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Ep 547[Ep 548] Multiply Your Gifts [1:30:53]
Recorded: Fri, 2017-Dec-08 UTC
Published: Sat, 2017-Dec-09 23:01 UTC
Ep 549

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Ivan is back from Moscow and joins Sam to talk about his impressions of Russia. They also hit most of the last week of Trump administration craziness, they talk about Franken, Franks, Conyers, and Moore as part of the latest round of sexual harassment fallout, and they round it out with a little discussion of Bitcoin, CryptoKitties, iPhone X, and even Sam's somewhat different Christmas tree.

  • (0:00:15-0:29:27) But First
    • Thomas rap
    • Agenda
    • Bitcoin
    • iPhone X
    • Sam's screen
    • Sam's tree
  • (0:30:42-0:47:32) Ivan in Russia
    • Impressions of Moscow
    • Russian views on Putin
    • Sanctions
    • Russian views on the USA
    • Pee Tape
  • (0:48:18-1:21:58) Trump Stuff
    • Trump admitting obstruction?
    • Can the President obstruct justice?
    • Can the President be indicted?
    • Constitutional edge cases
    • SCOTUS on Travel Ban
    • Manafort's OpEd
    • Ollie North is back!
    • Jerusalem
    • Other Stuff
  • (1:23:42-1:30:27) Politicians Who Harass
    • Franken
    • Franks
    • Conyers
    • Moore

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