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Current Episode

[Ep 780] Honey Dipped [2:16:29]
Recorded: Fri, 2022-May-20 UTC
Published: Sun, 2022-May-22 21:17 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, for the first time in a long time, Ivan and Sam deliver a show that is almost all politics. Well, except for when they talk about Bill and Ted movies. And Sam's ability to procrastinate. And dreams on TikTok. And a few other random things. But mostly politics. They discuss "Great Replacement Theory", how the Obama Administration was an inflection point, the primary results so far, Democrats not understanding the Hispanic vote, and even a little bit of January 9th stuff. Jam packed!

  • (0:00:01-0:03:46) Cold Open
  • (0:04:12-21:34) But First
    • Being Behind
    • Sam Movie: Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020)
  • (0:22:21-1:33:54) Politics 1
    • Break Selection
    • "Great Replacement Theory"
    • Obama Inflection Point
    • Primaries
    • Impact of Overturning Roe
    • Trump's Influence
  • (1:34:55-2:15:58) Politics 2
    • Biden Torpedos Florida
    • Democrats Acting Like Boring Losers
    • Inflation
    • J9 Developments
    • Stuff at the End

Previous 5 Episodes

[Ep 779] Lack of Understanding [2:17:05]
Recorded: Sat, 2022-May-14 UTC
Published: Mon, 2022-May-16 22:57 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Ivan is back with Sam to talk about his many experiences related to a Formula 1 race he attended, and some issues that surfaced about attitudes toward wealth. Speaking of wealth, they pivot to Elon Musk's adventures with Twitter, and all the craziness associated with that. Then they close off with a broader discussion of the economy and markets, including the fun crypto implosion. Yay!

  • (0:00:24-0:45:25) But First
    • Agenda
    • Floating Houses
    • Puerto Rico
    • Formula 1
    • Money vs Happiness
    • Robbery
  • (0:45:42-1:24:58) Twitter / Musk
    • Elon's Bad Deal
    • Elon's Ignorance
    • Elon's Hold
    • Rule of Law
    • Will Twitter Die?
  • (1:26:41-2:16:37) Markets / Economy
    • Stock Market
    • Recession?
    • Inflation
    • Crypto Implosion
    • Stuff at the End

[Ep 778] Names Named [2:14:20]
Recorded: Sat, 2022-May-07 UTC
Published: Mon, 2022-May-09 05:58 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam gives up the microphone to three women to discuss the leak of the draft SCOTUS opinion overturning Roe v. Wade. Kristi, Brandy, and Shelley discuss all the implications of this development. You will hear everything from their personal reactions, to how it will impact people all over the country, to the implications for American politics. Better than hearing from Sam and Ivan on this, don't you think?

  • (0:00:24-0:03:52) Introductions
  • (0:03:52-2:05:36) Conversation
  • (2:05:37-2:13:46) Finishing Up

[Ep 777] Many Directions [2:02:16]
Recorded: Sat, 2022-Apr-30 UTC
Published: Mon, 2022-May-02 18:23 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan discuss the latest in economic news, as well as some political highlights. You know. Inflation. Chances of a recession. The McCarthy Tapes. MTG. Cawthorn. Even a little on Elon Musk and Twitter. Oh, and Sam discusses his struggles to renew his passport. Great fun!

  • (0:00:01-0:02:01) Cold Open
  • (0:02:26-0:33:45) But First
    • Agenda
    • Expired Passport
  • (0:35:28-1:19:07) Economy
    • Examples
    • Disruptive Forces
    • Deficits, Spending, and Taxes
    • Recession Coming?
    • Economic Integration
  • (1:20:14-2:01:46) Political
    • McCarthy Tapes
    • Does Anything Matter?
    • MTG Hearings
    • Cawthorn Troubles
    • Musk Twitter
    • End Stuff

[Ep 776] Hard To Cut Through [2:09:35]
Recorded: Fri, 2022-Apr-22 UTC
Published: Sun, 2022-Apr-24 06:54 UTC

On this week's Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan discuss various people being cowardly in the Republican Party, if Trump's influence is starting to wane, and if so if other Republicans like Abbott or DeSantis will just easily pick up that mantle, as well as how Democrats are doing at reacting to all that, and how the economy might eclipse all of that. Plus Sam being sick, Ivan resuming business travel, and even the Price is Right. Oh, and Ukraine. They do not forget Ukraine.

  • (0:00:01-0:02:53) Cold Open
  • (0:03:19-0:29:28) But First
    • Sam is Sick
    • Ivan Resumes Business Travel
  • (0:29:45-1:19:24) Potpourri the First
    • Ivan: The Price Is Right
    • Ivan: GOP Chickens
    • Sam: Trump Fading?
    • Sam: Florida Man DeSantis
    • Sam: Defensive Democrats
    • Sam: Democratic Bench
  • (1:21:08-2:09:04) Potpourri the Second
    • Ivan: Ukraine Update
    • Sam: Inflation vs Democrats
    • Ivan: Economy Overall
    • End Stuff

[Ep 775] All Hands On Deck [2:01:38]
Recorded: Sat, 2022-Apr-16 UTC
Published: Mon, 2022-Apr-18 22:29 UTC

This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam is joined by his wife Brandy Donaghy, who since she last appeared on the show in 2019 ran for a couple of local offices, got appointed to the Washington State House of Representatives, had an eventful first session, and is now running to keep her State House seat. So they talk about how she got involved in local politics in the first place, her various campaigns, her thoughts about the State House, and getting back to campaigning. A bit of a switch from the usual Curmudgeon's Corner, but fun!

  • (0:00:11-0:06:41) Intro
  • (0:07:31-0:53:44) Political History
  • (0:55:44-1:34:25) WA Legislative Session
  • (1:35:08-2:01:07) 2022 Campaign

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