think like, you know, that's always what I think about my news.

I think about refreshing, you know, like a, like a, like a, like a nice, you know, soda beverage, you know? Yeah. Yeah.

Bubbly like a bubbly. Yeah. Bubbly bubbly.

Yes. Yes.

Bubbly has to be a bubbly beverage.

Otherwise it has to be bubbly. Yes. You know, I, I, the one that I think more is like, you know, there was this, there's This is Pepsi competitor to like...

Seven up and Sprite called team.


They had these commercials that they played off a lot on the on the bubbliness.


You know, you know, yeah.

Well, refreshing makes me think of Fresca, which was also a soda.

Oh, Fresca. There you go. Now, there you go.

That's not I don't remember ever having a Fresca, but, you know, I remember.

I don't think I've ever. I don't think I ever drank a Fresca either, but I remember that they were around that existed.


Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah, a lot of people bought a lot of people had frescoes.

I never had it still It's owned by coca -cola It's a it's a great fruit flavored soft drink Now that sounds refreshing. It could be yes and subs to some people.

I don't like grapefruit Explain to my wife today the fact that you know, my son I like great Appropriate amount of sugar on it, but now now that I think of it.

I have not had a grapefruit Like, there is no amount of sugar that can overcome how shitty a grapefruit is.

I like the kind that's like the deep orange, not the yellow, like from the inside.

But, but like, I remember enjoying it as a younger person, like with the, like you cut the grapefruit in half and you just eat out of the half of the grapefruit with like a huge pile of sugar on it. Like without the sugar can't do it.

Like they're like practically more sugar than great.

I mean, you're basically exactly. You're basically making it a sugar delivery device.

Yes. Well, it ends up being that sweet and sour kind of effect like together.

You know, I mean, I, you know, look, I was playing to my wife today that, you know, what, what my son the other day.

Oh, Fresca apparently does come in other flavors now, too. But it was originally the grapefruit.

OK, so I was playing to my wife that my son like myself when he was little.

If, you know, the other day he stuck his fork in his soup.


And all of a sudden, I see him heading back into the kitchen, putting his fork in the sink, getting a new fork because he can't have that. That that's just not.

Wait, where did he put it? Then now he needs a new one.

In the in the in the sink. He was like, he could not have the cross, could not have the cross contamination, of course, of the soup on his fork as he's eating his chicken nuggets.

It's just not, it's not except of course not. Okay.

So he immediately proceeded to go to the kitchen to, to, to get, you know, to get a new fork because that was just not acceptable and somebody today showed up plate on Facebook plate of white rice, which I absolutely, that was like my staple food when I was, I like, right.

White rice with butter was one of my staples, butter and salt, not, not butter, but but they they put up it was it was made that it was always say they made it in a way that it was like very soft and fluffy.

Yeah. OK.

And and enough flavoring was added. I never had to add anything to it.

It was just it was just perfectly it had to be the perfectly.

You're making me want rice.

Not made. It was not made to my standards. I wouldn't have this rush yet.

OK. All right. Especially if you used the wrong brand.

Oh, yeah. Of course.

OK. I mean because you know that that also was an issue and And they were showing this this plate that had the white rice but covered With a sunny -side up egg. Okay.

Yeah, and with slices of spam all around. Okay, and I Look I thought that that was just disgusting, And you know somebody was saying that you know when they were hungry that that would that would hit the spot and And I'm just like, I'm not having this shit.

And my wife saying, well, you would just eat the white rice, right? And I'm like, no, I'm like, why? No. Are you crazy?

Because it was contaminated by the.

That's exactly right. But the and the spam and the fuck and the spam.

Fuck that shit. That's that's that's, you know, it's going into the that's going into the trash that is not touching my lips.

Yeah. What once once a food you like has been contaminated by garbage, then it's done.

It's done. It's got it's got to go out like if I desperate.

I'll try to like pick things apart, but only if I'm like super desperate.

Matt, listen, listen, listen. It took I remember that it took my father days of starving me days on a trip for me to finally buckle and try a burger.


I mean, it literally, I mean, we were on a trip going around the U .S.

We had been in New York. We had been in California.

We were in Texas. This must have been day four or five.

I mean, I was like, really?

I take it. This is this is when you were a kid and you were not accepting burgers.

Yeah. OK. Yeah, I was like seven, eight years old. And I was just like, I had not crossed into eating. I was just what a bird.

No, I would just no, no, no, no, no. Not having it.

No. Where's my grilled cheese sandwich? Where's my grilled cheese sandwich that they made specifically in my weight, which is really annoying because, you know, they were making them this fucking way. It was like shitty.

And I'm just like, this is not, you know, so not the way I did, not the way I want this.

And so but but finally, I, I, I was just so starving after I don't know how many days that I buck, I buckled and I and I and I and I did eat a burger.

Now, did you immediately at that point be like, Oh, this is actually good. I like this. Or did.

Yes. I, yeah, yeah, yeah, I was. I wound up eating burgers the rest of the way.

Okay. Okay. Cause sometimes you would end up in that situation and be like, yeah, I was right. This is crap. And go another few years.

No, no, no, no, no, no. I, I, I liked it. And then, you know, I proceeded to continue eating for the rest of your life. Okay.

Now. I ate one today.

Let me ask you this question, Yvonne. is being picky about food and such.

Is this your first topic or do you have something else in mind?

Because we've been going on about it for a few minutes now.

I think it's my topic. I think it wound up being my topic. I could talk about something.

Well, I mean, being picky about food, but specifically, you know, and I and yes, and I realize that this goes into into this as well.

You know, I'm picky about my coffee as well.

OK, you've mentioned this before. You know, I mean, I'm really Basically, just to try to do this, you were saying, basically, as a kid, you were extremely picky about food, which is a common tendency among certain kinds of neurodivergent people, let me just say. Yes.


Which I am also a member of. Yeah.

But what you're saying is, this has continued to this day, but you now manifested a specific areas more than others.

Yes, exactly. It's not as bad. Okay. You know, definitely.

I will definitely like a little bit more. I will definitely try things today that I never, ever, ever would have tried when I was a kid.

Oh, a hundred percent.

Although I will say also like my maximum level of experimentation was probably like my thirties and I'm now retreating back into like, you know.

I fuck that shit.

I'm going to go with the stuff I know I like.

Right, right. Oh, I get that. But I mean, I, you know, having traveled a lot of experiment that with a lot of food, avoided food that I'm allergic to.

But Jesus, like I ate man in Mexico, they have these ants that they cook the thing that they serve at a restaurant. I ate those.

So you you are a bug eater.

I mean, I did it once. I didn't, I, I wasn't, I was like, okay, this is not doing it.

And just to distinguish, there is a difference between going and having professionally prepared insects versus catching one at your house and just shoving it in your mouth.

Correct. This was correctly correct.

This was professionally prepared at a restaurant. Yes. Okay. Absolutely.

So, but, but you know, the one thing is that, yes, I'm still a little bit particular about certain things, but I, I, I, I'm not, you know, I, I mean, I, I am definitely more open to, to varieties of food.

I, I'm not as, it's not as much of a problem, but, but one thing is that, look, I need that one thing is that I, I have usually the same breakfast, my breakfast, the things that I've eaten for breakfast over the last 30 or 40 years I haven't varied that much, some small variation of what the hell I eat, but it's pretty much, you know, some kind of bread with some kind of butter or cheese on it.


Whether it was a bagel with cream cheese, whether it was a cheese sandwich or, you know, butter.

But then, you know, there's been the staple, which has been coffee.

And I've had coffee with my my my breakfast every day for decades.

I mean, you know, going back to college, I had a espresso machine that I made my damn coffee with it in the morning in my apartment to have with my bagel and cream cheese on top.

And so, you know, now I'm eating more like whole wheat toast with butter, basically just in order because look, a whole bagel with cream cheese really has a lot more calories.

It's just trying to make it a little bit less, you know.

So, so I have whole wheat, which my, my doctor said, you should have more whole grains and I'm like, okay, fine.

So I'm, I'm eating mostly whole wheat bread, like right now, instead of white bread, but, but, you know, I'm sticking with my coffee and so the one thing is that, you know, I've had different espresso machines over, over the decades.

I had these that at first were, they were manual where you had to just pour it up, ground coffee already, put it in there, pour the water, turn it on, whatever.

I did that and I bought like really my first automatic one when Manu was born.

Because I was trying to take care of it in the morning and also making coffee and me having to, you know, go with like getting the bag of coffee every morning and like pouring water into the machine every morning and everything was very inconvenienced.

It's also trying to take care of a baby in the morning. OK, and so I bought an automatic machine.

Well, that machine died.

Yesterday it had been 11 years of coffees, but I realized, look, I did this math.

I probably did like at least two cups on average, like at least two cups of coffee a day on that machine over like 11 years. So at least two.

And I'm probably being a bean because I did multiple shots of espresso each one.

So I'm counting that as two, but it's really not two.

It was really a lot more brew cycles. So say three for for instance.

OK, so three, you know, so that's three times three hundred sixty five.

Three times 11 times 365.

Yeah. So you got you, you, you pretty much have under conservative case about over 10 ,000 cups of coffee that that thing made. Okay. Probably.

And I think it's probably closer to 20 ,000. Okay.

So 20 ,000 cups of coffee, you know, look, that's a thing about it.

That's a lot of, if you were buying the cups of coffee, that's a lot of money.

Okay. All right. You know that I, you know, that I, that I definitely, and so I've, I've used it, but it finally died.

I had to wind up buying a new coffee. I couldn't look.

It happened in the morning. And it was like, okay, I, I can't I had my I did have my morning one I was gonna have you just try to have to.

I was going for like my second one. And it died there.

I will say that I was not a I was like, No, I gotta get a coffee machine.

And it has to be here today. I can't.

You know, we did try for about 30 minutes to fix it. Okay.

Yeah, you know, you you you are speaking like an addict. I can't go a single day. Oh my god, I need it.

I am addicted to the coffee. I got it. I am.

So now I will say I've gone days without coffee and it's been fine.

But I here's the one thing that that happens if it's if it's a non work day, it's fine. But man, if I'm trying to do work.

So tired. I can't I it's just not it really I don't sleep enough.

And then not to have the coffee is just not not not not not helpful. So I went and I got.

A new machine that also automatic, I will say also automatic.

Have I gone back to like manual blah, blah, blah.

Now here I will say this. Look, I may have gone. Um, I, I did go to a, a, a, a more higher quality rated machine than the one you had for 11 years.

Then the one I had, yeah. It makes sense.

Like if you're replacing something, you want to go up from what you had before.

Right, right, right. But I wasn't prepared for it. So I get the machine.


And I start like trying to, you know, turn it on for the first time.

And it's a Swiss made machine. It's a brand, a Judah J.

U. R. A. And my brother and my father have had these for years.

I was like, you know, I don't want to spend that kind of money on it.

But I was like, fine, I'm finally better last year. Another well, one thing.

Yeah, yeah. So the one thing the good news is that at least, you know, I was like, well, I saw did they, they didn't use the Selma at Best Buy, but they had it at Best Buy.

And I'm like, Oh, I'm getting a Best Buy. And they've got the Christmas 24 months with no interest.

And, you know, no, no interest. So I'm like, okay, well that, that makes it a little bit more tolerable to, to spend that kind of, to spend money on the machine.

Now, the one thing is that, look, I will say that I was not, I know the Swiss and I know this company and they're very exacting.

I was not prepared.


For some of the stuff because I open it and the instructions are, quite complicated to get the damn machine set up the right way.

One of the things that I did not expect, I will say, is that there are these tech, this, this test strip one single test strip inside a pack.

And I'm like, what the fuck is this for? So I start going through the instructions.

So the first thing is, well, before you use your machine, you need to sample the water hardness in your house.

Appropriately based on the harder, softer water is. Okay.

Correct. Yes. And, and, and I, and I, and I have to go and do a measurement.

My water hardness first, then input that into the computer. Okay. All right.

And then some other things that I had to do, I had to do a cycle. I had to do this.

I'm like, Jesus Christ. I'm just setting up a coffee machine.

I'm like, oh, it was launching a rocket at this point.

For God's sakes. I'm like, what the hell am I doing? And I'm like, okay, but I finally did get through all of that.

And I will say I made, I just made a cup of coffee yesterday, just to test it, to make sure it was working and you were drawing coffee, but I just had, I didn't even, I didn't really try to savor it.

I still don't make sure that it made coffee to taste it like coffee.

It didn't, I didn't drink it. It was like late at night. I'm like, not, I'm not drinking coffee at night anymore.

Okay. I used to, but no, I, I don't, not anymore. And so now this afternoon, because I'd still been playing with the settings, because you got to play with how much water you have and how strong it is and all of this shit, it's, it's a lot, a lot of fucking settings. Okay. All right.

And so I made this cup this afternoon though, after I played a little with it, and my wife wanted to try it and we sat down and tried it and we both were like, Holy shit, this is good.

I mean, I mean, same, same grains as before.

But I will say that.

It was a massively better cup of coffee.

Now, the one thing I haven't done, but I think I am going to do to go completely at this house right now.

I am on a I had not done this and avoided getting everything.

I was about to say, are you going to control this thing from the Google Nest you complained about last week?

Well, apparently you can. The one thing is that it did not come with the, with the, with the wifi.

I have to get this little wifi adapter that goes into a slot in there.

And I didn't realize that it'd come, it didn't come with it.

But once you, you, you put the, the, the, the, that there, okay.

You could also, that also networks that also will be. You can control for bill.

You can control the fucking coffee machine.

So right now I also have some smart switches that I haven't set up yet.

And I was showing them to Sam, you know, the guys can't see him on the podcast, obviously.

So I found some smart switches. Also, I may start right now changing all the switches, Riley.

And so I am apparently I am about to go completely insanely overboard and automate everything, have everything.

Fuck it. Everything's going to be automated.


I've just got to see, you know, the problem. The problem with this, the problem with this, of course, is at some point I'll be hacked or something or whatever.

And my fucking coffee machine will be like spitting like, you know, beans into space and, you know, my dryer will be like spinning nonstop.

And none of my TVs will work. And then I'll have to like I said, this news story today, ICBC Bank was having to do it got hacked and they were having to close trades by sending USB sticks across the street with people with a transaction so they could close money.

And of course, all of these things will be spying on you as well.

Of course, that's what they're for.

That's what they're for.

Exactly. So I was going to mention something, but I forgot. Are you, are you done?

Is it my turn? Okay. Yeah. So I will, I will start by saying something that is not my topic, but opens up my topic.

Opens up the topic. It opens, opens it up.

The actor's strike is over.

Well, the actor's strike is over.

Which means I'm going to, I'm going to talk about a movie. That's right.

Yes, we were on strike over the strike.

Start like catching up on like all the movies I've watched in the last however many months.


So first off, like I'm, I'm way back in April now.

This is a movie I watched in April, Bonnie and Clyde from 1967.

Jesus Christ. Yeah, we're really, you know, we're really gunning for the young audience now, or we're really, yeah, we're covering, we're covering what, you know, after me covering like coffee, I really think that, yeah, that we're really, really, really ripping, you know, into that, that young demographic.

We're going for the new hot hip movies, we're talking about them in a timely fashion.

Perfect. So, so body and Clyde from, from 1967.

Uh, is that all?

Yeah, it was, it was, it was on that. What? W the, the, the, the top 100 greatest films thing, as I work my way up that list.

Oh, I should have, let me just make sure what number it was.

Cause of course you guys all care.

Oh, I mean, we care. I mean, you know, I don't think you understand.

I mean, we, you know, from the heart.

Where I said it was may, okay, here we go. It was number 27 on the list.

So if you all remember just the speed that I go through these things, the the AFI top 100 movies of the first hundred years of movies came out in.

1998 and I started, oh yeah, yeah, they revised it in 2007, but I'm using the 1998 list and I've been working my way up starting at number 100.

And so now I have made it to, what did I say? 29, 29.

That's not bad.

Yeah, I get that right, hold on.

Ah, ah, ah.

Yes. No, not, not 29, 27.

I'm all the way up to 27 on that list. And actually, and actually that's, I'm way behind in talking about these on the show.

I'm actually way past that now, but at the back in April, I got to number 29. Anyway.

So Bonnie and Clyde, I liked it. thumbs up.

Wow. I don't, I'm actually not sure if I've watched a movie.

It is worth watching it. I mean, it's 1967 style.

You're never, never going to mistake it for a modern movie. And of course it covers events from like great depression era, I believe is when the actual, that was the great, because of course it's like, you know, it's a movie version of real events.

Like Bonnie and Clyde were real people.

And for those of you who are not familiar, basically, it's a couple that went on a crime spree and let me see which year that was.

As I look these things up on the fly, it was 1934 was when they went on their, their crime spree and they basically went around robbing banks together and, you know, other miscellaneous crimes of that sort.

And spoiler in the end, they did not make out well, they, they, they, they, they met a violent end at the hands of law enforcement, but anyway, it is, is a, is a good movie stars Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway and Gene Hackman is in it as well.

Holy shit. Warren Beatty was in that 1960. What the fuck?

1960 what the fuck? It was 1967.

Oh, Jesus, he was really old when he was dating Madonna.

Holy crap.

Man. Anyway, it's full of people who who's well -known names.

Also, Michael Pollard and Estelle Parsons. I don't remember those names, but.

Nineteen thirty seven. So the movie, he was born in thirty seven.

The movie was shot in sixty.

So it was released in sixty seven. So he was 30 at that time. Okay. Wow.

Okay. Yeah, he's 86. He's still around.

Oh porn, baby So anyway, I liked it Thankfully, we didn't kill him accidentally.

Okay. All right good Thumbs up.

It was it is a good movie. It was well done, Worth seeing I mean it has been since April since I watched it So I don't have a lot fresh in my head about it But I remember enjoying it and, and, you know, there, there are a few places it's like, where repeatedly you're like, what the hell are these people thinking?

Like, why are, why are they taking this particular course of action?

But I mean, they did, I mean, it was a real life story.

I mean, obviously with a movie like this, it's fictionalized.

There's a lot that doesn't exactly match the historical events, right? Like when you have historical fiction like that, they're not trying to like get every detail, right. They're trying to make a good movie.

So it's not, it's not quite exactly the same. So if you look at the historical version versus them, it's not an exact match, but still, when you're watching a movie, it's like, they're doing what.

Why, why, why would they do that? But it was still fun. It was still entertaining.

And you do get a little bit of sympathy for these people. And despite the fact that they're outlaws on the run and you still sort of, you feel a little sorry for them when they all get shot up at the end.

Spoilers again, sorry, but yeah, it was, it was a good, did it win any awards? Yes.

The receipt, the film received Academy awards for best supporting actress, best cinematography.

Yeah, that looks like it's about it, but you know, it's, it's, there's, but let's see where his reception film was controversial at the time of release because of its apparent glorification of murderers and for its level of graphic violence, which was unprecedented at the time.

And, uh, yeah, let's see. And in addition to those that won, it was nominated for best picture, best director, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best, so tons of nominations, so it did well.

So, so thumbs up if you haven't seen it, it's worth, worth, worth pulling up.

I forget where, you know, if I had to buy it or whether it was streaming somewhere, but.

You think of Bonnie and Clyde, Alex?

Okay. Okay. Scooch your scooch away. You and the dog dude.


Anyway, thumbs up if you haven't seen it, uh, go, go, go find it.

I think I probably had to end up buying it on Apple cause it wasn't streaming anywhere, but I forget what I find it. It's it's it's worth seeing.

Well, okay. Well, I guess at some point I do have to watch.

There you go.

And again, like I may have watched it. I just right now, probably if I see it, I may have watched it.

Well, you do have to put yourself in the mind of like some of these older movies.

They're not as fast paced as like newer movies.

So you have to be in the right mind.

I like those old movies. I mean, I, well, I mean, I like a whole bunch of this old, slower paced movies. I mean, you know, not everything has to be like.

Oh, it's like my wife when she arrives here at like seven before eight o 'clock in the morning and I haven't had my coffee.

Okay. All right. And she comes home from the gym and she is like hyper, you know, from that and she's bombarding me with questions.

And I'm just like, for the love of God, just stop. Don't know.

Not yet. Do we talk to me after 10?

I love that that you asked, ask me after 10, not, not now, right. Please.

Okay, well, let's take a break and then we'll start our going back and forth on newsier topics.


Newsy. Yes. Like your, get your newsy here. There was also a movie called Newsies, but I have not seen that movie.

Newsies? I didn't mean either.

But I have added it to my list.

Wow. There, there you go. A list that will continue, you know, for, you'll inherit that list to Alex if he can't finish it.

Exactly. Exactly. Well, if, come on. There's no way.

Maybe you retire, but you'll have more time.

Well, you know, honestly, the movie list is not as bad as the book list.

The book list is completely and totally impossible.

Thousands and thousands of books on that list.

Yeah, but the movie list, I mean, you know, listen, you wake up, listen, you're retired. Wake up in the morning, got nothing better to do.

You watch three or four movies a day. Maybe even more than that. You know, right.

And and the whole list of the movies is only about a thousand.

So, you know, look, you go, listen, a thousand, you go three movies a day. Take care of it a year.

There you go. You're right.

I guess that's that's that what's possible.

That one's a possible.

That was possible. I mean, you know, you could be I mean, come on.

You could be the ultimate couch potato.

I mean, we can record this for, you know, for for the Guinness book of records.

We're going to watch a thousand movies in a year. Let's go.

I can do reaction videos too.

Yes. Yes.

That would take more work though.

Well, we'll hire somebody for that.

Okay. Let's take our break. And when we come back, we will alternate and we will do our, I said this already, our newsier topics.

Newsier. I forgot the movie Newsies. Newsies.

Here we go, back after this.

Do you want to understand what is really going on with the presidential election cycle?

Then go to electiongraphs .com right away.

There you'll find charts and graphs covering the nomination processes in both parties and the general election race for electoral college votes.

For the delegate races, we track not just delegate totals, but also the ever -important analysis of how each candidate has to do with the remaining delegates in order to actually win.

For the Electoral College, we track state -by -state poll averages to categorize which states are actually in play and which are not in order to show you the range of likely electoral results and how that changes over time.

Sure, you can get some of this stuff elsewhere, but not in exactly the same way, and not from me, Sam, your prime curmudgeon.

I think my election trackers better than the rest.

So come look at mine election graphs .com.


So Yvonne your turn, you know, I noticed that you, I noticed that you pronounced in your, in your ad.


In my election graphs break and your, yes, you said, and I'm looking this up just to see alternative pronunciations.

Processes, not processes, processes, which one did I say?


Okay. Yeah. Is there a problem?

Not processes. Right. So I guess they're, I mean, is that like a tomato, tomato pronunciation type?

Probably. I guess. Probably. Okay. I was just curious. I just realized I'm like, wait, is that, is that right?

I would also say like, there's also the difference between sort of the noun and the verb.

No, I get that.

But as well, like if, if, if, if Joe processes the thing that's processes, that's processes.

But if I'm saying the plural of process, I would say processes.

So do we pronounce it? So it's processes.

Now, I don't know. You just looked up alternative pronunciations.

Are they both completely valid.

I, I'm not actually, I'm not clear on it. I looked it up and it's not clear.

So I'm like, I was just, I was just curious whether I actually, I will say it came to me that I wasn't sure what the right pronunciation is.

And I was wondering, is that, is that, I mean, is that, I don't, I don't know either, like to me, the way it would be is like, if I'm talking about Joe processes the form.

That's process, but if I'm talking about the plural of process, I would say processes.

I think, I think, I think I like your explanation.

It makes sense. I have no fucking clue whether it's that it's correct.

I have no idea if it's right either, but that's how I do it.

But, but I, but I like it, but I like it. I like it. I like your, I like, I like, I like your thinking. Okay. All right. All right. So am I going first?

Yes. It's your turn.

All right. So let's talk about what happened this week on the polls elections polls or not.

Yeah. You know, at the polls, like, yeah, this, yes.

At the polls, not polls, not because those are two possible separate topics.

Yes. Yes. So, so you're talking actual election results, election 2023.

So what's, what's the highlight, Yvonne?

What's the highlight? Well, I think the highlight and if I, you know, I, you know, we keep saying that we should be more professional and be able to play a sound clip, can I play a, I mean, I, do I have the sound clip that it's listenable to hold on okay let's see if i let's see if i can play the sound in subway, and it in it's vivek rum rum rum rum rum rama's sub whatever the fuck his name is rama swami rub rub rub the shawami okay look he went and he he went he he went and he said this, There's something deeper going on in the Republican Party here, and I am upset about what happened last night.

We've become a party of losers at the end of the day. We're the cancer of the Republican establishment.

Let's speak the truth. I mean, since Ronald McDaniel took over as chairwoman of the RNC in 2017, we have lost 2018, 2020, 2022.

No red wave that never came. We got trounced last night in 2023.

And I think that we have to have accountability in our party.

And I mean, yes, they are, you know, look, he said it better than I could.

They're a bunch of fucking losers.

They keep doing this strategy, which keeps losing them. You know, they.

Consolidating gains, what they done is furthered them all away.

Okay. That, that is, that, that is what they are.

And just to be clear, what you're talking, let's see some of the highlights races that happened.

Democrats managed to keep the Kentucky governorship, which is one of those States where it's like, it's remarkable that does a Democrat there to begin with, but they managed to keep it.

And, and we'll talk more about each of these probably in Ohio.

The abortion rights amendment one in Virginia, they managed to hold on to the state Senate, and then also win the state house.

And so, and there were all other democratic wins at various levels all across the country and New Jersey and basically all kinds of states.

There were various local races where the Democrats won.

The one exception was it was Mississippi, right? The one that Mississippi, yes, we're, yeah, and, and, and nobody, nobody, nobody really expected it in Mississippi.

And also critically, like in all of these other places, abortion has been one of the main issues that has been giving a boost to Democrats and in Mississippi, they ran a pro -life Democrat and, and so that took that issue off the table in Mississippi.

And, and, you know, you, you don't expect the Democrat to win in Mississippi anyway. Really?

But, you know, apparently as it was the, the, the guy had a shot.

Yeah. Which, you know, so, okay.

All these other places, the Democrats won and there's been some talk about like, you know, how much of this was expected versus not like.

Had been hearing coming up to these is first of all, like the Ohio, the Ohio amendment.

I'd been hearing ever since, you know, it first came up that, yeah, this was expected to win.

Yeah. Because if you remember, there was that whole thing where they tried to shift it from 50 % to 60 % as a requirement.

And the reason they did that was the support was around 55, 56%. percent.

So they wanted to make it so that, okay, let's just raise the threshold to right above the level of support it actually has. So it'll fail.

That level, that effort failed. So I think the expectation has been that this would pass and it did.

So that wasn't really a surprise. For Virginia, I was hearing all along that it was going to be close.

And I think it was close. The Democrats came out on top, but it was close.

Well, but I think the one thing is that Youngkin, listen, there was a lot of talk of Youngkin.

Youngkin's big plan was to take over the Senate in Virginia and they already had the house and then he'd have a trifecta and then he'd be able to push through a bunch of conservative legislation and then maybe make a last minute jump into the presidential race based on that agenda, right?


Instead, yo, he failed to take the Senate and lost the house.

And so the day after he put out a note, notice, it was like, yeah, I'm not running for president, but, you know, but it was like, yeah, we were again in the area where we were talking on the margins.

There's like one or two seats that, you know, if they'd gone the other way, it would have gone the other way.

But, you know, the Democrats came up, came out on top.

And so they're very, very happy that they came out on top, which is great, but it's not like it was blowouts everywhere in Virginia.

No, but, but, but in Virginia is a state that is, is, is such a, I think it kind of like mirrors how divided America is in a lot of places with a Northern an urban, you know, center, you know, that is heavily Democratic and a Southern totally opposite that is very red and Republican.

And so, you know, when you have that and they manage to, you know, go and you get those back because they had them for a while, right, and they lost them with this whole fucking shit show with, uh, fucking Northam.

Okay. And, and, you know, the whole blackface damn thing and the fact that he should have fucking quit.

That didn't help. And you know, that dragged the whole damn thing back.

And the Republicans won the governorship and then they got the, the, the state house, the, the, the Democrats kept the Senate, but you know what?

A couple of years of this bullshit that, uh, you know, that, uh, that, that the Republicans are doing and what to double down on, by the way. Yeah.

And I think this is the important part of the theme, right? Is that it's a repudiation.

This is a place where Republicans have been able to get their way.

Yeah. And not completely because you did have the sort of divided state government, but there were a lot of school board races and other things where. Ah, the school boards.

That's another one. Yeah. Yeah.

But where, you know, the Republicans were basically taking advantage of everything to sort of cram through this anti -woke agenda kind of thing where they were pushing abortion stuff.

They were doing, you know, we don't want to have like books talking about gay and lesbian stuff in the schools and all, you know, just all of this kind of stuff.

And in lots of places, people are just saying, what the hell are you doing?

No, like this is, this isn't what we signed up for now, to be clear, there are lots of places where people did sign up for exactly that, and that's what they wanted.

But in, in sort of the swingier purplish, mostly like Virginia has been going bluer and bluer by the year.

It's sort of like a weird thing that the Republicans managed to like, claw that back a little bit a few years ago.

And so it was sort of counter trend.

And in these kinds of places, those kinds of aggressive efforts, we're just turning people off.

And that's where you see the backlash here happening.

And there were a lot of places where in recent times, because some backlash related to covid policies and some other stuff. Yeah.

Democrats have lost ground in certain school, in certain school boards.

And they had voted in these people that all of a sudden people realized, oh, my, these people are crazy.

Yeah, these people are nuts. No, we can't have these people running a fucking school board.

And they basically in many places where, like you mentioned, that were not like deep red, that were kind of in the middle, people were like, fuck these people, get these people the fuck out of school board, they're all nuts.

And so yeah, that's a lot of what happened.

But I think the main thing is that the enduring galvanizing of Democrats.


Yeah. Like let's talk Kentucky for a second. Kentucky, Kentucky is a play.

It's a deep red fucking state. Okay.

Right now it has a democratic governor every once in a while.

They've gotten in here and this guy's gotten in here. And apparently he's been very popular.

Like despite the fact that everything else in the damn state is red. They like this.

What's his name? Brashear. Yeah. They, they, they, they like him.

They like him personally. He's a popular guy. He's managed to sort of somewhat keep at arm's length from the national Democrats, which is a key for a Democrat to win in red states.

But at the same time, wrapping himself around topics that he knows he has not been shy about being okay with abortion stuff. Exactly.

And he took advantage of that issue, because the theme that we are continuing to see ever since the overturn of Roe versus Wade is every time this stuff becomes an issue, the pro -life folks do not do well.

No. You know, the, the, the, the, the, I mean, and poll after poll has shown this, that in all, but maybe.

Possibly all 50 states, but certainly at least like 45, 46, 47 are like, there is majority support for abortion being legal.


And maybe some restrictions in late pregnancy.

But for the most part, there is a huge backlash of people saying, you know, you may have been talking about this abortion stuff for decades and decades and decades, but we kind of counted on you never actually doing this. Right.

And so somebody like Bashir could take advantage.

He would tie himself to that issue, but not necessarily the Democrats on everything else, distance himself a little bit and just be personable and well -liked and boom, he wins.

And this is, and when people looked at the turnout in Kentucky.

What you were saying, Yvonne. The Democrats are angry and excited and want to turn out and want to like get things done.

And the Republicans are not.

They, they, they are just, they had a turnout problem. They just weren't showing up.

And the, this seems to be a repeated theme in a lot of these.

And of course the question is, you know, what does this mean for next elections? Does this continue?

Does this translate to the national level? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Great thing is that Bashir gave to the, he didn't give him Obamacare. He gave him connect.

Yes. Like we, like we talked about, I mean, I joked about it being Kentucky care.

I didn't know the actual name, but I, I had to, I had to look it up because I know it was a Kentucky care, but it's called yeah. Connect.


And you know, oh my God, we love connect. It's great But has nothing to do with that Obama guy, Yeah, yeah, no, no, no, no, no none of that, you know, so I you know, yeah exactly so, you know It's like it's like Romney Karen in frickin, Massachusetts was basically it's like the fuck he was basically the same, Plate it was the template for the Affordable Care Act for God's sakes.

Okay, you know, so but yeah I think that it's it's one of these things where how do you get if you're a Republican candidate, right?

And you you you're looking at what the fuck to do, right? OK, to to run. Right.

Yes. You've got you've got you've got the flag bearer of the party who is a.

Of almost every Republican elected official in behind closed doors will tell you is an insurrectionist, okay? And a psychopath.

They won't say it publicly, but they know so insurrectionist, psychopath, liar, incompetent, stupid, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, go down all of these things.

Right. And dangerous, dangerous. Yeah. So, so, so they know this, right.

And then, you know, they've got to run on this.

Right. with their that as a standard bearer.

And then, hey, let's push policies that are widely unpopular with our with with with our voters.

OK, on top of that. OK, so let's let's do that then.

And then you've got the people who are really loud in the party saying that after they lost that they want to double and triple down on them.

Yes. Like and just as an example, the in Ohio, where what passed was a constitutional amendment protecting abortion rights in the state of Ohio.

A whole bunch of the Republican state legislators came out with a statement saying that, A, that does not invalidate any of the laws they passed restricting abortion.

And to a degree, they are correct. They were going to have to be challenged in court and then judges court. That's true.

The judges then have to determine this is how constitutional and remove that.

But so these Republicans are saying, okay, well, we will write legislation saying judges have no authority to look at these cases.

And so, like you said, doubling down.

Tripling down where the people have clearly expressed an opinion here on how this should be and they're saying, well, how can we get around that?


And there were quotes, I think you quoted our friend Rick Santorum.

Oh, fuck that fucking asshole.

Yeah. Basically. Well, there you go.

That could be another quote that we, you know, that we should share with our listeners.

You put very sexy things like abortion and marijuana on the ballot, and a lot of young people come out and vote.

It was a secret sauce for disaster in Ohio. I don't know what they were thinking.

But that's why I thank goodness that most of the states in this country don't allow you to put everything on the ballot, because pure democracies are not the way to run a country. So, so then do you're he basically said.

This this is a reason why direct democracy is no good, right now.

To be clear, he's talking about referendums and things like that.

That's what direct democracy means. The public votes directly on an issue instead of voting in representatives.

That's not what he meant. Look what he meant is you know this is why you can't let voters decide on stuff we know better.


Well, yeah, exactly. Direct democracy, meaning let the voters decide on an issue directly.

The whole thing with representative democracy in states like Ohio is they've gerrymandered it to all hell so that you know.

To negate, you know, those rights.

Yeah, so that Republicans can win at high levels over the state government, even on issue.

So you can have a Republican majority in the state legislature to pass really restrictive abortion laws like Ohio did at the same time that the general public is going 55 % and completely the opposite direction.

I mean, of course, you know, going and like the kind of legislation that they are talking about, which is absolutely insane.

And I have a hard time believing that the majority of the people in the majority, even though, you know, that they have a sufficient majority to go and decide to pass legislation that says that judges can adopt the side.

What is constitutional, which seems like completely fucking, you know, downright insane to think, well, these guys don't like democracy. Okay.

Look at all. Okay. They, they, they hate it. Okay.

And they have been trying, and they have been effective to a certain extent of being, you know, of running the country by, by minority.

Well, no, just to be clear, it's not that they don't like democracy.

It's that they don't like democracy if they lose.

Ah, that's how it works.

Democracy is fine as long as they're winning.

Democracy is fine as long as they're winning. Ah, I see.


And well, that explains it.

Understandable, right? You know, I mean, we don't like democracy when we lose either.

Now, I don't think the response to that is to overthrow the democracy, it's to fight again the next time.

But, you know, listen, I don't think you see that's the difference, because that doesn't mean that you dislike democracy. You may dislike the result.

But you know, and that's my point.

But these guys, you know, it's like they, you know, look, it happened here in this state too.

OK, and you're talking Florida. I'm talking here in Florida where to the voters a constitutional amendment was passed to restore Felons voting rights.

Yes, okay, and And the Republicans figured out every fucking way possible even though it passed with man over 60 % of the people voted for it and, Republicans found every way possible, To, if this, you know, to, to...

You know, try not to carry out the mandate.

Yeah. So, so for instance, one of the things, if I remember correctly, is it said, okay, if you're, if you're a felon and you've done your time, blah, blah, blah, then you can vote again.

But the Republican said, for instance, okay, well, but in order to have completely cleared your responsibilities, you have to have paid all fines.

You have to pay all your fines.

You have to pay all your fines, all that kind of stuff. Oh, but we're not going to give you any way to find out what your fines are.

You know, we're not going to give you any way to check your status to see if you're good or not.

And then if you vote anyway, we'll go arrest you.

We'll go. We'll go try to arrest you. Yes. And by the way, the last time the Santas did some kind of show when arresting a number of people for like supposedly being illegally, it was found out that all those arrests were bullshit.

Yeah. All of those people in the end were exonerated or whatever.

Exactly. Right.

But in the meantime, yeah, they were arrested. They were hassled. They won in the end.

They were intimidated, but they were intimidated.

And that's the whole point. Yeah. And it's not just about intimidating those individuals. No, it's intimidating voters in general.


And this is something you are seeing. this whole process of Republicans who control state legislature, if they've got the trifecta, if they've got the governor and both sides of their state legislator, or even if they've got both sides of the state legislature and not the governor in some cases, they are doing everything possible to consolidate that power in such a way that even if they lose at the state level, So, for instance, this happened in North Carolina, this happened in Wisconsin, I think North Carolina, did I say North Carolina?

Anyway, a number of states where basically a Democratic governor won, and then in the lame duck session before that governor could take power, the state legislature passes laws to basically take power away from the governor, and they have the old Republican governor sign it before he leaves.

You know, this kind of thing has happened over and over. It's part of the playbook now.

And while locking in sort of these heavily gerrymandered districts to, to make it really hard for the Democrats to everyone.

So, but, but, but, but again, look, I, it's this whole thing where I was going back to, how do you energize people?

Right. And it's the problem that they had in Kentucky because you know what?

It's hard to energize people on a playbook. Hey, we're, hey, come vote for us because we're going to cheat better than the other.

It was, we're going to cheat our way to get you power.

It's not really, how do I say?

Unless you're a crook.

Well, at the same time, there, there are a bunch of people who have that sort of authoritarian tendency and are basically like, we want to, yes, we want to win no matter what, like whatever it takes, like, and they're okay with, and in fact, they're, they're absolutely fine.

The idea that our way is the right way, even if we're in the minority and it should still be that way is actually a core part of the thought process.

No, I'm with you. But the reality is that even when you look at that, it is an article that Sam shared from the Washington Post called A Lot of Americans Embrace Trump's Authoritarianism.

But even when you look at the numbers, OK, even under the Republicans, it's only 48 percent of them that love this.

OK, right. And that's my point. It's like, look, this isn't something that you can get, you know, 90 plus percent of your people to embrace to the core, okay.

To go and say, Hey, let's, you know, Hey, Hitler, Putin.

I mean, you know, let's go through, you know, Stalin.

Those are my guys. That's my example. Let's go and let's do it like them.

Not exactly a super inspiring case to probably a lot of people that went and actually fought and probably maybe laid down family, their lives to actually defeat this kind of shit.

And so what happens is you get a result like a Kentucky where, well, you know, the the the governor, very smartly, one of the ads that he that he did was one of I think it was a 13 year old girl, that was raped by her.


By her stepdad or dad. I can't, no, or, you know, that was raped by her dad or stepdad. I can't remember which one.

Basically that she was like talking about specifically, you know what?

Republicans think that if I, you know, that they want it, but would they want it, would like me to carry this child to term, even after I got raped.

Don't you think that's crazy?

And you know what? To the majority of people that are saying, they're going to say, she's fucking right. This is bullshit.

And so, you know, the message that they are using is not motivating.

And, you know, I just, you know, how does that carry over to 2024?

Well, I, I, I think that this is not helping them in any way, shape or form.

And I, I, I, I think that despite, you know, and you know, later we can go into polls and whatnot and what the polls are showing like, right.

Why don't we do the switch now? I will get it to my topic. Yes.

And I was thinking about avoiding this this week until I can do an election graphs blog post on it. But what the fuck I, I met, I hope to do one this weekend anyway, because it's, we are now less than a year from the 2024 presidential election.

And so it's, it's that time, but so in term we'll talk 2024 and we'll talk election graphs polls too.

But like, first of all, in terms of that question, the reason that everybody is so concerned about this.

This last week, the week started, last weekend, after we'd recorded blah, blah, blah, the New York Times put out a Siena poll on a bunch of the close states that showed Trump ahead in like, I think it was five out of six of the close states.

Okay, and I shouldn't say close states. It's of the key states, of the ones that are around the tipping point that you would need in order to win.

And my first thought on this was, and the first thing I put on the list of potential topics for the show was people over -indexing on this damn Siena poll, because like the New York Times released the results over the course of three days with all kinds of different things and different versions of it, blah, blah, blah, and sort of kept it in the news for day after day after day talking about how bad Biden was doing.

And, you know, so Democrats started getting all depressed about it. So thing number one.

Looking at election graphs over the course of October or listen to me like two weeks ago in the show talk about it, this was not new.

Like, this poll actually was in line with the recent polls in these close states.

Like, in the month of October, Biden had all kinds of bad polls in all of these swing states.

So the polls had already moved significantly against Biden. And the New York Times poll just sort of put it all in one place, and it was the New York Times, so they had a big megaphone and everyone was talking about it.

But if you'd been paying attention, you already knew that Biden had had a month of really bad polls.

And you have the usual look at the average as not a single poll.

But in this case, the new single poll, the Siena poll, was actually pretty much in line with the last month of polls.

It wasn't a lot worse. And also, everybody was doing their, it's a year till the election polls.

So we had those same six states and sometimes a seventh state.

We had additional polls from Emerson and Morning Consult and some others throughout the course of this week, all basically with the same story.

Okay, so, and this is why people were like, it was, people have talked about it being emotional rollercoaster for the Democrats because you had these bad polls for Biden and then, oh, Democrats won everything on Tuesday.

So how do these fit together?

Right? Like, because if Biden is doing so badly, how are the Democrats doing so well? And are the polls missing something?

What's going on? So there are a few things to say about that.

One, and I do refer you guys, go to election graphs .com, look at some specific states, see what you're looking at.

But a couple things stand out with these polls right away.

One is that if you do look at these averages, we do currently have a situation where if you look at the state by state averages in these key states.

Biden is losing in all of them.

So let me list right now, in my election graphs average right now, Trump is winning in Wisconsin, Trump is winning in Michigan.

Trump is winning in Pennsylvania.

Trump is winning in Nevada. Trump is winning in Arizona.

Trump is way ahead in Georgia. Trump is way ahead in Florida.

Trump is way ahead in North Carolina.

These are all sort of your key states, right? But...

First of all, if you look at the actual amounts there ahead, like the tipping point state right now is Pennsylvania, and Trump's only ahead by 1 .2 % in Pennsylvania.

Wisconsin and Michigan, he's only ahead by 0 .1%.

So if you take those three states and potentially move them only 1 .2%, suddenly the leader flips.

But also, and I went through and specifically added something to display on election graphs because of this, is that the number of, the percentage that refuse to pick either Biden or Trump is fucking huge.

Now - It's ridiculous. Now, some of this is undecided people.

Some of these, this is people saying they'll vote for Kennedy or West, and there are a lot of polls that are now including Kennedy and West, and occasionally some others as well.

But as an example, I mentioned Pennsylvania is the tipping point state right now, where Trump is ahead by 1 .2 % as of when we're recording the show.

Trump has had by 1 .2%, 14 .4 % of people won't pick either Biden or Trump right now.

That absolutely dwarfs the margin right now.

But not just that, but not just that, that number is far higher.

I looked at years, at previous election cycles.

That number is at least, what I looked at, six points higher, six to eight points higher than what we've seen in previous cycles.

You never have this many people saying, I'm not picking anybody.

Well, there, there, there are a couple of things there. One is that a lot of these poll, like usually the third parties don't even get included in these polls until like the summer before, like, because you don't have big, you know, you'll, you'll have the usual, you have the libertarians, you have the greens, you know, you have those kinds of things.

And by the way, Jill Stein is running again, too.

I haven't seen her in a poll yet, but Jill Stein is running again. But.

They're not included this early and some of the recent polls, the numbers have been huge.

Like usually like if, and let me bring up the stupid things that I have, like some numbers in front of me. Hold on one second.

Okay. So usually like in most of these polls that have included, you know, Kennedy and West, Kennedy has been around 10 % West has been like one, two, maybe 5 % on the high end on these.

And that's, that's already big. Like Kennedy at 10 % is already big, but these New York times, Sienna polls, when they included Kennedy had him getting like 20 or 25 % in all of these States.

I'm like, what the fuck?

And that's an outlier from the other polls that include Kennedy.

Like I said, there's normally more like 10%.

So I don't know if it's the way they asked or what, but they got much bigger numbers for Kennedy than any of the other pollsters.

And that pushes up these numbers for the states that they were involved in.

But still, even without that, if you've got Kennedy polling 10 % and West polling 5%, That's like 15 % right there at a time.

And by the way, like, you know, Yvonne, I think you looked at, you know, national numbers that are a little bit different than what I'd look at state by state.

But same idea though, like usually at this time of the race, they wouldn't be asking about these third parties.

So this is inflated a little bit, but also, and usually by the way, third parties fade dramatically in the last couple of months before elections.

Like, you know, when you're, when you're six months out a year out, whatever people are like, Oh yeah, I'm voting for like these other people because I don't like either of the two main candidates, but that support tends to collapse in the home stretch, like people realize, Oh, okay.

Like those people who are saying they're voting for third party.

Oh yeah. What the, yeah. I'm like what the fuck I'm voting for who yeah, either either they.

To one of the two major parties or they just don't vote or whatever, but those numbers tend to collapse at the end.

Not always. I mean, you know, Yvonne and I, we've lived, we lived through Ross Perot, you know? Well, yes.

I mean, but that was like, man, that's been the outlier.

Oh, it most clearly is the outlier. But also at this point, we do have a lot of people who are in the, I just hate both of them. So I'm going to say undecided right now.


And the, these again, right now in all of these like key States, those numbers are huge.

So you can see like when you have margins of like 0 .1 % in a state or 1 .2 % or even four or 5%, but the number of undecided is like 15 % plus or in the, in the area of 15%, then you're like, people who are currently not picking a side are critical.


And look, they're always critical, but sort of the normal assumption in most elections is that the undecideds will break pretty much the same as everybody else.

So it doesn't really change. So like if one candidate is slightly leading, they'll still be slightly leading after you add in the undecideds.

But with a group this big, it really could blow away whatever that margin is.

And what you see in all of these results in elections over the last two years, and we talked about election 2023 stuff, but there've been all kinds of special elections over the last year and a half as well.

And the Democrats have been outperforming over and over and over again, all over. Like even when they, even when they lose, they lose by less than people expect them to. You know?

And so there's a question of how do these people break?

Like I've said before here that like in the past, like if you look at the last few elections, I was going through the list in 2008, it was 2008.

It was spot on 2012. the polls underestimated the Democrat.

And then in 2016 and 2020, they underestimated the Republican.

So if you average all four of those together, then you expect to underestimate the Republican a little bit.

But there's a bunch of evidence that maybe this time is another one where we're underestimating the Democrat.

But I don't want to just outright say that, because who knows?

Like, but all of these, all of these democratic wins don't align well with an era, with a world where.

Losing all of those States I listed before.

Like, yeah.

And you, you can say, and people have said like, well, but that's different.

Like people just don't like Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is old. They don't like this. They don't like that.

And so his support is really weak and may, and all of those things are maybe true, but you feel like things will, when push comes to shove in the end, people come home.

There, there were a couple of, one person on our convergence corner slack. I believe it was John.

I talked about how in his County in Pennsylvania had gone bluer than it had been.

Hi John.

Hi. Hi John. Let's see. Let's let's find the quote.

We got, we got this quote. Yes, yes, yes. We have the quote.

Yeah. Hold on.

Okay, here, the Republicans just got their asses kicked in 50 -50 very swingy Bucks County PA.

Apparently MAGA messaging is not working.

People would wish Biden was 20 years younger, but when faced with going back to Trump, they will vote for him.

And I also saw on TV somewhere, there was a focus group of Republican voters and they had this one Republican on, and I'm not going to be able to find this again, so I have to do this by memory.

But there was this one Republican who was talking about, I think it was reaction to the Republican debate that happened this week as well.

And he was like, I am a Republican, but if this ends up once again being Biden versus Trump, I will vote for Biden even if he's dead.


And he was basically being like, yeah, these, Trump is crazy.

We're, we're beyond that.

Now, that's not your typical Republican, just to be clear.

At this point, the typical Republican seems to be all in on Trump, but I think, listen, I don't, I think that the, the, a lot of these elections are showing that there is a enthusiasm.

Yes. People are tired. People are tired and Trump is exhausting and we haven't even had his criminal trials yet.

Exactly. Trump is exhausting. I mean, listen, I don't see you've got the listen.

Yes, you have the rabid psychopath guys, okay, with their flags and with their shit and their whatever. You know, I saw the other day some guy with a fucking license plate holder that said Trump 2024.

Who the fuck puts a goddamn license plate holder, you know, with the name of the candidate that they want for president?

I mean, I mean, even if I could say I love Joe Biden, I ain't going buying no fucking license plate holder to fucking put it on my car for fucking Joe Biden.

What the hell the hell does this shit?

There are people, there are people who do that on the left too, but yeah, not as many as, as, as the Trump, certainly the whole Trump thing.

Like, like you said, with the flags and the hats and the signs and the license plate, hold on, man, who the hell goes out?

Hey, let me go my weekend boating and I am going to fly a fucking Biden 2024 flag.

Listen, they couldn't pay me.

Did we see W flags? No.

No! No! Variety flags? No!


And actually, the thing is that this whole thing is also exhausting.

To to the people that were taught like that guy, you just mentioned, OK?

It's just fucking exhausting. Like you said it best.

You know what? If straight Republicans, the old ones that we knew had been running since Biden won, they would have won a whole bunch of fucking elections.

Yeah, if we had a Bush family style Republican running, they, I mean, they could, a Bush style Republican in a general election against Biden in this environment would be walking away with it.

Probably would be winning, yeah.

But they cannot win, they don't exist in the, they cannot win a Republican primary.

They don't exist. Yeah. If fucking Romney was running. Yeah.

If they got Romney to go back and run, I think he had a good shot at it.

Yeah, I agree. If you at this point, if the Republicans could somehow get their shit together and nominate an old -fashioned Republican, like, yo, from 10, 15, 20 years ago, OK, they could win a general election.

McCain, Romney, any of those guys.

McCain and Romney could probably kick Biden's ass.


You know? But the Republicans aren't interested in that anymore.

They don't want that kind of person.

He himself has said it flat out. Listen, they're not interested in any of that.

No, not at all. So let me wrap up, just back to polls real quick and what I have on election graphs right now.

The keys to remember are, first of all.

If the election was today with these polls in the field, I would have to say Trump is a heavy favorite, to be honest.

Because he's ahead in all those states, even by a little.

However, the uncertainty is still great because, and let me put this right, like if the election was today, I would say Trump is a heavy favorite.

But it's highly volatile because A, the winning margins in the critical states are very, very small, and the number of these, I don't want either of them, is really, really large.

So I feel like the slightest little bit of thing could actually move these numbers dramatically, like all it would take, like, I mean, Wisconsin and Michigan are both at Trump leads of 0 .1%.

All it takes is one more poll with Biden a little bit in the lead, and it would flip to the other side in my model, and it would be much closer.

Or Pennsylvania is not that far off from that.

All it takes is a few good polls for Biden and it flips the other way again.

You know, so it's all, in this static snapshot, Trump is heavily favored, but this static snapshot is not stable.

It can very easily move from where it is because of those undecideds and because the margins are tiny to begin with.

And it's because the states are winner take all, right? We're not in a popular vote system, you know? And so a tiny move in a couple of states dramatically changes the outcome.

So that's my election graph summary.

But but my my my thing was and my take that I gave to Sam was that if you look back at where Obama was.

In comments, yeah.

Incumbents Obama W. you, Trump, Trump were in this, at this stage in the cycle, they, they were all at their low points.

They're all near their low points right now. It, it, it, for whatever the hell damn reason, hell Trump was down 10 points.

Of course he did of course and in the he did lose in the end anyway But he was a lot closer by the end.

It was a lot closer That's what I'm saying. It wasn't a blowout like like the polls had you're out like, you know a year out and, Obama hell October Obama was behind Romney for God's you know You know, I mean W with the Iraq war raging and all this shit going on I mean he was he was supposed he was also behind frickin, you know, whatever the hell.

Oh my god. What's his name Swift? Vote guy that got Swift voted carry carry carry shit carry You know how Reagan listen Reagan the year before the election morning in America that shit The economy had been in a crapper Reagan was in the shit people thought he was gonna lose and he you know But we haven't had an election like that. I mean, he won what? Every state except one.


So I, you know, like right now, hell, Biden's behind on the on the national average, not not not the state, not to say my state, right?


Not state by state, but the national average is maybe like a point a point and a half.

And a lot of people are, you know, for whatever reason, their window shopping, who the fuck their presidential candidates going to be like right now for whatever the hell reason.

And, you know, Biden's too old, Biden's too this. You got this guy. Who's this asshole?

The Democrat that that launched his campaign? I can't remember his name.

It's running in New Hampshire.

Yeah, we talked about him last week. Whatever.

Whatever. Who cares? You know, fuck, I can't remember his name anymore.

A week later, I can't remember his fucking name. You know, you got that guy jumping in.

Dean Phillips.

Dean Phillips, you know. So you got those people all running around.

They were like trying to get some support now.

You got Jill Stein out there doing her bullshit again. Nope, I think that's just so much of that. And in the last cycle, I will say that even myself, and I loved Biden.

I was like, nah, I'm gonna vote for Kamala or whatever, you know, whatnot.

Look, by March, I was like, look, I'm on the Biden bandwagon, baby, here we go.

All the way to the White House. Yeah, that's it.

I mean, for me, it was simply a matter of looking and seeing Biden did better against Trump than anybody else in all the polls consistently. I'm like, I want to win.

I want to win. I don't care about anything else. I want to win.


So the one thing that you reminded me of that I'll mention as well is like this is not incumbents, but on election graphs dot com.

I do have comparisons against 2020 and 2016.

And this is this is one of the things that is worrying all for months and months and months and months now. Biden is underperforming where the Democrat was in each of the last two cycles.

Like you said, the whole incumbency thing changes things, but you look at where Biden was four years ago and the polls had him absolutely crushing Donald Trump.

Now he had him losing to Donald Trump and he hasn't been anywhere near even where Clinton was and Clinton of course lost. So that is worrying.

Like I said, there are a lot of reasons to think this is very dynamic and may change, but I'd still like, if I was Biden, here's the thing.

If you're Biden, you got to play like you're behind.

Yes, you got this is you can't take it for granted.

You have to play like those. Listen, that's the reality. We got to play like we're behind. Fuck this shit.

Right now, we are behind and they have to act like it. Like and you give all kinds of good reasons.

You know, even if you've got internal polling that shows it because, you know, you've got their own internal polling. It says it maybe shows it because their internal polls sometimes shows them a rosier picture or whatever.

Look, no, no, you got it. It looks like, fuck that shit.

You gotta play like your dad, whatever. I don't care what the hell your data says. You gotta play it like you're down 10 points.

And like, look, you have to be like taking seriously, like the upper Midwest is shaky.

Like even if you're like, oh, okay. These polls right now, they're overestimating Trump.

Biden will do better than that. No, the upper Midwest is shaky.

So like be putting some time in there And these states that you won like Arizona and Georgia that you like pulled out of your ass last time around they don't They're not looking blue right now.

So you need to go back and work on that, too And of course, they didn't look blue back then.

Well, no, they looked close They looked like they were possible pickups North North Carolina looked like a possible pickup too and that didn't come through but but yeah But Georgia, yeah, but not we did not none of us thought in a million fucking years.

He's gonna win.

Oh bullshit I had Georgia's competitive the whole time. Bullshit!

No, no, no, no, no, no. You got a competitive that's different from thinking they're going to win. Okay, wait a second.

Two different things. Wait a second. Now you are challenging me. Let me look at...

Yes, because there's a difference between, oh yeah, it's competitive versus thinking that you're going to fucking win Georgia.

No, let me bring up Georgia. Let me see what Georgia looked like in 2016.

I'm bringing it up right now.

My election graphs .com for, for 2016.

Yeah, I did not expect Georgia. You're right. Georgia, Georgia was a, Georgia was a weak Trump state.

I, I thought it was within the realm of possibility, but Georgia, Trump was ahead by 4 .7 % in my average in Georgia.

That was not real. Yeah, Arizona was much closer.

I figured if there was going to pick up, be a pickup, it would actually be North Carolina. I thought North Carolina was the pickup.

Yes. I, and that's what, and yes, we thought North Carolina, no, it was fucking Georgia and we didn't give, listen, I knew, remember clearly there was, we were like, no fucking way with the Georgia that we won Georgia.

It was the most stuff thing, you know, that, that, that, let me look at the history, like though, since you got me doing this, like.

Loading. So you've got the, you've got like the super fast computer.

I've got the thing that has a hamster running in the goddamn cage.

Yeah, no. Yeah. Yeah. There were, there were some other States that went back and forth, but Georgia was, I, I, yeah, we, we did not expect Georgia.

Like Georgia, Georgia was a surprise anyway, but what was I even talking about? Oh yeah.

Like treat it like you're behind, spend some time on these and also messaging wise, like time to go on the offense.

Like by, and I know like the Biden team is probably thinking, Hey, look, the time you really have to worry about this is like next summer, like once we get to the conventions, right, right at the end, I'm like, do not wait.

Well, I think what, well, well, I think that you listen, you don't, you don't want to blow things early, but at the same time you, but, but I think, I, but But I do think that when you really start hitting hard, maybe not, not, not summer, but, but like at the, at the start of primary season. Yeah. Yeah.

I mean, cause here's the thing, like right now, the main thing that the Biden team has been doing is just trying to convince people that the economy is great and the economy is actually great, which I know.

I fucking think, you know, don't try to convince people that the sky is blue.

So we're trying to do, it's like fucking crazy guys. The sky is not on fire!

It's - But - But never the - Could you - But never -
Nevertheless, when you poll people about how they feel about the economy, their views do not reflect the economic numbers at large.

People are like, prices are still expensive.

I still feel insecure about my job, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Listen, the biggest problem, and this is a problem that any president and any leader that has dealt with inflation, is that even if the economy is going good, inflation is something that psychologically does impact on people, whether the economy, the prices don't go back to where they used to be.

Even, even when in a exactly inflation is the rate of growth, even when it abates the bright, exactly.

The prices are not going to go back down. And so yes, the problem is it's a psychological problem right now where you've had people not used to inflation in so long and they don't see it completely abate that it's like to them.

It's very difficult to tell them, but look, your wages are going up because if If you look at average wages, they've been going up or money, whatever, but they, what they still see is they don't, it's tough to see that when you're seeing that your costs are going up. Okay.

And so that that's, and that's, that's the thing. So, yes.

So the economy is going as well as it could be given the circumstances, but people are in situation.

They've not been in their most people in their adult lives.

Like right now, I just realized I did something stupid, so I'm going to fix it.


You know, I was just talking to you about like, Oh, what, what was the situation in Georgia? Blah, blah, blah, blah. I checked 2016, not 2020.

So let me make sure.

So you're going to correct. Okay. Let's see. Okay.

So my final numbers for Georgia were a lot closer in 2020 than they were in 2016.

I had Trump ahead in Georgia, but by only 1 .7%, not like the almost 5 % that I had in in the previous year and more specifically, Trump only took the lead in my average in Georgia in November.

So in the last week or so, I actually had Biden leading in Georgia for most of the time from September through the end of October.

Here's one thing that happened with, with, with, with Georgia had happened before.

We had the whole thing where Abrams have been leading in all the damn polling.

And then we wound up going to the election and then we lost, and there have been a lot of close losses in Georgia. So I know that even when I saw Biden, that the number said that he, he, he did creep ahead a little bit.

It's still, it's like, you know, it was this feeling like, you know, we kept talking about man, that poll may say that, but it's like, well, it, we've seen this before.

Yeah, it's just like when you see the occasional poll with the Democrats ahead in Texas, you're like, yeah, okay, I'll, I'll believe that when it happens.

I'll believe, like exactly, exactly. And that's exactly, until, until it happens, I'm not fucking buying it.

And I think that that was the thing in Georgia, but then guess what, it happened.

So the economy aside, the thing that Biden is not doing at all right now, or at least very, very little is actually just aggressively going after Donald Trump himself, you know, he's not talking about, you know, the danger Donald Trump has.

He's not saying he's a fucking criminal.

He's not doing this. He's not doing that. Now, part of that is just like, he's going to let the legal shit play out. You know, like it.

Yes. And that, that, that is going to be like next year, like a fucking ton of bricks on top of him anyway.

So go pile on. But I will say this, that, look, he's been doing some good campaign appearances, he's been doing pretty well with people in the appearances.

He's been, you know, he's been talking to people.

He's had some good wins that he can tout, especially right now with labor, where labor has won a lot of victories, you know, in a lot of different places.

And this is labor that didn't used to get anything.

And I think that that is an important thing to bring to people.

It's like, look, we've got.

You know, you've got labor victories, you've got factories that are opening up, you've got factories opening in places where they never expected them to open up.

I mean, I shared this story about a town that is at a deep rent south that, you know, all this infrastructure and we're bringing out manufacturing that Trump never did one fucking thing of that, but that it's now happening because Biden actually put ahead economic policies and bills in Congress that are actually making this shit happen and how a town is just completely like, oh, well, Trump promised this for, I don't know, how many years that the Biden administration came in and they actually made it happen.

It's like, how the hell do we feel about a solar panel factory in the deep red South?

You know? So I think that that's a lot of what the hell is going on.

Okay. Enough, enough, enough, enough. All right. We're done.

Enough. Enough. Enough.

We've done the whole thing. It may happen expect a post.

Exactly. Expect a new blog post on election graphs .com sometime soon.

Maybe this weekend, maybe not. I don't know.

Well, I'll try to do it this weekend, but I'm no promises, you know, I'm tired. I want to sleep.

So anyway, I, I, by the way, I told work today that I'm going to go out of office from December 21st and we'll not come back until January.

Nice. Like I should take some actual time. I fucking told her, I'm like, listen, you know what, what I, what I did today, like I, I, I had, I had meetings in the morning and like, there was one that I was really engaged in and like, I cared about, and then there were a couple others that were like, yeah, whatever, I have to listen.

But as I went through those meetings, you know, I realized like half the freaking people are gone for the holiday weekend.

Like, my company does not give us, you know, this day off, but it's a, what is it? Is it Veterans Day?

Oh, by the way, today was a holiday. I had no idea. I worked the whole day.


I had no clue.

Did your company actually have the day off?

Yes, but I worked the whole damn day. I didn't know.

My company does not have Veterans Day off.

However, a lot of companies don't have Veterans Day off, to be fair, OK?

Yeah, however, I noticed in my morning meetings that like that I had on my calendar, a whole bunch of out of offices from a whole bunch of people.

And like, at the end of my morning meetings, I was like, nobody's here.

I've sure. I've got some things I want to do, but I am so not in the mindset. It is a holiday.

Everybody else has gone. I'm done too.

So I was like, okay.

Yeah. I mean, if everybody's out from your team, it's kind of hard to get, you know, I've had that happen. And I'm like, Hey, let me go try to work this day.

I mean, I've got, I've got a bunch of stuff I could just sit down at my computer and do, but I was like, what's that?

It's not going to be as whatever.

And so I'm like, I'll take the half day, whatever. And, and so after the morning meetings were all done, I'm like, I'm out.

I, I, I updated election graphs, added a whole bunch of new polls that came out today that were included in the numbers I gave you earlier, and then I went, went to a diner with my son and then went to pick my wife up at the airport.

So anyway, let's take a break.

And then we will have time for like mini topics, mini topics, like five to 10 minutes each. Okay.

Like, okay. Okay. Back after this one.

You're supposed to say doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, Alexemzalism, it's videos are fun.

And today, once again, have one of our most loyal subscribers here to tell you how awesome Alexemzal is.

On a rate from one to 10. Alex Zemzala is awesome at, I don't know, 37, 82.

He's pretty radical. His videos are phenomenal. They're full of creativity.

And they're so funny and exciting to watch.

Wow, what happened to your voice then, Amy? Was that dad pretending to be you, because the audio was distorted when it really wasn't because I told him to?

Yes! Good job on remembering, Dad. Doo, doo, doo!

Okay, we're back. Ivan, one quickie topic. Quickie topic.

Quickie. Quickie, quickie, quickie. Okay.

There are all these reports about this volcanic activity in Iceland. Have you seen this?

Oh, yeah, I saw you share a couple of these, but I haven't, like, followed it. So tell me about it.

Now, just to be clear, Iceland has volcanoes going off all the fucking time. But...

But, but, but there, there was an earthquake swarm underway. Okay.

Of a massive series of volcanoes that, uh, of earthquakes that, that happened and they had to evacuate part of this town.

The hell's the name of the damn town. Yeah. Something like that.

Something like a bunch of letters in Icelandic.

Yes, exactly. It is Icelandic. Yeah. Sorry. Icelandic guys, guys, I can't pronounce your names. I'm sorry, but but anyway, OK, so this was this all started.

This is volcano that apparently had been dormant for sixty five hundred years.

OK, it's a while. OK, and then all of a sudden, a couple of years ago, it started having some activity.

OK, a few years back.

And but what happened was that they were saying that there is this All of a sudden, this activity has like increased exponentially.

And there appears to have formed some kind of a lava dyke under this lava town.

I think they called it that seems.

Well, no, I probably I've seen like a life.

So maybe they'd said dyke in a different one.

But somebody said, yeah, somebody. Yeah, somebody said, yeah.

So they said, like, It basically is ready to just go.

OK. Experts believe that a magmatic dyke may have formed directly below the town.

Dykes are sheets of magma that flow through existing fractures and rock.

The largest volcanoes may contain hundreds of dykes.

So they apparently have this huge one.

OK, that is underneath this town. And it seems like this day, a volcano that was like dormant for six a thousand years appears to be ready to go bold.

Mass evacuations, it's threatening the airport. We have to shut down yet.

So here it is. The while Iceland is technologically and volcanically active region around Jesus Christ.

Fod broad dolls shawl. Okay.

Fod broad dash dolls shawl volcano at lane dormant for over 6 ,300 years until December, 2019.

That's what a flurry of earthquakes including two that reach magnitude 5 .6, rattled the peninsula.

Then on February 4th, 2021, 5 .7 earthquake caused minor damage to homes.

Six weeks later, on March 19th, the volcano erupted, OK, with roughly a 2000 foot long fissure spewing lava.

And it appears that a new fissure and it's going to create a new volcano may erupt from this.

So it's threatening some cities, towns, airports and so forth.

I got to say this is, you know, this shit's scary.

Yeah, you know, if you lived around this place, 6 ,000 fucking years, you're not expecting this shit.

All of a sudden, the fucking place starts erupting lava.

I mean, shit, lava, you know, I don't know. I'm scared of lava.

I don't know about you, but, you know, well, what the lava is doing.

But yes.

I mean, you know, I mean, I know it's pretty, you know, so so anyway, I just thought that it was just interesting that all of a sudden we've had this massive activity now.

You know, one of the things about this, look, if this thing turns into a very a massive eruption.

It's happened before that this could impact air traffic.

Oh, right.

In the North Atlantic significantly. Like, I mean, so many routes go through that area, the North Atlantic.

It is, you know.

The past when we didn't really understand the effects of ash and on airplanes and they could bring down the plane. Okay.

It came close to doing that on several occasions.

And so like right now, this could be a big disruption to North Atlantic air traffic and other things.

So if this, if this happens, yeah, we may see some substantial inconveniences.

I think that most of the people in the areas that were impacted have safely evacuated at this point.

So hopefully nobody will get hurt by this eruption.

Right. Well, I'll also add, you know, if there's significant volcanic activity with lots of ash, that also helps out the global warming temporarily.

Well, that is true. Yes, you know, absolutely true.

A massive, you know, a couple of massive volcanic eruptions could significantly cool the earth for an enduring period of time. Yes.

Well, indoor. Yeah, a few years.

A few years. Yeah. I mean, yeah. I mean, not not like a couple of what I mean.

And during is it's not, it's not to, you know, two week effect.

Right. A multi -year effect.

Yes, it can't. Now, of course, that depends on the size and the thing and the thing and the thing, but it is, it is just temporary.

However, you know, given recent trends.

Mind a couple of year reprieve to like, yes, everything would help. Yes.

Now that's not to say that we can just solve this whole global warming thing by intentionally setting off a bunch of volcanoes.

But I think we, I think we, I think we've discussed that before and I really don't think that well, we've discussed by nuking the planet, like just set up a few thousand nukes.

We can, you know, Carl Sagan gave us a plan. No, Carl Sagan, nuclear winter.

Right. You know, so if we've got all this problem with too much heat, blah, blah, blah. We know how to fix it.

How about the radiation?

Oh, fuck that. You know, that's fine.

Suits, suits, suits, you know, lead suits.

People were so bitchy about masks. Can you imagine?

No, sorry.

Well, you have to wear a big yellow bunny suit like and be well, I will say one thing that more, you know, I will say one thing that will sure thin out the herd pretty quick of those guys. That's for sure.

Are you not going to wear? I'm fine. Okay, go right ahead. Knock yourself out.

Yeah, so, yeah, it also came out again.

Like the last 12 months have apparently been the hottest experience by humanity since humanity existed. Yay.

Go us, but yeah, so, but yeah.

So I won't make that my, I won't make that my final topic.

I will bring up one that is another one that. But I haven't followed greatly, but Yvonne, you've posted about it on the Commerciants' Corner Slack a couple times.

What's going on with the mayor of New York City?

Oh, okay. So.

What I heard was that there was a recent investigation that was related to fundraising activities by one of his aides, okay, related to that.

And the FBI had seized phones and seized other stuff related to that investigation.

We don't, not, I mean, I haven't seen the exact details of what it's, they, the whole subject was related to illegal campaign, you know, funding, that kind of stuff, shenanigans. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And so all of a sudden today, news story comes and breaks out again that it wasn't just the states that got their phone seized, but apparently that Mayor Eric Adams phones also were seized in the investigation.

So so, yeah, days after a raid at Mr. You know, so this is from The New York Times.

FBI seizes Eric Adams phones as campaign investigation intensifies.

Days after a raid at Mr. Adams, chief fundraisers home, federal agents took the took the mayor's phones and iPad to people with the knowledge of the matter said.

So so, yeah, this is a criminal inquiry into whether his 2021 campaign conspired with the Turkish government and others to funnel money into its coffers.

Now, of course, he denies any wrongdoing, says, you know, he he's a law and order guy. He does no way he'd allow this on his campaign, blah, blah, blah.

But I don't know, man, I tell you what, look, every time I look at this guy, he's doing something that it's just seems sleazy.

Yeah, and I, I, I just, you know, something that it's just, I, I'm just not down with, and I'm like, you know, nail them to the wall, nail, nail the fucker to the wall.

I'm like, I'm stuff, nail them to the wall. Yeah. Yeah.

I mean, one thing he kept, for example, there's one thing that his favorite restaurant that he kept going to was run by two ex cons that had been in frauds and other things of whatever, and it was his favorite fucking place.

Then it comes out again that, oh no, he's a member of this, of this posh, exclusive club that he goes to whatever.

And it's like everything always seems just not kosher sleazy underhanded with this guy.

And there was the whole thing where he doesn't even live in New York City anyway and blah, blah, blah. That was an issue during the campaign.

I mean, yeah, I'm just, this guy, I'm just, man, what a fucking mistake.

I really, you know, this guy is just, I mean, oh, I hope to God that either if he did something illegal, either he gets convicted or my God, somebody's got a primary him and get him to fuck off the goddamn, you know, ballot because it sucks.

And I will just point out, this is another example where you get evidence of a Democrat doing bad shit. M.

We're like, okay, toss them, you know, with, there's no, the, the, the instinct that you seem to see on the Republican side all the time of like rushing to defend them is just not an instinct with us at all.

I don't think it's an instinct with most Democrats. Now I will fully admit like Democrats will rush to the defense of people if they feel the charges are unjust, et cetera, but like in many of these cases, I mean, as soon as stuff comes out, it's like fucking throw them overboard.

This guy had been sleazy, you know, it just, everything that he did, I, it's just you, just something scummy about it.

And so this came out and I'm like, well, I'm not fucking surprised.

Okay. Well, let's wrap things up at this point. I will list, you know, a couple of things we did not talk about.

Oh, listen to dope.

Oh, well, and this is not an invitation to talk about them, Yvonne.

So, you know, but we did not talk about Manchin deciding not to run for Senate and the implications for the U .S.

Senate in twenty twenty four or the fact that he's talking about running as a third party, maybe on the no no labels banner.

So we haven't talked about Manchin. We'll see, like maybe at some point in the future.

And there was a whole bunch of, you know, Trump legal crap this week, too. He testified, Ivanka testified, there was more gag order stuff.

There was more scheduling stuff. There was more back and forth on the motions to dismiss.

All of those kinds of things are happening. We did not talk about them and I'm, I'm okay with that this time. You know, if there are major developments, we'll talk about, okay.

So that is it. You know, the usual deal, go to curmudgeon, hyphen corner .com for all the ways to contact us, our archives, transcripts of more recent shows, and of course our link to our Patreon where you can give us money and at various and at various levels. Hold on. Yes. Yes.

So I'm finishing up. You're showing me something to finish up with.

Hurry. You got 15 seconds and then I'm continuing.

10 capsule playground. What about it? Just mention it?

Oh! People can... At some level of Patreon, they'll get early access to... Okay.

Can give us money and we like the money at various levels.

We will give you a postcard. Yeah. We'll mail you a postcard.

We'll mention you on the show.

We'll ring a bell. We'll send you a mug, all this kind of stuff.

And my son, Alex wants to remind folks that also at a certain level, I forget what level you can get early access to a game he is developing called capsule playground that he's working on making. So we'll see how that goes.

And of course, at $2 a month or more, or if you just ask us, we will invite you to our convergence corner Slack, where Yvonne and I, and a bunch of other people are sharing links and chatting throughout the week.

So Yvonne, how about one thing from the convergence corner Slack that's cool and interesting and exciting and would make people want to join the convergence corner Slack that we have not talked about on the show.

What happened to a missing six million dollar gold toilet?

Despite charges, no one can say what, according to the Washington Post.

Before it was installed in Winston Churchill's birthplace in 2019, a functioning toilet made of 18 karat gold had been used by about 100 ,000 guests at the Guggenheim Museum and offered to the Trump White House. Wow. What a surprise.

Wait, it was it was used by the guests. It wasn't just yes.

Yes. Yes. This, you, this was a functioning toilet.

You could go and take a dump inside on a $6 million gold toilet. Oh, okay.

See, now I thought this was just like, obviously I didn't read the article.

I thought it was just on display as like an art piece or something.

No, no, they actually installed it in a toilet. Okay. And so apparently this place where it was put up in, Well, it's very heavy and it was put in a toilet. And I guess they didn't add any extra security, even to the fact that it was a six billion dollar toilet.

So apparently some thieves broke in a frickin ripped.

I mean, they ripped it out and took it and they left a gushing mess of water because it was plumbed. OK, right. OK.

So so so that happened. And they've been trying to find where the hell this damn toilet is.

Who took it? And they apparently arrested some people, but they they believe that whoever stole it melted it.

Well, of course. Come on. You're going to try to pawn off a gold toilet, a one of a kind go toilet.

Or maybe they just installed it in her house and thought nobody would notice.

Maybe, I guess.

I mean, they were really they maybe they really had a hankering to take a shit in a gold toilet.

I know that's like one of my big desires.

We have a top top of my list. Listen, I saw that, you know, this damn toilet, apparently people.

It were in the places where it was installed, that you could actually use it as a toilet.

Yeah. People spent hours making a line to go and apparently pee and shit in a gold toilet. There is no.

I would not have done so.

That is just ridiculous. What's wrong with these people? I mean, do I want to see it? I was just going to put it a place to see it.

Sure. I'll go take a look at it for a second, you know, but you got to make I'm going to make a line a two hour line to go do this.

Fuck. Now, the hell with these what's wrong with these? The hell's wrong.

Yeah. Anyway, of course, of course, they melted the damn thing down.

Yeah. And they're pretty sure that it's now a gold bidet.

Sure. I saw I did go to a place recently that they they did sell gold bars.

Yeah, I Didn't buy any the little kind or like the full -size like Fort Knox kind They had different sizes.

They had different sizes including full -size But I did not buy I'm maybe I should buy one.

You know, I mean it would be kind of cool to have a fucking gold bar It's just to have a fucking gold bar, you know like a real I mean, you can get a, you can get a little one.

I mean, I can sell it later afterwards, but you know, just to just to have, Hey, look at this, I got a gold bar.

Yeah. Yeah.

I can go back and sell it. Let me get the money back.

What was that thing? It wasn't a gold bar, but like there was, there was a trend a little while ago.

There was, there was, I think it started with a tick tock.

Maybe it went somewhere else, but like you can get like.

Of like different elements online and, and there, there was like somebody that was selling, like, I forget, it was like some super heavy metal, whatever.

Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

And they, it wasn't like lead or something. It wasn't something radioactive or toxic or anything like that.

It was just, well, that's liquid at room temperature. So that would probably be bad.

Well, no, but I mean, I figured you could put it inside a container and make it, you know, you know, it's very heavy as a man. Yeah.

Yeah, hold us. Uh, hold on.

Let me see if I can find a reference to this damn thing. Okay, here we go. No, I don't know.

I'll have to find a reference to this at some point, but like it was, it was like a tungsten cube or something.

It was like, it was intended as like a little reference thing for like, for sure, for like scientific things you needed, like a perfect cube of the material and you could use it. Yes. Yes. Yes. Of course.


But, but like somehow this went viral online and like everybody wanted these freaking stupid cubes, right?

And so they started selling them out and like, they even started doing one at a bigger size or whatever. And everybody was like sharing.

Pictures and videos of them going to interesting places, holding their cube.

And anyway, you know, this makes less sense without an actual reference to it.

Does anybody out of here, any of our listeners, do you remember?

Well, I see on Amazon four inch tungsten cube, biggest size.

Yeah, that's probably it. Oh, and it's probably the reviews of that. Like a tungsten cube.

Order your tungsten alloy cube. Four thousand dollars for a fucking tungsten cube.

Holy shit.

Yeah, well, they come in smaller sizes, too, but yeah.

Well, I mean, but it's only Jesus Christ is only four inches.

There's a six inch one, too. Oh, I see.


One inch one is only 60 bucks.

Ah, okay.

But like, and it looks like two inches for 500 bucks, but here's the thing, the one and a half, the one and a half inch on a side one, that's 200 bucks that, that weighs a kilogram. So this is heavy stuff.

I mean, yeah, Jesus Christ. It's just that little waste. Holy shit. Okay.

So anyway, but, but yeah, yeah. Like, uh, people, people like these things. Okay.

Ooh, you can get an iridium cube for $16 ,000.

Holy shit.

10 millimeters on a side.

Wow. That gets pricey.


Anyway, hell am I going to do with a fucking iridium cube?

Iridia things. I don't know.

Iridium things, it's an Iridium club.

It's used for laboratory experiment materials, personal hobbies, and collections.

Oh, personal hobbies. Yes. I'll start my, I don't know, personal hobby using Iridium.

But you know the...

About the Iridium... Make the Iridium into some kind of a sex toy.

Quite a heavy sex toy, I guess.

This is degenerating quickly.

Well, I'm wondering what the hell do you do with this damn thing.

It's like Iridium things. I mean, I don't know.

So, apparently they don't sell Iridium sex toys. I just googled for that.

Okay, anyway.


Hold on, let's finish Alex.

Going to buy Alex is now here deciding which cube to buy.

Oh boy.

No, no. Don't hit the buy now button. No, no.

I don't, I don't want to spend that $16 ,000 right now.


I think car to have this attached to would not go for that either though. But yeah.

Okay. Wow. All right. Well, that's, that's at least, you know, thank God.

But you know, I, right now, right now though, he has it on the, the one and a half inch tungsten cube for $155.

And that probably would go through. And then I'd be like, what the hell am I doing with this cube?

All right, let's wrap this up.

Okay. We are so done. Thanks everybody for tuning in yet again.

And Paul goes, well, we'll be here next time. So be, you know, the deal have fun, be safe. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

We'll see you next time. Goodbye.

Bye -bye.

And with that, I'm hit and stop.

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