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Ep 796[Ep 797] Slam Duck [2:16:05]
Recorded: Fri, 2022-Sep-16 UTC
Published: Sat, 2022-Sep-17 19:27 UTC
Ep 798

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner Sam and Ivan talk about Biden Stuff, Trump Stuff, and Other Stuff. Welp, that about covers everything. Oh, more specifics? Welp, on Biden they discuss how he has just been sort of quietly doing the job and getting things done competently, even if he doesn't always get the credit. On Biden, what else, his legal issues and other continuing problems. And the other stuff… they discuss people complaining about the Little Mermaid being black, rides at Disney, the Martha's Vineyard Migrants, and of course Election 2022.

  • (0:01:14-0:31:32) But First
    • Microphone Stand
    • Black Ariel and Hobbits and Stuff
    • Disney Ratatouille Ride
  • (0:32:06-1:00:31) Biden Stuff
    • Basic Competence
    • Judges
    • Railways
    • Ukraine
    • Legislation
  • (1:01:11-1:34:07) Trump Stuff
    • Special Master
    • Trump DC Trip
    • Closing In
    • Really Bad
  • (1:35:50-2:15:34) Other Stuff
    • Martha's Vineyard Migrants
    • Republican Unforced Errors
    • Election 2022
    • End Stuff

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