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Ep 553[Ep 554] Dental Maneuver [1:38:41]
Recorded: Fri, 2018-Jan-19 UTC
Published: Sun, 2018-Jan-21 01:18 UTC
Ep 555

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Jenn joins Sam as cohost and does the major rant on gender issues she didn't get to do last time she was on the show. She covers Aziz Ansari, different standards for men and women, what people are taught is "normal", the pitfalls of zero tolerance, and the built up anger that is exploding from women (and many other groups that aren't straight white males) these days. Being a straight white male, Sam mostly tries to keep his head down during this part. Then of course they hit some of last week's Trump craziness, from porn stars to girthers to shithole countries. Finally they wrap it up with a bit on the government shutdown (sorta), FusionGPS again, and the grand bargain Republicans are making with Trump.

  • (0:00:15-0:10:48) But First
    • Agenda
    • Corrections and Updates
  • (0:12:04-0:51:17) Gender
    • Aziz Ansari
    • Standards for men and women
    • Zero tolerance
    • Built up anger
  • (0:52:26-1:19:16) Trump I
    • Stormy Daniels
    • Changing rules
    • Medical review
    • Ed's comment
    • Shithole countries
  • (1:20:55-1:38:20) Trump II
    • Government Shutdown
    • FusionGPS House testimony
    • Grand bargain

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