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Ep 804[Ep 805] Want A Banana [2:13:08]
Recorded: Fri, 2022-Nov-11 UTC
Published: Fri, 2022-Nov-11 21:16 UTC
Ep 806

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner Sam and Ivan spend most of their time discussing the aftermath of Election 2022. Would you expect anything else? You'll find out the result of last week's coin flip challenge. Absent things that still aren't called. Duh. Also discussion of the red wave that wasn't, where Democrats made mistakes even so, the failure of the election deniers, how this all impacts Trump, and more. Before all that though, some news about a falling TV, more on Twitter, and the benefits of keeping up holiday decorations year round.

  • (0:01:14-0:34:49) But First
    • Falling and Failing TVs
    • Twitter Implosion Continued
    • Crypto Meltdown
    • Donaghy Wins!
    • Holiday Decorations
  • (0:35:26-2:12:46)
    • International Updates
    • Coin Flip Challenge Results
    • Congress Still Up In The Air
    • Why No Red Wave?
    • Election Deniers Conceding
    • Dem Florida Meltdown
    • Dem New York Failure
    • Trump Stuff
    • Crazy House Scenarios
    • When Will We Know?
    • Other Results
    • 50 State Strategy
    • Operator Assistance

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